7th February 2013

The one with completely no parking. And where the lap top arrived just in time. (Delivered by Martin and Blogged live from the common room, with love!)

Ed showed off his birthday purchase, then reminded us not to turn up next week. Or for a while, actually. We will be singing soon at the music festival on the 2nd March. Yikes! No Brian husband this time.

The Billy Joel number was much too high. Or maybe I can blame my scratchy throat. But Ed agreed to drop it down then introduced some harmonies, for the longest time.

'If I loved you' added a nice bit of cheese, cheese strings in fact. To be sung with ease, but also crisply. No sliding, this is a non slide song and leave out the flippancy too. Sorry about that. I laaarve you!

A dramatic change - from dreadful to wonderful, such as had never been experienced by choir before, was then followed by a bit of Karen carpenter.

I wonder if I should offer to store all the keys of the songs we sing? As well as blogger, and live blogger, I could be keeper of the keys. Key master. Run to me if you get locked out!

Finally, Billy Joel again. Whhooooaaargh! And then a grand finish with our Les Mis number, so we belted that out and headed out into a soggy bit strangely empty car park. See you next time DFS, have a nice break, and bring your trip money when we come back. Xxxx