9 December 2010 ...


Last night the Choir gathered to take over the stage, hoping the act before them didn't sing all their songs or that they fingers would not be too numb to hold the carol sheets. The lovely compère called us 'The Ladies', then apologised to Ed, Ron, etc. and invited us to sing again at the pavilion next year (27th March) as part of the Best of Dorset. Awesome-sauce!

Poor Michael was not singing with us last night as he felt poorly, so he went round with a bucket, not because he was poorly, but to collect some pennies for our two charities, and we enjoyed meeting Zebedee, Megan's lovely Dog, as a rep for Dogs for the Disabled, wearing his very smart coat. Zebedee also thought Ben the Rat was rather interesting, did you spot him? He's not very big, but he knows all the words and wore his cheerful Christmas hat!

We had a nice audience and some even sang along, of course they could have been waiting for the lovely Emma to sing, but they did make our collection bucket heavy too. I want to say a big thank you to Choir for turning out in good numbers again, despite the cold and missing our last practice together! And it was especially nice to walk into the lovely warm pub afterwords and have a drink together.

So the cheeky-blogger will now wish you a Merry Christmas and share this pic of Ben getting ready to go out and sing last night. Don't eat it Ben.

Love you always, Dorset for Singing, see you on 20 Jan 2011 ... XXXXXXXXX

2nd December 2010 - Practice Cancelled!

please don't come to choir practice tonight ... play is cancelled ... stand by for more details about next week when we will sound lovely having done all the verses of Jingle Bells for home work ...

oh - here they are - from our lovely Choir Master ...

"Will try and get the message out to all, but there will be no rehearsal tonight due to the risk of sunstroke. We are performing at 7.30pm next Thursday outside Debenham's so please arrive about 15 mins earlier in order to get in some sort of crazy order. Social starts at 8pm in the function room, Clipper Bar, Weymouth, Ed x"

25 November 2010

We love Penny ...

Last night when we arrived for rehearsals, the WI choir were sounding really good, and I was given my first Christmas card and three very sweet horseshoes! Ed handed out carol sheets, yes - proper carols will be sung by DFS on the cold streets of Weymouth, and barely a ballad left on the play list! There were 15 songs on the sheet, and we whittled these down to 8. Or 9. If you want a reminder I cleverly used my mobile phone to record and have this list ...

Silent night
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
Jingle Bells - with more lyrics than I ever knew!
Good King Wensleydale
Calypso Carol
Deck the Halls - changed to DING DONG
White Christmas
Merry Christmas everybody ...

....and not necessarily in that order. That was the spell checker that slipped the cheese in by the way, we have got the one with cranberries to be extra festive.

Penny, our new shining star came along with her Choir recording all edited, and we discussed prices, numbers of tracks and CD cases that don't crack. Then before it was time to go home we listened to You Raise Me Up, and I went home to drink beer as I had been married for 5 years to the day!

Next week's practice goes on at the same time as All Saints' School's Christmas market in the hall, so we will be carolling in the gym but open to visitors popping in and out. Please smile and wear tinsel in strategic places. And don't be naughty. Much. XXXXXX

18 November 2010

Brown Girl in the Ring ....

I love listening to Wey-Hey-Bay WI choir before we all get to sit down. They sound quite good these days, even of down in numbers, and much more grown up than DFS... But after they have finished we pile into our seats, and rattle thru a warm up before Ed gets up and announces a surprise. Which is singing Christmassy songs.

So we all should out the name of songs we like, apart from me, and come up with a list of 25 songs, paired down with voting and groaning to a humble 9. I liked watching Dave type then out on the screen, it reminded me of the Match-of-the-Day teleprinter, only much more exciting.

Then we sang our way through some of the songs, many of them in too high a key, and at the end Ed hinted that although this list had been very democratically chosen, it might change when we saw it again the next week.

But there was an awesome super duper surprise this week, when right at the end the lovely person I had seen wielding equipment at our concert appeared with a nice shiny disk, and after Michael and especially Dave twiddled lots of things on the mixing desk, the beautiful sound of a well-rehearsed, happy, and rather good community choir rang from the speakers and made many a hair stand up on end! So now, the burning question would be, we can we have one? Me Mam would love it!

So proud of you Dorset for Singing, Traa-la-la-la-lah! XXXXXXX

12 November 2010

Two Encores!

So Dorset for Singing, resplendent as ever in blue tops and black bottoms, revisited again the Weymouth Bay Methodist church, where the delightful audience wondered why I was singing into a microphone that wasn't switched on at the end of 'Story of a Heart'. Carol said it sounded nice anyway...

I managed to get a last minute babysitter and train ticket for Hubby, who was pleased to hear just how far we had come, having not been to a concert since our last All Saints School hall gig! So give yourselves a pat on the back, DFS!

And again, a lovely, lively mix of soloists, from Hymns, musicals, folk and pop from many decades. Rachel told me on facebook she had bought a fun Monsters Inc. top just for her solo, and very cheerful it was too. I had a stroke, did you? I had a good look at everyones bottoms when they were soloing, but we wont linger there ...

Ed section was bigger than some of us thought it would be, I think he got carried away with all the cheese, and my favourite was 'Take on Me', and the way he waggles his eyebrows!

Actually I am most excited about our two encores, because that has never happened before, and we have also been asked back again in the future to entertain this lovely audience, who don't mind being outnumbered by our musical selves! And a fantastic £285 was raised, to share between the two charities! Well done choir, sound man, choir master, choir manager and blogger, but mostly choir, thank you for another great night! xxxxxx

11 November 2010

Phys Ed ...

Good day, DFS, and good news, it looks like Michael did have a chance to get it up last night, as the running order for tonight's concert is in the news section of our website, and looks like this ...

If you took home version 1.0 of the running order last night, it is missing a certain little persons solo at 6.5 because Ed forgot I had asked him if I could do my Hymn again ...

you folder should look like this
1. The Story of a Heart
2. Imagine
3. Like a Prayer
4. Can You Feel the Love Tonight
9. At the End of the Day
10. Silence is Golden
11. Fields of Gold
17. Run
(and with Ed). Hallelujah ...

but if you have diligently hung onto you folder from other practices, it wont, as in the interest of saving trees, 2 new songs have been added printed back to back, and are therefore ... out of order!

I am feeling very nervous now, and will try and get a record played for everyone on Wessex FM today, but I am also enjoying sitting down at my computer after all that standing in the Gym last night. I notice Ed stayed on his feet all night, all the better to see him with. He is going to be very busy with his hands, playing, so just watch his head and mouth for the closures of words, especially those that end in S! WE could bring him a sock puppet but he would have to wear it on his head. Love you DFS, knock 'em dead! XXXX

4 november 2010

Lost ... Cat and Kittens ...

