25 February 2016

The one with Jenny again ... Jack was off lighting up some snow for drama ...

Numbers were down wth a particular lack of men, none present apart from Michael and Big Ron ... Lalala-lalala-lalala-lalalah, we all went. Followed by The Grand Old Duke Of York with claps and stamps! Such Fun!

In bad news, we won't be singing with a famous person in June, but The Best of Dorset will be in June this year and that may be a possible concert, or not. 

Used stamps can be collected for The
MS Society at choir everyweek. 

Then it was time to rehearse both of our Weymouth Music Festival songs, starting with Life On Mars. The final long note type ending is still rather scary for many people. Ron won the prize of Largest Cavern. Nice. Wide mouths everyone and lots of confidence! 'Remember, sensual won't cut it! Louder and bigger!' Said Ed roughly. 

Starting over again we practiced the perfect intro and found we had lost the harmony! Breaking it down worked a treat and it was all lovely. 

And we gave that the elbow, and dug out the music for - Elbow! One word - Believe! Convince me its your song and dog deep to get back that sparkle. Happiness injected fish we shall be. We had lost our synchopation and it really makes a HUGE difference! 

We seperated out The Holy Cows because some bum notes and creeped in, and we can't have that. Got to stay true to the root chord. 

Then we stood to perform it, then stayed on our feet to perform Life On Mars. Only two songs this week to really get these songs right! 

Well done DFS now sing those all the way home in the car, (can you tell I blog live?), and Lots of Love to you all, keep singing Xxx

11 February 2016

The where we weren't sure which room we were going to be in .... 

Ed threw a notice at us because Jenny had sent a reminder text about Fayre in the Square being the 30th May, and might well be at 11am. We will be willing to fit on the postage stamp stage. Then we warmed up while Ed waited for an update from his wife ...

Jack tried to cure the snap crackle and pop that popped out of the left speaker and was vaguely related to the position of the d.i. Box and the leg of the keyboard on the cables. Well done Jack. 

5th match at 3.30pm is our slot among the choir section, at Budmouth School for this years Music Festival. We need to pick two songs to perform at this event.  

We are nearing 30 people for the trip, keep your deposits coming and it may well be going ahead. 

Life On Mars was our first song, followed by Only Yesterday, singing from our boots! For those who want to up-the-Octave Ed had a lovely harmony ready! 

One Day Like This came next with all those nice overlaps! Ed liked it but warned us against going to high too soon with the curtains ... Four parts we covered! We have been approached possibly a tiny bit to sing with someone almost as famous as Ed. He's looking for a choir who can sing four part harmonies, and it looks like we now can! If it happens it will be in June. But for now, Mum's The Word. 

Right By Your Side next. Hmmm. Someone laughed and others muttered ... It should have been in Bb-3. So I thought I had better blog that. 

Then we had to choose two songs for the festival. We felt Mars was ok, and One Day Like This was also felt to be a good choice. Job done. 

Monday Monday was run through, and our choir master was pleased. Video Killed The Radio Star features more lovely overlaps, and Ruth at the end and I was well impressed because I missed last week. 

Finally everyone standing to sing Total Eclipse Of The Heart. Life is good. 

Keep singing and don't turn up next week. Enjoy half term especially if you are a teacher. Lots of Love, Cat xxx

4th February 2016

This week, as Cat was away, Dear Leader has written a blog poem:

This week as Cat was poorly
I thought I'd do the blog
To make it slightly different
I'd rhyme the words I log

We started with a warm-up
Extending vowels again
Some ta ta tas, and ooha and ahs
And finished with  'Amen'

Then onto our first number
We harmonised some bars
And did the song great justice
A classic 'Life on Mars'

Then came a little story
That choir needed to know
About 'Absolute 80's'
On my new DAB radio

So with this inspiration
We sorted out two parts
And all were Bonnie Tyler
With a Total Eclipse of the Heart

We scrubbed out a whole paragraph
And sang 'I'm in the dark'
Then got really excited
And screeched 'giving off sparks'

Onto our song number 3
About a Radio Star
And Video that killed him
And went a bit too far

Then Elbow had an airing
It's sounding quite high-brow
With lots of lovely harmonies
And several holy cows

We finished with a song request
The choice of two great songs
The Floral Dance for Terry
Or Something Inside So Strong

Labi Siffre was the choice
Your singing did impress
As we closed another practice
I love you DfS 

by Ed hintze aged 42-ish