26 January 2012

The one with the Dance routine!

I didn't come to choir last week, me and the fuzzy-kittens were off jet-setting, but I did go to Ed's house a few days later hoping to catch the latest choir gossip. I also wondered if Ed would get his Organ out and try to impress me, but instead he gave us a puppet show and a cup of tea so I didn't complain. My epic solo was also confirmed - there will not be a dry seat in the house!

But this week here we was (doing that on purpose to annoy the teacher part of Ed), all warmed up and ready to sing, and sing we did as we rattled through many of our songs, not all of them embolded here. It seems that 'life on Mars' is still with us even though nobody really likes it, but that all bodes well for a good opening night next week when it will sound awesome, for some odd reason! I am not sure of some of the notes, so I will be on you tube after bedtime most nights this week, ingraining my poor brain.

Well folks, it the big night next week, seems an age since we trod the boards at All Saints again, watching jenny handing out beer and crisps, and trying to peer round the Christmas tree until some one aligned all the words on the right hand side! Don't forget your polo shirt, and to warm up on the bus on the way over! It's going to be a riot!

12 january 2012


Happy new year and get read yo to rock and roll with our first concert on the 2nd February! EEEP! It's at All Saints school, where we don't seem to have performed for an age, being as we are so popular and always get asked back to other local events ...

I brought my kittens last night, and happily they did not climb the curtains or cat-call Ed like so many of us grown ups do, like Ron putting in his order for full philharmonic backing, with extra strings! I was actually tempted to wear pyjamas since I got such lovely ones for Christmas, but I might as well leave that to Ruth.

A bit scarey learning new songs last when when all our old ones have gained litle post-mince-pie errors that have crept in, even 'breaking up is hard to do' which had the most beautiful singing and dancing just for Mr Husband at last years music festival, had got a few wobblies in it!

WEll its time for your homework now which is
1 - watching you tube to get the songs all learned in your head
2 - singing while doing everything
3 - warm p first, dot forget, do a few EEEEE-OOOOOOORs while on the bus/queue as ASDA
(I am allowed to mention ASDA now since; a - our Dave works there, and; b - they did eventually put some money in our charity pot!)
Love you lots, be good ... and try not to miss me next week when I am not here!