9 December 2010 ...


Last night the Choir gathered to take over the stage, hoping the act before them didn't sing all their songs or that they fingers would not be too numb to hold the carol sheets. The lovely compère called us 'The Ladies', then apologised to Ed, Ron, etc. and invited us to sing again at the pavilion next year (27th March) as part of the Best of Dorset. Awesome-sauce!

Poor Michael was not singing with us last night as he felt poorly, so he went round with a bucket, not because he was poorly, but to collect some pennies for our two charities, and we enjoyed meeting Zebedee, Megan's lovely Dog, as a rep for Dogs for the Disabled, wearing his very smart coat. Zebedee also thought Ben the Rat was rather interesting, did you spot him? He's not very big, but he knows all the words and wore his cheerful Christmas hat!

We had a nice audience and some even sang along, of course they could have been waiting for the lovely Emma to sing, but they did make our collection bucket heavy too. I want to say a big thank you to Choir for turning out in good numbers again, despite the cold and missing our last practice together! And it was especially nice to walk into the lovely warm pub afterwords and have a drink together.

So the cheeky-blogger will now wish you a Merry Christmas and share this pic of Ben getting ready to go out and sing last night. Don't eat it Ben.

Love you always, Dorset for Singing, see you on 20 Jan 2011 ... XXXXXXXXX

2nd December 2010 - Practice Cancelled!

please don't come to choir practice tonight ... play is cancelled ... stand by for more details about next week when we will sound lovely having done all the verses of Jingle Bells for home work ...

oh - here they are - from our lovely Choir Master ...

"Will try and get the message out to all, but there will be no rehearsal tonight due to the risk of sunstroke. We are performing at 7.30pm next Thursday outside Debenham's so please arrive about 15 mins earlier in order to get in some sort of crazy order. Social starts at 8pm in the function room, Clipper Bar, Weymouth, Ed x"