Remembering the news before half term that the hall would not be free, a few folk gathered in front of All Saints School last night, after struggling to park their cars, and embarked on the long track together to find the music room. Cat lead the way, and it was quite the adventure, twists and turns, monsters and daemons, terry's chocolate oranges (not really), and finally, a locked music room door, and lots of other choir members looking at us through the green builders mesh, saying, how did we get in there?

So Cat whipped out her trusty mobile phone and called Ed, who probably let it go to voice mail while giggling, and guessing my fate! We were having a few chats through the mesh when Ed called me back, and suggested we all go back to the school hall, so we had to brave the three headed beasts and the waterfall and the plague of spiders all over again ...

But we made it, and Sandra had saved me a seat, not bad.

There's a concert this time next week, at Wey Hey Bay, and choir sang lots of our recently tried songs, we are going again for the concert with fresh, new, well-rehearsed material, i guess recycling isn't always a good thing. I got home very tired and sleepy, and wasn't sure if it was from singing all those songs, or the march round the building. Keep singing good people of DFS, and remember, dont follow a Cat anywhere, unless it's only to the fridge xxxx

21 October 2010

I love your delicate way ...

Ed thanked us for performing so well at All Saints' Church, and confirmed what a pleasant surprise our singing of 'Silence is Golden' had been. I don't know if you felt the same as me when we opened our mouths to sing it, but I thought it sounded quite good! Now i know it wasn't the audience joining in, after all! Ed also apologised for going wrong in 'Like a Prayer', which wont happen again, his apology I mean, not the mistake in the music! You can click on the tab below, but will only ever find one blog entry. I don't think the audience noticed so that's OK.

We had some fun tonight with new songs, a 'Les Mis' number that is 300 times faster than Su Bo, an innocently sounding ballad from 'The Feeling' which turns out to be about drinking wine, and a lovely bit of cheese, namely a shawaddy waddy number and 'bye bye baby' which make me think of my itchy tartan trousers, all those years ago (when i was a preschooler, honest!), not forgetting a chance for the men to expose their bass voices with 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do'

It's half term next week, so don't come to choir, and when you come the week after, expect mud, getting lost and bring a torch, as we try to negotiate our way into the music room from a secret back passage, due to the main route being blocked off by works of some kind. Rather par for the course in Weymouth and Portland at the moment...

I will miss you next week, never mind, you lot can always read my other blog if you miss me too much. I will be trying to turn Ed into a Duck. Hugs, Cat xxx

15 October 2010

I am here for the Bucket...

Hello Dorset for singing, I have still not woken up yet, not used to blogging on a relaxed Saturday when I woke up too late to get it done before the children rise!

The choir did really well last night, old members and new ones, belting out some songs we had hardly touched since we started this year's rehearsals only 4 weeks ago, and we really got our heads around 'run' and were pleased to perform this again for an encore. Who doesn't like being asked to do an encore? Having been given the treat of singing the descant part of 'story of a heart' to sing over the last few choruses
only the night before, I spent Friday afternoon learning it, until my Fuzzies (children) begged me to stop! I fluffed it, mixing up most of the lines I had carefully printed out, but no one knows, so it's OK!

It was really really nice to hear all the solos as ever, I always enjoy this section and we had lots of new performers, I love the way our choir grows and changes!

I enjoyed having a rest and a snuggle under my coat as Ed performed, as freshly as if he had just decided to pick them, a selection of tunes from his enormous repertoire, treat for all our hard work, and nice after we had got our own solos under our belts.

Thanks again to Jenny's lovely family for bringing me and taking me home again, Marie and new member Sandra for turning up to support us, Ruth's mum for recording some of the choir that my mum can watch, far away in Lancashire, and Alex for telling me he reads the blog. That's one more person besides me and Ed, then. I went home and stuffed an enormous piece of chocolate cake into my face then lay in bed with Elton John songs running through my head (It's ok, I don't usually get to eat a full dinner before a concert, no room on account of all those butterflies!).

AND we raised a total of £227 to split between the our two chosen charities - not a bad start!

Now here's a bit for Ruch Meech ... Dorset for singing debued on the Rock last night, as they performed alongside their awesome choir master, Ed Hintze, and raised lots of dosh for 2 charities, Dogs for the Disabled and the British Stammering Association this year. Now we just need a great pic from Harry and we are all set.

Thanks dear choir, loved it last night, still on a high and love you lots, see you Thursday when Ed will try to be nice about our singing of 'like a prayer' xxx

14 October 2010


As I type, shivering at some obscenely early hour, I realise that tonight is our concert, in a strange new venue, with strange new songs and, although I still don't know where to pitch in two of the songs, I am sure it will be fantastic. Harry is going to steal the show, anyway, with a lovely bit of ukulele.

Today I will try to get Ed to confirm which key my song is in, and try to 'get' the lovely descant part in the last verses of 'story of a heart', remember to feed the children and hope my hard working husband can get home at a decent time to let me leave for my lift tonight (long days at county hall for him). Every time I practice any song, 4 year old Matty starts up with 'you raise me uuuup' in a very loud voice, and I have to stop and listen! It won't be long ...

We do have a big challenge this time of singing very new songs, not like last term when we had performed so much that we only needed the folders to cover up any dresses that were fraying in church (the naughty corner wanted me to put that on the blog. but I think they want more detail than that!), as we knew all our song so well. Just remember to keep an eye on Ed as he cuts off our S's before they hiss all over the church.

Now, would anyone like me to explain Ed's intelligent joke? See you tonight at church dear choir, and remember I love you! Cat xxxx

7 october 2010

Golden ...

An evening of revision, where we jumped in and sand 6 of the songs from weeks one and two, and learned that for this concert, Valerie has been dropped no no dogging, I mean dodging, for a while... all 8 of our new songs are now up under 'songs' for you to enjoy, but at least 2 of them are in a key all of their own.

Unfortunately we didn't get the change to vote off 'silence is golden' but I know from the way it sounded where I was sitting, that others were going up and down the octaves (several octaves) in trying to sing along. I think this song alone has contributed to how much 'the tremeloes' have aged now ...

we did a super job of 'run' and it sounds very pretty, and then our naughty corner (not mentioned them this term yet, they much have quit the gin) added in the lovely harmonies in 'can you feel the love tonight' and it all started to feel like we might be OK at our next concert NEXT WEEK after all!

Please print out some posters and paste them up if you can, dig out your folders from under the lego to bring next time to be stuffed with our delightful new set of songs. Get onto you tube and learn the ones you don't know while you are washing up, and remember i love you, Cat XXXX
PS thanks for the 2 offers of lifts too ...

