29 June 2017

The one with the gap ....

We had an unreasonably large Isle, so Ed had 'stage right' shuffle over to 'stage left', to facilitate a more intimate evening. Then he launched into notices without letting my blogging thumbs warm up! Saturday may be raining but if you can, be at the rose garden for our one o'clock aprearance. 

Ed has proudly booked Christmas concerts up to 2019 but won't be releasing dates until a little later, and whipped out a laser pointer to clarify the way the sheet music works, and fired up Dona Nobis Pacem on the old piano, by way of a warm up. It's really easy until we put it into its three parts, then as a part three, I'm lost. Mind you, it sounds like Christmas! 

And God Only Knows was sung through before dissecting, and followed by California Dreaming, and Do Wah Diddy Diddy, with voting for the concert repertoire after each number. That was exciting. Soolaimon was sung too and along with The Impossible Dream and then a round of voting and a creation of a set list for Saturday. 


Then we decided some of these songs to sing again, and sang Wings, well, we flew through it, with a recap of the three parts of 'Damn These Walls'. Oh and a revisit of the Oh Oh Oh's before the Worzels showed up for a cider. 

God Only Knows was given a stand-up performance, but with Ed playing live it was easy to mis a cue or two. 

To dream The Impossible Dream, yes that's Ed and his driving to separate do-dos from Bah-Bahs, and the rest. So we stood proud, to sing it in his honour. It's ready for our final sing song. Didn't we do well. 

And even though there was no random-oke this week, because we were working so hard, we were not sad because we knew that next week would be wall-to-wall random-oke, rosé, pringles and cake. 

See you next week I love you, Cat Xxx

22 June 2017

The one where it had very much cooled down again ... and that was a good tho because we needed a warm up! Daisy said we sounded like geese or ducks. Clever us. 

Socially we can all meet in the holidays at Goulds Garden Centre in the summer holidays which is fab. And friendly. Our official choir social is Thursday 20 July and more details will follow. 

And we started with our Latin flavoured round, Dona Nobis Pacem. We all sang it together to revise is from last week, then split into our three parts. Well I say we. I was away last week so sat open-mouthed pretending I was in dead posh Inverness Choral Societly again, where you have auditions and have to sit in parts. Mike listened too, and gave everyone a huge clap when they had completed 2 complete rounds a Capella and beautifully. Wow. Just wow. 

Then straight into California Dreamin' on such a summers day as this. Ed had to help us with the melody at the end of the verses. Thanks Ed. 

God Only Knows how we got this good, but we have and that's that. Hands up Oo-ers, said Ed? And Who are Do-doos? Show of hands, he continued. Oo-ers got 8 out of 10. There were only two Do-doos, but they were marvellous. Finally Ba-ba-bahs got 7 out of ten and might have been a bit jealous of the do-doos getting 10 out of ten. I could hardly blog for the tears in my eyes. 

Then it was stand and perform time while the going was good and oooohs, doos, and baaaahs were all scoring 9! 

But to gain full marks will be to dream The Impossible Dream but here at DFS we always do. Earnestly and sincerely. Remember this one starts steady and softly and builds. Revisit the art of shifting gears which I blogged about originally some years ago. 

Soolaimon brought forth another wow. Meridy wanted some long notes in the chorus so we did some, before standing to perform again. 

A revisit song, Story Of A Heart I remember singing at the Wey Bay Church many ancient moons ago. We had worked hard and it was time for our reward and Rolling In The Deep with er, strong lyrics. That one slipped by the censor. Just another passing ship. 

I love you DFS keep doing what you do and see you next week xxxx

8 June 2017

And once again we gathered together for the final weeks of year eight, and began an invigorating warm-up, so apt for a night like tonight. 

Then Ed plugged a musical event, to kick off notices, and gave stunning feedback on the fair in the square. We are already booked for next year. 

We kicked off with Wings, with the treat of new any-oke songs and two new choir songs to enjoy tonight. We were marvellous. I love you DFS. 

Soolaimon was a really new song, and introduced to us by Ed singing it, and I sent a snippet to a certain 11 year old, who thought it was cool. It was really fun to work with, as it split into such sweeeeet lovely harmonies that Ed was visibly moved and we were able to stand and do our first performance! 

There are no other choirs doing Soolaimon on you tube, so get ready to be the first. I have a SONY don't forget...

And, to continue the 'religious bent', The Impossible Dream filled our eager mouths and our powerful lungs and we gave it a good run through, apart from a few tricky bits, and after a careful dissection, we stood to perform. Perhaps it wasn't so new as it sounded a lot like a certain song from Les Mis ... 

God Only Knows how well we worked tonight because we gave that a run through before singing All Around My Hat that I had mostly remembered wrongly from childhood! How we love random-oke!

Well done tackling those new songs today DFS. You rock. Keep in rocking it, love Cat xxx