24 May 2012

The one with the lonely hearts ...

With Dave back in the cupboard we were good to go, and previewed some fun new songs, with live internets again, and some really wonderful typos in one of the new videos! Another You was joyously received and we even sang it as our finale, before going home without any popcorn.

Notices were interesting tonight, we have never been approached as a collective, to provide accommodation, so it will be interesting to see if anyone has a spare bed for our new fan, Keith! And if you are reading this Keith, hello from DFS :-)

Poor Ed, with chairs still in the gym, we were a million miles from him and his bared-knees, unless he picked up his music stand and stood before us, looking for anyone who might not leave any gaps in I-I-I-I .... Just so long as my kids dont ask me to explain 'make love to me, on the floor' I'll be ok!

Now go to you tube and listen to FIX YOU! its awesome. Look out Dorset, Here we come! Keep singing, Cat XXX

17 May 2012

The one with Dave in the cupboard, and Jack-in-a-box ...

Just kidding, it was really the one with the meerkat, the earring, the extra information, and no internets, again. So we dug up You Raise Me Up again after a very hard warm up involving much tummy work and spitting on peoples heads again, or was that just me? My tummy feels used and abused, but our awesome voices were praised indeed by lovely Ed, after all the exercise paid off. Why not do some of these while sitting in the dentists waiting room or on the bus to Dorch?

Ed was on top of us last night, with all the plastic chairs removed for exams, and Dave being somewhere out of county on very important business, so it was all nice and cosy indeed. And just to prove how loving and supportive Dorset for Singing is for its collectives, we had a sale of popcorn in aid of LEPRA, and the opportunity for Rachel to let us know about Art Workshops she is setting up. Watch this space and ill try and sell you all the copy of The Children's book I'm working on ... cough ...

And of course we had a chat about out up-and-coming  Tour de Normandie 2013, which could make for some seriously interesting blog posts, I am sure! We did sing our songs too, and we thought about Barry Manilow and we went home, all aglow. Keep singing! Cat xxx

10 May 2012

The wrong with all the wrong things ...

Well not really, but Ed did cause a bit of a giggle when his copy was the only one not up to date (ours is on the big screen of course), and some frowning and looking in diaries after Ed announced some 'alternatives' to our up and coming gigs ... If you fancy the Belgian tour, there will be a meeting before next weeks rehearsal at 6.30, and information made available to the rest of us after this. All the other correct dates and things will be on the website thanks to choir management!

Great though is the awesome amazing solidarity of DFS, who will either ALL fit into a lifeboat, or we are not coming ... ah the amount of times we have been offered to perform on top of a pampers box instead of a real stage just makes me giggle! That will be Sutton Poynts and The Beach! Don't they know who we are? Scheduled to be on telly at the end of June, and all!

We revisited our songs from last week and added in the Keene song too, and worked very hard. We all have enormous repertoires now, well OK, Just Ed then, but we knew that anyway. I am still looking out for the kebab sponsorship and hoping I don't have to dress up as one, the lobster was bad enough!

Keep singing, and You Tubing - that's your homework! Love, Cat xxxx

3 may 2012

The one without a dongle ...

Dorset for singing back in the school hall after an ENORMOUS Easter break, were keen to start and had kept their voices fresh and strong from all the singing in the shower and made a very beautiful sound indeed!

One of the fun things about our very modern and hip and trendy choir, is the internet tie-ins we have including the ability to download song lyrics, play our chosen songs on you  tube and connect with each other when we are going to do some secret filming. But tonight, the modern technology let us down and for lack of a dongle, we had no internets and could not play our new songs on the big screen! At least with Dave in the hot seat, and not on his phone, we had words on the screen and Ed tinkling in the corner, so we had added three lovely new songs to our repertoire by the end of the evening. Then we performed them too!

The you tube choir songs are listed onthe right there, so click on and remember your Dad trying to sing along to Banana Mis-whats-her-face and get to know our new songs. Or is that just me? Keep singing, we have an RNLI gig at the end of this month, LOVE YOU! Cat xxxx