30 September 2010

look at this lovely poster - Its Elton John and the mini-folk ... I am the smallest one of course ...

Hello dear choir, admire this poster that Michael send me last night, We are soon to have strok-able Glossy versions of this soon to paste around town. I do wonder if anyone can remember all 5 songs we did last night, but I managed to recall 3 straight away and another one after some time. Plus a couple from last week, when I blogged that the videos and so ons, would soon be on the website-proper to cover up for my empty head ... but Ed is still testing the water with new songs, thinking of our next venue with the lovely acoustics, and Father Flynn wondering if we will play any punk rock?

Thankfully tho, the important news and events for Dorset for singing is all nice and up to date and can be found on This LINK!

We had four charity nominations last night, 2 that were local, and 2 that were national, supported by and important for 2 of our fantastic choir members. And so, joyously, for our third year we have 2 lovely charities to support so we shall have to sing extra hard and raise the rooves at our concerts!

I am sorry that I can't think of anything rude to say about Ed this week, and that Jenny had all the best lines, but that these are most certainly unbloggable ...

so did you enjoy singing Run, Story of a heart, Like a Prayer, Silence is golden, and ... the other sing that we did?

This Blog has been Passed by the Management, Thankyou.

23 September 2010

Back - after braving the roads!

Welcome old faces and new faces ... wait, old faces doesn't sound so cool. Welcome back third years! We warmed up with 'You raise me up' (without the gap), and were shocked by the announcement of our next concert - catch up with all the HOT Dorset for Singing news on the website proper, of course, where you will see times, dates and other announcements if Michael has time to put them up.

I do think Ed should start by saying, Hello I am Ed ... he did introduce our lovely Dave who keeps clicking away in the corner to get the right thing on the screen, mans the desk and lights at our concerts and takes a lot of the awesome shots of us when in concert.

He didn't introduce you to Michael, who looks after DorsetforSinging-dot-co-dot-uk and sings in the front row while juggling baby Ruby. In a few days there should be some links to new songs (you tube videos and some lyrics) and a nice big BLOG tab on the official website.

And Ed didn't tell you that the small pest at the front called Cat is me, Choir blogger. I also do a bit of PR work getting our stuff on radio and in the Echo, which means I have to eat chocolate cake with Ruch Meech and bother those good people at Wessex FM too ...

Jenny is Ed's long suffering wife. She monitors kebab levels, takes our payments at the start of each term and does a fantastic job of catering, whether for our adoring fans at concerts or a lovely buffet for a Choir social event. Guest list only!

I sometimes put really useful information on this blog, about what order to put your folders in, or when to leave an all important GAP in a certain song ... I know there are old blog readers here going, we know all this, get on with the jokes ... but there will not be any jokes as they have all been done before. Sorry. Bring your charity nominiees for next week and remember I love you, Cat XXXXX

other things that ed and cat get up to ....

so here we were on a rainy Saturday ... Elton John ready with those plush scissors I made ...

Elton is really Ed Hintze, and Cat has probably heckled him too many times at choir practice ... the neighbours are suitable shocked!

some one steps in, and finally Elton attacks the pink ribbon, for Steve's camera ...

It takes quite some time to cut through it ...

And its OPEN, after Eltons lovely speech ...

and the crowd rush in ....

to fondle my 'art for the hands' mats ...

say hello to molly the owl ...

choose some colourful and reasonable priced cards ...

and enjoy a little SPICE!

see for your self, here - http://www.artwey.co.uk/venue.php?venue_id=138

Just adding some Ed related event to the Blog ...

altho i wont be a lobster today, i will be manning my Artwey 2010 open studio event ...

perhaps you already have your Artwey map, and saw last weeks Dorset Echo magazine? That lobster stunt seems to have worked out well for advertising!

Here is the bit on the Artwey map showing dear Molly owl, and my venue ...

you can grab a PDF file of the 2-sided map from artwey.co.uk ...

and i have some new pieces on display at the Brewers Quay, one of these little chaps sold at the private view last night!

and if you visit me at 10.30 today you are up for a rare treat, as Ed Hintze opens my porch to the general public and fans of the Raggy rat! Some lovely members of DfS have said they will come ...

Plus - listen out for my radio interview on WESSEX FM news!

15 july 2010 - the choir social ...

The choir social was well attended and the singing was mostly excellent. I don't know what they call that game on the xbox 360', but at least I remembered the appliance, and it provided perfect background to our eating, drinking and talking.

Sorry it took me so long to fill you in on all the happenings. If you weren't there you totally missed out, on a whole smorgasbord (nice spread, Jenny) of tasty delights and a cornucopia of karaoke. Sorry about the big words, its going to be the last blog for a while, and to be honest I am still feeling the effects of whatever it was Ed put in his glass bath full of punch. There was enough to bath Ruby in, and he stood in the foyer making the glasses very full indeed ...Jenny let me help cut bread, so sorry if it was wonky/smaller than some one else's bit...

Bonus - every item on the sweet trolley was chocolatey! and I had about 5 things in the end ...

I do hope Jack got home OK, but after seeing him in action licking butter wrappers clean of butter, I wouldn't have taken him over the speed bumps in my car...

"well, it's off the internet ... so ... you can blame the internet!"
"Lovely Spread Jenny!"
"He's not usually allowed to do that ..."
"I do feed him, honest!"

This Bog post has been approved by the management. It's their fault its so late.

Dorset For Singing - Beach Live 2010

Dorset For Singing - Beach Live 2010
Originally uploaded by dav.idbain

Dave shares another super photo with us, of our day on the beach for Spirit of the Sea - you can read what he says about this if you click on the picture ...

And here I have blown us up a bit so you can see us better ...

8th July 2010

A little something before the weekend ...

hello dear choir, no Ed this week and no Hannah, but theres always a little Cat and her dusty keyboard ...

This lovely review apeared in the Echo after our Wey-Hey-Bay do ....

Where Dave, our lovely sound man and super photographer took this lovely picture, risking life and lenses to avoid a rail being in the picture!

hope you are not missing choir this week ... but if you are, i hope that helped. Dont forget to come and sing on the beach on Sunday, 3.30pm.

4th July 2010

Singing in The Street!

The events on stage at Sutton Poyntz Street Fayre over ran a bit, but Dorset for Singing kept the audience hanging on to their very last song, yes, we had them swaying and singing along. I was pleased to see the size of our crowd, it was much bigger one than the act before us, and I think that audience was largely made up of Dorset for Singing, waiting to squeeze on stage.

And squeeze we did, and sang our hearts out we also did, and though the wind started to blow and the bunting tugged at its trappings, we made a good sound and left our audience smiling. I think we might even gain some new blood too. I hope it's men.

