24 March 2016

Mind the Gap

The hall was set up for an assembly so we were a long way back from Jack and his lovely M&M egg which he has to save for Easter. 

Numbers were low because Fake Rod Stewart over the real Ed Hintze. I found out a blow bubbles through my braces when I try to hiss. 

Ed plugged the fun night happening tomorrow, at The Riviera. Lots of fun and kids free, plus extra time with Ed and Jack of course. 

We kicked off our singing with Make You Feel My Love. Some folk thought we were singing it slower than we did last week. It's still faster than Adele songs it. Cheek bones will keep it sounding brighter folks!

The timings are important and we
Had a long and involved demonstration on how not to sing 'when the evening shadows and the stars appear', which was nice. 

Forever Motown next. To see how well we are doing after all the practicing we have done while at the shops.  I think it's more of a marathon than a medly. 

After a run through we dicovered some people pushing the beat, which is naughty. Then Ed decided to add some harmony, some sweet responses to Reach Out. And some in Ain't No Mountain too. 

Somewhere next which I still don't really know. Especially since some of the somewhere's are shorter than we think. We stood to perform this one, and Ed said Thankyouverymuchdositdown. 

Only Yesterday next, yay! And finally, to finish spring term, Ed reminds us summer is on its way and we belt out Do You Hear The People Sing ....

We heralded tonight the emergence of a new naughty corner. Such fun. Or perhaps just too naughty, but it's the end of term and Ed can't keep anyone back after rehearsal. 

Now all go and have a happy holiday, and see you back here again on the 28th April when all monies for the IOW trip. I love ya, keep singing and eat lots of chocolate. Xxx

17 March 2016

Ed started by flashing Isle Of Whyte receipts and asking for money. You have one more week to settle up which is good, because we are here next week. 

11.30 on the 5th June is our confirmed slot for the Best of Dorset. Drop box. I'll just leave that there and say Thank You Jenny. 

Ed was mic'd up, and down in the deep with his 'cold' voice ... I hope I didn't give it to anyone. I felt very strange listening to everyone warm up using 'Somewhere' which I didn't know at all. 

Then it was time to sing Somewhere properly, so I thought about finally starting to play Candy Crush but I didn't. This is going to be a start gently and build song, and I don't mean when I learn it and join in. This is going to be a challenge to sing, and I find myself quite unable to say why at the moment without the blog hitting an all time low. Rock bottom. 

Choir were split into two lady parts, to share the first verse. Be careful with the long Uuuuuus they need an Aaaah sound   and only one tiny 's' at the end. Then after a run through we stood to perform, with a note first from Ed requesting clear notes, no sliding or vibrato at all ...

And I didn't even know it was from West Side Story. Shall I get my coat?

Karen carpenter time now, yippee! Oh such fun blogging live! This is def for you if you like low notes. We start with the low voices and harmony parts come in later ... Ed thought we were sounding grand. 

Then it was time for our Mowtown Medley, something of a singing marathon to clear those lungs. Or clear the room. I think this little number had a few exposed parts. 

Total Eclipse of the Heart next. So epic. Well, potentially. We edited the lyrics some more too so the song wouldn't last over 10 minutes. 

In Video Killed The Radio Star Ed picked me to be the final lady. Eeep. This turns out to be the arty fade that we can do and sounds way better than Karen Carpenter disappearing down the sliders. 

Make You Feel My Love was our final song. That was nice and flowed nicely, and we had time to squeeze in Do you hear the people sing and it was eveyone on their feet again! 

Well done everyone see you next well xxxx

10 March 2016

Back in the common room again, and I was back again too. 

Ed gave everyone good feedback for their singing at The Music Festival. Someone had complained that a more proffessional shouldn't be taking part in the event and the gossip was quickly put to bed because we are nice. 

The adjudicator complemented that super high note from Life On Mars, we were called disciplined, but we are always being told that out folders are a distraction. Choir fed back that they missed seeing Ed conducting as he plays live at the festival as a rule .. I offered to conduct but I don't suppose you would see me very well either!

We will have a 4 week break from choir at Easter returning on April 28th. Dorch get three weeks off as Ed owes them a week. We can slip in too if we want? 

First song, Adele singing Make You Feel My Love. Well us actually. Ed laid out some of the timings and the size of our Ss. And there were some nice harmonies apearing. Then after a second run through Ed declared it In The Bag, which is nice ... We sang it in C btw...

Time for a medley, Forever Motown which kicks off with Dancing in the Street, something we have grappled with before, mostly the timings! I Cant Help Myself made me think of honey-nut type cerial commercials. Reach Out we have sung recently. Ha. I Heard It Through The Grapevine sounded like previous choir material too, we had to change a miss typed line due to Ed multitasking earlier today. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. And the finale, Ain't No Mountain High Enough. The latter goes up really high so some of us should not try to get up there and we were in need of a ladies lower part. Can I blog that? Ed's discovery of a stray flat really helped matters, then it was time for another full run through! Ed liked that and said it was rather, rather good. We gave it some welly. 

Finally for a treat we sang the rousing Les Mis number, Do You Hear The People Sing? Just for Fulvia. Yes. 

Next week we should be back in the hall again but until then, keep singing. Lots of love, Cat xxx