Well done dear choir, I was so proud to see those happy faces out there, I am sure we were a fitting finale to the well organised day. We can now tick off out third concert of the summer term, and look forward to sand in our toes next Sunday during spirit of the sea. Remember too, not to turn up on Thursday, but you can turn up on the blog if you like, and I'll have a little treat for you, coz I love you so very much ...

Ed; Thanks for the lift down ... XXXXX

1st July 2010

Trust me, it sounds lovely!

No Ed tonight, but a few questions to me about how I get anything done with all these children, well I am bit late today with the blog, so that will help explain that ...

Please meet near stage on Sunday just before 4-ish, ready to wow Sutton P with our voices. If you aren't sure where the main stage is I think its in the middle of the duck pond.

A HUGE thank you to Hannah for coping with us, I hope we didn't appear to stroppy, I think we are definitely used to dealing with Ed, and his gentle ways, and thought it was quite funny when we all gratefully sat ourselves down without being asked! Thanks to Michael for doing all the notices, and giving us some tips on speed dating ...

It was quite useful hearing some more vocal tricks and tips, and to have a break from our serious concert practice of the same old songs, and do you know, I do think that IMAGINE was starting to sound very lovely, and all that in half a session too!

Sorry about the snakes hannah ... i should have warned you that without Ed's hand signal to finish a word, the ss can hiss on for hours...

Love you D~F~S, see you in a muddy field on Sunday xxxx

24 June 2010

Last Practice this year ...

More folder juggling last night - i juggled one for some one who doesn't read the trusty bloggy blogs - now our songs for ''beach live'' look like this ...

money money money
you raise me up


if you take out the songs in small letters, you get the songs for out Sutton Poynts gig on the 4th of July ...

Hot news tonight as we heard that we will meet Hanna Soulsby at last, when she will do a WORKSHOP. I hope she doesn't make us go on all-fours, or stare into each others eyes, or maybe stand in a big chain holding each others bellies (thinking of other vocal workshops I have taken part in). I might bring a note from my Mum. Or leave my belly at home so I cant do it... Also, are coming to our social to eat jenny's cheese straws? Tickets next week, or call jenny using the web site information ...

The official timings and so on for Sutton-Poynts and Beach-Live will be up on our official site soon, I am not going to bother you for much longer today as I have to take 2 cots to bits and that means finding a srewdriver first, but before that, we did get some ironing done this week on some very important parts of songs, now you jusy have to remember what you have been told and sing that. I'm proud to a 'lover', and proud to be part of DFS, we really are sounding like a propper choir these days.

19th June 2010

Concert, St John's Fun Day ...

Thank you to everyone that turned out to sing on Saturday, it was funny watching the audience disappear into the 'stage area' after The Omega Project made way for us. Thanks guys for letting us use your PA system and letting us hide behind your music stands... sorry that Ed pulled the head of your music stand at a crucial moment ... here is a link to Omega Project's Facebook Page to make up for it!

We were all a bit nervous of singing outside, but we did hear that we sounded great, and that our last song, The Rose, had beautiful harmonies which came across very well, and was a good choice for a finale (thanks Ray for that feedback, and thanks to Ruth's Mum for cheering the loudest).

And thanks for the scone, very nice, oops its starting to sound like the Oscars, so I had better go before I cry and you all look at your watches. Thanks also to Ron for visiting RaggyRat Land and giving me some feedback. I went home to find a wonderful review of out Wey-Hey-Bay concert, did you see it? Catherine Coombes, who's she when she's at home? ...Thanks to Ruth Meech for making good use of our blog and websites to promote our wonderful choir's work ... and thanks to my Dad for making me stand on a chair and sing to him when I was 6 ....

18 june 2010

The Plan ...
well the plan was to have a warm up, some notices and a look at some ironing out that needed doing, followed by a break and a quick run through of our half an hour of songs for St Johns on Saturday.

but it didn't work out like that, because reshuffling song sheets and arguing over what stays and goes takes a long time! And we never got round to ironing, never mind the break (luxury) so I just hope we don't look too wrinkled next Saturday.

for those of you who dropped their folders or were too busy having their nice green folder stolen by Ed to fix their pages, here is the new running order.


We don't need to get to the Church for any earlier then 2.45pm, unless you are coming for a donkey ride or a bounce first (nothing to do with Ed's belly, there's a bouncy castle). For the choir there's a cream tea afterwards, well they couldn't give it to us first as we wouldn't look good with jam on our tops...

Remember to that Ed was very proud of his 'well tuned' choir at the Wey Bay Methodist church, and have a hug from me, Cat XXXXX

Saturday 12th June 2010 ....

Oh What a Wonderful Concert!

Well done Dorset for Singing, the management and the community are really proud of you again, We opened up voices, hearts and purses, and raised over £370 pounds for this years charity!

From the front row of the choir it certainly sounded really good to me, and despite sitting almost intimately with our audience, I have heard lots of good things from other choir members about the venue. Panic at the start when the backing for Honey, Honey wasn't very loud. Cat pondered alternative songs, until Someone Upstairs (and I don't mean God) found a loose connection and shoved it home!

Lovely to hear from new soloists too, and nice song choices except for mine which was far too rude after all, esp when you consider that with the two run throughs, I said LOVE MACHINE 6 times in church! sorry about that. Loved Adrian's song choice, I think a lot of people would like to dance with their Dads again, I always wear a gold chain for concerts that my dad bought me for getting my degree...

The feel of the concert was lovely, our voices sounded much more powerful, and confident, and some one even told me what a great time they had singing on the back row, singing with people who impressed them with their voices. See you thursday, and also next Saturday at St Johns, do remember that there is no parking at the church.

Love you Lots, Cat XXX

10 June 2010

Ed's Official Running Order - discovered in lap of choir member!

and here is what it showed,
apart from I haven't put in the interval ...


and finally, JERUSALEM!

which is just the same as last weeks running order 1.1, only now I have typed it out all nice, and you can check that your folders are in the right order. I have had a guess at where the commercial break is, and I know how to say 'thank you' in Swedish... and yes, I have made a seagull on a stick, and it looks quite dapper!

Dont panic Dorset for Singing - it's a lovely venue and judging by last nights roof raising, we sound great, i really enjoyed the sound of my own voice bouncing back to me off Ed's belly and I couldn't sleep last night, so excited! Love you XXXX

27 may 2010 ....

Full Fathom Fifteen ...

well for those that threatened to snatch the sheet from under my nose, or called me a toad, here is the WEY-HEY BAY order of service, version 1.1, and not including nay solos apart, from the one you are helping me out with! And I must squeeze in a thank you at this point, because it sounded great, just like the time you sang along to 'its getting better' at Christmas!


Yes, we sang all those songs last night, and more if you count DUM-DUM-DIDDLEY. And Ed never once crashed his head down onto his keyboard and wept desperate tears, at last not while we were still there. in fact, I think he's quite excited, and I am sure we all feel much more confident this time, and facing a concert to soon in the term. It has been a lot of fun actually revisiting some old favourites, and a challenge to find we can still improve our performances of those... we know which ones we need to work on, dont we?

i am so pleased to be part of this great, funny, not to serious, clever thoughtful choir, and no i have not been drinking and gone soppy. Its a sort of reply to Ed's FRONT PAGE the other week. And now, for the benefit of the person that left a grumpy comment on the blog, that wasn't the blog. That was a contingency plan. THIS is the Blog. But don't worry, I still love you even when you are grumpy. And now in off to find some grey wool and make a seagull-on-a-stick ...
Have a great half term, and let me know what you get up to ... XXXX

Honey Honey ... for the Cat!

Honey honey, how you thrill me, ah-hah, honey honey
Honey honey, nearly kill me, ah-hah, honey honey
I'd heard about you before
I wanted to know some more
And now I know what they mean, you're a love machine
Oh, you make me dizzy

Honey honey, let me feel it, ah-hah, honey honey
Honey honey, don't conceal it, ah-hah, honey honey
The way that you kiss goodnight
(The way that you kiss me goodnight)
The way that you hold me tight
(The way that you're holding me tight)
I feel like I wanna sing when you do your thing

I don't wanna hurt you, baby, I don't wanna see you cry
So stay on the ground, girl, you better not get too high

But I'm gonna stick to you, boy, you'll never get rid of me
There's no other place in this world where I rather would be

Honey honey, touch me, baby, ah-hah, honey honey
Honey honey, hold me, baby, ah-hah, honey honey
You look like a movie star
(You look like a movie star)
But I know just who you are
(I know just who you are)
And, honey, to say the least, you're a doggone beast

So stay on the ground, girl, you better not get too high
There's no other place in this world where I rather would be

Honey honey, how you thrill me, ah-hah, honey honey
Honey honey, nearly kill me, ah-hah, honey honey

(starts to fade here)
I heard about you before
I wanted to know some more
And now I know what they mean, you're a love machine

20th May 2010

This weeks list of songs is all lovely and typed out, not drawn with lipstick on an envelope this time, and very easy to read. This terms big charity concert looms, and now (with a break in the middle for half term) there remain two more practices before WEY-HEY BAY find out how much we kick ... Tickets and posters are now available, and once I have some text for Wessex FM I will contact them by email and phone. I am putting all the songs we do on the blog at the moment, to jog your memories until words and sounds and videos go up on Dorset for Singing propper. That's not my job, but I can help with a few pointers here until the Web Master does some fiddling ...

We started with SOS, and seemed to be missing some soloists - Ed hinted that many of them would also be at a Wedding instead of singing with us on the 12th of June!

It took us a bit of effort this time to get into our I'm a believer voices, to hit the rhythm on the nose - syncopation - but the ending was fab! Well remembered from last time, dear choir!

Ed does realise that we have to sing both poppy, lively songs and nice sweet ballady sings, and appreciates that we might get mixed up ... it doesn't sound so lovely though when we hang onto our roungher voices for softer songs. So then we tackled three gentler songs, The Rose, Song of the Sea, and I Dreamed a Dream. Strangely enough it was the latter that sounded screeched, to Ed. Were we all trying too hard to be Susan Boyle I wonder?

Next we sorted out the over laps in Let the River Run, so that sounded much less confused.

Big Finale, we make such a lovely job of this song, Chasing Cars, the harmonies sounded lovely. I am sure Ed went home with a little warm feeling inside, and slipped in yet another Tena-Lady joke without so much as a blush! Which does bring me to my last reminder of the day, mind you don't "we" too early...

Keep singing, remember we love you, yes you! .... XXXXXXX Cat XXXXXXX

13th May 2010

six of the best ....

I dreamed a dream, kicked us off tonight, I suspect that some people who still sing the first line up and down after being told off about it lots are actually having trouble hearing it. I know, I had that trouble once. it actually does sound a bit like it pops up and down, but really, it doesn't. The rhythm is fooling you! I found you that little piece of music, but its a bit small because the internet doesn't want you to have too much for free!

Remember for the low notes, do not put your head down and try to create lots of chins, because it doesn't help...

something inside so strong seemed to have been well remembered. Ed wants more passion for this one, so I'll expect more hugs from all members!

Down to softer voices again for the prayer - I need to get my CD back off Ruth so I can tune in to some of the parts again.

yippeee - Honey Honey from Ed's copy of ABBA GLOD was the surprise item, and much better than everyone singing Happy Birthday which was someone else's guess! sorry it was a bit wobbly, I was very nervous especially as i keep coughing. Winter-bugs, be gone! I'll try harder next time, and hopefully Ed will have in blue type some lovely baah-baah-baahs for you all to sing. Eeh I do love Dorset-for-Singing, don't you?

For Hot finales we belted out Jerusalem, and I'm a believer but the oooh-ooh-ooh/oi! bits had gone a bit astray!

And as soon as I have some minutes from Mondays meeting, I will pop them up for you! I must be getting old, as I now steal Eds notes from the end of his organ to help jog my memory, there's an interesting shopping list on the back ...

keep singing, love you, Cat xxxx

6th May 2010

Too Many Concerts! Too Many songs! Don't Panic!

I am thinking of issuing BINGO cards, or frequent flier cards; get a stamp for each concert you attend, and at the end trade them in for a Dorset For Singing Thong! That ought to keep the attendance numbers looking good ...

Tonight we heard just how hard we will be working this term, just how hard, is reproduced here, from the Back of Ed's envelope, with thanks ...

Weymouth Bay Methodist Church, 12th June 7.30pm
St John's Fun Day, 19th June afternoon-ish sort of time
Sutton Poyntz Fair, 4th July 4.15-4.45pm (then scones and jam ... or jam and Jerusalem?)
Beach Live 11th July, time to be confirmed. Bring a seagull on a stick.
And as for out own end of term concert, well that one will have to be thrashed out next week ... i wont be able to be there, but i vote we give it a miss and leave the punters hungry for more!

And so the other important thing is to attend the meeting next Tuesday, 11th May, at the Admiral Hardy. I wont be there as i will be at the Artwey Meeting, Old rooms, discussing other creative things ... There will be many points to discuss, including whether tops can be black or trousers brown, in case we don't have enough clothes for all these performances!

And as for singing, no new songs tonight, but a good old romp through some old friends - The Rose, Build Me Up, The Prayer, Money Money Money, Song of the Sea, and You Raise Me Up, while the last voters fought to get into the polling stations, and the sun began to fade in the sky.

Who enjoyed smiling at their new friend, when Ed gave us a little exercise to do? I managed it actually but the eye contact was very hard! A long time ago my singing tutor told me to look around the room at the tops of all the heads while singing, not as scary as eye contact yet still makes the audience feel loved, included and warm inside ... remember too, those over the top smiles don't look over the top when you are out there performing, and will make your jowls look smaller and your cheekbones bigger. Lovely!

29 April 2010

Summer Term - Hot News!

We are back, We are keen, Raring to go, but we have a bad cough. Its amazing just how much vibration can be generated by humming with a blocked nose. But Hum we did, and then then 5 Super Songs made the evening Disappear!

There will be three uplifting performances this term, June 12th, 19th and of course our concert which may be around the time of spirit of the sea again. We need to have a meeting soon, but 'The Spa' think we are too noisy, so when we have found another venue which can cope with us we will post the details... There will be beer, civilized talk, and heated arguments about the merits of brown trousers, OK if you get very nervous i suppose...

SOS time again, Ed announced that we would sing our very first choir song, and expected wee Dave to know what that was, but that was in the olden days and well before his time with Dorset for Singing. We knocked that one back into shape, somewhat then also revisited Let the River Run, but only because some Wey Valley pupils rejected the song on lyrical grounds... Nice backing track, and Ed got going with his baton, which helps us nod our heads in time...

We do have a nice large repertoire now, so we will have a more relaxed term working on songs we know, but we also listened to a GLEE version of Lean on Me, and the last choir standing version of I'll be There, but your home work this week is to listen to the Jackson 5 version, and Ed and Dave will sort out some proper lyrics.

And while I try to think of the 5th song we did, I hope you like our new format, the standing up for the final sing of each number, even if we do look like a sea of nodding dogs!

Dorset For Singing - Best Of Dorset Show

Dorset For Singing - Best Of Dorset Show
Originally uploaded by dav.idbain

Dave took this wonderful photo of us all on stage at the Pavilion on Sunday. What was that dress-code, again?

Sunday 28th March, 2010 ...

Dearest Choir,

Have you been over to the forum? Go on over and feel the love. Can you feel the love tonight? It Doesn't get much better than this ...

This term, a toughie by all accounts, was topped with our choir concert on Thursday of course, and beautifully iced today when we sang out socks off on stage at The Best of Dorset were I am so glad we were asked back to perform after our first time there last year. I just re-read the blog post for last year, and remembered how wobbly we all were. This time around, after waiting nervously on the wings, and a few aaaaarrrghs (for the sound check) we got stuck in, and only the first song was a bit shakey. After that we had wings. We flew.

So folks, hope you enjoyed the goosebumps, tears of emotion, and singing-along with us. Special huge thank-yous to all those that take the time to say how much they enjoyed our singing; friends, neighbours, husbands and children. Dorset for singing delights, entertains, relieves stress, and helps brains. If you want to perform, you can, and if you want to come and sing with us at the end of a hard day, you can do that too. You can have time off to do other things, and then come and be welcomed back, then told to sit down and go, "eeeeeeeh, AAAARGH"!

Just before I head off to dream of chocolate, I will share a link with you. I recently read a take a break article, which summed up community choirs such as ours perfectly, and I was moved to contact them. They didn't want to pay us any dosh for our story, but they did call me back and ask if they could add our choir to their Hums4mums Facebok group. There.

See you back in the hall for the 29th, ready for more hard work. HAPPY EASTER LOVE YOUUUUU! XXXX

Easter Concert, 26 March 2010

Perfect Night ..

Last night Dorset for singing kicked some serious butt, but not Ed's this time, as we sat a-stage from the start of the concert until we climbed down at ten-past-nine. Choir members were shocked at the rumour that there would be no interval, and fantasised about a nice cup of tea. I was in the know, and stole a Kit-Kat from Michele while I was supposed to be helping Jim on the door.

Well, I know its been a really tough term this time around, lots of challenging songs and not enough time to practice them all - but I think we did really well and rocked the audiences socks off. Some impressive solos too, so that the whole thing blended into one seamless smorgasbord of talent. (Sorry about that last sentence, I just wanted it to sound better than whatever Michael sends to the Dorset Echo).

Not a huge audience the other night, but I do know that it included some choir members who had been other wise skiving from choir, but who are completely forgiven for turning up to support and cheer! Ruby was heckling us as usual ...

I think 'perfect day' was a huge success, and about as unrehearsed a choir song as you can get, and chasing cars had survived neglect very well too, my hubby liked that one. Our world war I song really got us moving, better do that at the start next time, and I love how it fits in with the spirit of this years charity of course, and their 'singing for the brain', and we raised a total of £438.31 for the charity!

and now its time for lunch, having written this blog post either side of a trip to Kinston Maurward. Hope to see as many of you at the Pavvy on Sunday, so pack up your troubles and get your butts at the stage door for 1.15pm.

love you! XXX

Best of Dorset Tourism Show - Be there on Sunday, folks!

Michael Anders, via FACEBOOK - March 25, 2010 at 3:52pm

Subject: Best of Dorset Tourism Show, this Sunday 28th March - ON STAGE AT 1:30pm

Dorset For Singing have been invited once again to sing at this years ‘Best of Dorset’ Tourism and Leisure show.This is the 10th annual ‘Best of Dorset’ Tourism and Leisure show, which attracts over 1,000 visitors. It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase local talent/business on the stage at the Pavilion Theatre to residents of Weymouth & Portland and the surrounding area. The show contains over 30 exhibitors from the country’s leading tourism and leisure attractions and services, along with live entertainment, demonstrations and displays. Admission is free.

We will be on stage at 1:30pm. Ed will be performing after at 2:45pm.

Details for Members
Please arrive by 1:15 at the latest.
Dress code is blue tops or blue dresses and black trousers or black skirts.

Afterwards we shall have a drink up in the bar, before Ed’s performance, so please feel free to join us and socialise with other members.

18 march 2010

Aint no stoppin us now ...

Last night dear choir we met The Band, as we wobbled on our school-dinner benches that hurt your thighs. The Band of course sounded a little bit unrehearsed - but then so did we. But I am sure we will be all right on the night, and if not I'll point out Ed's Bottom again and the audience will forget the 'lack of confidence' on stage.

My personal favourite bit of last night's dress rehearsal, after the fun and buzz of sitting on stage and the chance to stand up and sing, was watching Ed conduct the drummer with his head. Unfortunately I realise that this doesn't leave Ed with a free head to conduct us, but like i said before, we will all learn the timings, tunes, etc. and it will be as smooth as treacle to the delighted Pepsi Max drinkers in the hall. And if Ed doesn't open his mouth at the right moment among all those TA's well we will just have to sing another round till I am good and ready to jump in!

Do you feel ready? I don't know what it is about this term, but i hope we don't put off out new comers. Marie has left because i made to many references to her. Sorry about that babe.* Its been hard work learning these sexy, hip and trendy songs, and finding out which to reject too. just what have we been doing for 10 weeks? admiring a new baby? I could do with another 10!

I love you so much I am going to call Wessex FM soon and get some mentions and work-a-day shouts, if you leave a comment for me below, I will mention you too and you can be as famous as me, and almost as famous as Ed!

Go and get your CD's out, go you-tubing. See you next week in my new top from Littlemoor charity shop. It's not blue. Cat XXXXX

*just kidding - she has gone off to do great things with her clarinet :-)

11 march 2010

Last night, Ed told us off. No more grumpy comments on the lovely Dorset-for-singing forum. Ever. Here he is saying it like he means it, and no I don't remember just how grumpy it was but its gone now, only hearts and flowers are left ...

And he could be preaching, but here he is conducting his little heart out, puching us with every fibre of his being, imploring us to give the song life ...

I don't know about you but I have found this term really hard, a lot of new songs, and a lot of songs we have had to work hard at too. I am not sure I'm ready. Or after the last fortnight, even awake ...

Go and listen to you tube. Lots ... XXXX

4th March 2010

We Love Dave!

Hard work this week, lots of fights and plenty of energy. I heard from one member that choir, in general, is always so much better behaved in the music room. There might be something in this, the same thing that makes Americans tourist loud, and the Japanese frightfully polite and quiet spoken. Or it might just be that now we are well into our second year we feel OK about playing up a bit ...

I have added a new tag to the bottom of this blog post, which might come in very useful. I seem to have picked up on some of Ed's nuttiness, or it might be a craziness all of my own, as one of my little poorly girls gets some tests in hospital today,after a week of illness. So my usually perfect powers of observation have gone a bit wonky this week.

Choir opened with footage from out Christmas concert, another impressive turn around this time, go ahead and but a copy as soon as you can, I am hiding in the wings next to Ruth's amazing sequins so you wont have to look at me all the way through. Ed said the sound isn't so brilliant, but if the joke about Ed's bottom can be heard, it will be worth it.

Tickets will be delivered to the Portland Arts Centre later today, along with some posters, make sure you slap those posters up everywhere, they look really fantastic so I hope they bring in the adoring fans.

Why do we love Dave? Dave got to vote on the best side during a sing-off, Pack up your troubles Vs It's a Long Way to Tipperary, and he voted for choir-left, YAY! We all know that choir-left have the best voices after all. Fight in the Car Park next week. Dinner ladies optional. And now I simply must have a cup of tea.

25 february 2010

It's got to be ... Perfect!

Back from our half term holiday were a eager bunch of choir members, seemingly a bit low on numbers. Was something else on, or did Ed’s nuttiness at the last session put some members off? He behaved himself very well this week, which is more than I can say for me and Marie.

We have hit the revision section of our practices now, having had all kinds of songs and hilarity hurled at us in the last few weeks. Time to stick with the ones we love, and sweep the others under the proverbial, including, and let’s all cheer, YMCA!

So we worked hard on ‘the Susan Boyle number’, the ‘kids from fame’ song, Rent, and ‘Winner takes it all‘, featuring new voices to us all, which all choir members agreed was a lovely thing. Nikki had a go at the solo in rent, and we had a new man for the second part, (yes we do have the odd man at choir), and a new female vocal for the Abba song!

New voices were also aired at the end, when Ed presented us with our mystery song, a fun way to get more choir members singing a solo part. We were given two radio mics to circulate, and murmurs of approval rumbled around as the lyrics of ‘Perfect Day’ hit the over-head screen. Those that knew this song got stuck in, and whoever had the idea to try this is a genius, we might even got audience participation for a bit of fun with this one!

Now Ed wants your help, to come up with a set of songs we can sing as a medley, ones which everyone will know, as we think of other ways to support this years chosen charity, and their ‘singing for the brain’ project. Marie thins we should do the birdie song, and now she wont sit next to me any more! But older songs would be better, even as far back as 1920 or so…my mind has gone black at the moment, and all I can think of is getting my cerial.

Thanks ‘Dorset for singing‘. I do love you all xxx

11 Feb 2010

Going Out With A Bang!

Well its half term next week so don’t turn up at choir. But do turn up here next week when I’ll have a special treat for you … or maybe not.

Ed certainly acted like the world - or half term - was about to end, as he plunged us into a vigorous warm up and threatened to march us through all ten new songs. It didn’t happen of course. Seasons of love is so very layered and complicated that we had to work on it for several hours, until offered some light relief provided by ‘Star Maker‘. This is a song for BIG EGOS, and yes, its one of Ed’s choir choices! So just think yourself into the shoes of those American kids, dreaming their dreams, and paying in sweat, everyone should imagine that this is their solo, to get that very special powerful sound. Heck, I do that all the time.

The Glee cover is certainly starting to sound like it belongs to us now. Its very upbeat and just right for a cold dark night, so no more grumpy faces folks. Incidentally, I found This Link which is well sung and shows the different parts of the song. We seem to be missing some bah-da-dahs …

Actually this choir practice was so busy that I did feel as though all has merged into one big song. But I must add that Ed gave up the biggest thrill of all when he said we had sounded at our best ever. Wow. I wiped a little tear from my eye. This is what its about folks.

Anyway, I’m sure you have some work to do. Look back next week when I will show some edited candid-camera footage of some of the grumpiest faces at choir. But you will all be very happy now, as there is no more YMCA song! Have a good half-term break, and thanks to Dave, for following the blog and leaving our second comment xxx

more ticket outlets via local business ...

Concert tickets will now also be available via The Phoenix Bakery and Jezebel's Jewels, just click through to their web links to see their phone numbers and addresses.

Ticket Sales ... Portland Arts Centre

the lovely people who run the portland arts centre have agreed to sell our tickets during their fire and ice exhibition from 28 february ...
i will be showing some work there too :-)

SPICE by Catherine L Owen
(Mary not included)

9 february 2010

The Pub-Party
Agenda, and (525,600) minutes …

1 Easter Concert

The format of the last concert was deemed very successful, with perhaps a few more soloists next time, but it is interesting how differently we have done things each time. There will definitely be no YMCA so you can stop learning it now and put your feet up. This leaves us with 10 new choir songs … and we will have a live band too, with nothing taken from our charity kitty to pay for them.

We will have tables seating as well, but no bar, only tea coffee and soft drinks, and this will be ongoing so as to avoid half-time queues and hopefully sell a few more drinks and raise a few more pennies. We talked about bringing you won bottle, but I’ve crossed it out again, this is to stop people laughing throwing things at Ed’s bottom.

We will look into three possible ticket outlets, I will approach the new Portland Arts Centre, and we will also try the new bakery in town and Jezebels Jewels.

Dress code will still be blue, with perhaps the chance of red clothes for Christmas time, for a festive flavour. Yummy!

To help raise more money we want members tins of caviar and chocolate eggs, so that we can group donations into baskets and have a raffle which will be drawn discreetly and displayed for folk to collect on the way out, at home time. Can anyone make those chicks that are knitted around crème eggs?

Of course we can still have our words on the screen. Just please, don’t stare at it like you will be shot of you look away. And we have seen the DVD so we know who you are. Glance around the room, smiling as you sing, and the audience will never know!

2 General Choir Stuff

We generally sing, and keep, songs that work with us as a group. There were requests for carpenters, show tunes, and Morning Has Broken, which isn’t a hymn but gets used as one. We still keep brainwashing Ed to let me sing la-la-la-la-laaaaaa … or I’ll settle for “honey honey” in my mellifluous tones!

Choir will still start at 7, with the FREE warm up from 6.45, and notices at 7 to be fair to those getting here then. Any thoughts on getting Dave to take some nice smiley photos for our publicity? Using a proper camera of course. And do let us know if you enjoy the blog.

4 Feb 2010

Soloist, Left and Right …

Good evening choir and welcome to another blog, this time it’s fresher than usual rather than the morning after. Ed had lots of news this week to start us off, the most important being out 2 fast approaching concerts and our pub meeting next Tuesday at 7.30.

We are taking part in the best of Dorset again this year, on stage at 1.30, so please don’t arrive any later then 1.23. See I told you I would write down just what Ed said! that’s on Sunday 21 march, just before our usual termly concert on Thursday 25 march and guess what - we will have a live band, at no cost to our fund raising so lets give them a very big hand when we meet them. Are you going to join us this time Malcolm?

We ran through ‘you got a friend’ which everybody likes, and also the glee cover, ‘don’t stop believing’ which some people love and some folk, well … can you see anyone that is not enjoying it?

look, the lefties are singing their litle hearts out !

I have decided to spice the blog up with more pics, and if no one else takes any for me then I will pop up with my camera now and then. So make sure you keep smiling, you know its bad to frown.

Well done ruth for singing our solo part for ‘winner takes it all’ I was so glad I finally watched mama mia just the other week, now abba makes much more sense to me. I’m looking forward to more choir with front-men and choir backing. Who knows, Ed my let me do that cheesy Karen carpenter number I keep harping on about. I do like cheese.

ps - i put a question on the blog forum ... :-)

28 january 2010

Hot dates –
Pub (business) Meeting in the spa, Tuesday 9 February 7.30
The best of Dorset, Sunday 21 March

And look -http://www.youtube.com/dorsetforsinging - here is the link to the super-duper-all-in-one place youtube channel, and there’s a hot link over on the right along with one for this year’s charity. If you have the picture of Ed posing with the link on the screen, I want it for this blog, so drop me a line, quick before he says no!

We were back in the music room last night, which makes for a lovely intimate practice but the computer is old and chuggy compared to the one in the hall. Mind you I hope we don’t have to watch One Voice lyrics shooting up the screen again, I felt quite sick after that, and much prefer the lovely PowerPoint presentations Michael always makes us! How about you? And from here on it is to be known as Ron Voice, unless he backs down from his solo intro. The del boy version was a treat, thanks for that!

Does anyone have any stuffed and cuddly tigers? From one voice to one-brow, we tackled the ‘Susan Boyle’ number, I Dreamed a Dream, and quite nicely too I think, Ed certainly looked pleased with us. I am happy with this one, as I often sing it while scrubbing potatoes.

Anyway, its time I put clothes on myself, don’t forget if you want to have a say on what the choir does, drop us a line, use the forum or turn up to the pub meeting detailed above. Mines a half.

21 january 2010


Having wasted some time this morning trying to locate a fictitious youtube channel called known as Dorset for Singing, and verifying that I was searching properly by finding my own channel, I have given up and will leave you in the busy hands of Michael and Ed to enlighten you as to the whereabouts of our one-stop-shop for choir music. I hope it hasn’t gone the way of the solos from the summer concert.

Other choir info can still be found back on our ‘proper’ choir website. I’m just the blogger, after all. Look there’s a link over on the right there, and when we have the youtube info, ill pop on a link to that too.

I am not posting 5 videos this week, other wise we will never get any work done. We sang quite a few high energy songs, and I felt as if I had been jogging, mind you I still had enough puff to sing very loudly in the car on the way home. Marie was behind me in the queue, looking in her glove box for her ‘80s leotard dance greats – the electric blue edition’. And maybe some gloves.

When Ed stuck a microphone in my face I had no choice but to make like the karaoke queen I am, so very sorry about that. Anyone fancy any karaoke in half term? We could empty a pub and have lots of room for doing the YMCA actions, and some arc welding in legwarmers.

I don’t think I have any very sensible advice for you today. That choir practice was bonkers. Stand by for more information on videos and some word documents too. Lets hope they are the right ones. I don’t think F# is the right key for me …

14 January 2010

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll ….
And Happy Bloggiversary!

Hello Dorset for Singing, and welcome back to choir for 2010. We all squeezed into the music room as the hall as being used for an interesting talk! Jenny was particularly pleased to see some new faces again too, and most of us had a peep at Michael’ and Catherine’s new baby Ruby.

Time warp time tonight as we slipped into some Eighties numbers and an interesting selection it was too! You know how I am always telling you to sit and listen to the songs on repeat? Well here is the first one, by the magic of new bloggery blogs! Soon all those jumbly-up words will fit into the right places just like we did with ‘river of dreams’.

Video number two gave us such a giggle, especially as they kept singing ‘we are happy now,’ but they were very plainly not! And I remembered how when aged about 12 I had written some new lyrics for this song about dinner ladies!
There are some odd words that don’t make sense at all, but again, sit with you tube for a while and get your head around the phrasing.

Most people know bonnie Tyler’s songs; we are that kind of choir! I know a Welsh Mountain pony we can borrow for the concert, and we can scour the charity shops for lots of white nighties to wear!

Sorry if you were a bit squashed in the music room, our default setting is now the school hall, unless there are things going on there …see you next week choir, and ooh look, you can leave comments on this blog! I do hope you like it, and enjoy a poke around in the archives too. The Choir Blog is 1 year old…