10 December 2015

The Most Wonderful Night Of The Year

DFS performed two Christmassy concerts this year, the first in Dorch and the second in our old haunt, at All Saints School, where it felt like we had not been for some time!

I as Carnival Queen got the greatest honour of Launching the Weymouth event, announcing Ed in true unrehearsed woffly fashion. Such fun. Another one for my bucket-list this year!

And there was some singing too. Choir sang their socks off to a packed hall, saving the seasonal jollities until the second half, if you don't count the harming solo rendition of Silver Bells in our middle section!

Fabulous raffle prizes, fun games and an auction all helped to fill our charity buckets. It was also a pleasure to don sash and crown again and help Jim with the Heads and Tails game, I know I wasn't picked for my tossing skills. I'm one-eye-sighted, so please don't throw coins at me ever! Both concerts together raised over 800 of your British pounds for our chosen charities.

A fabulous solo section this year with lots of brave and confident performers, from 7 to ... as tall as Big Ron. I pushed myself by being Sam Smith/James Bond and proved I listen when my choir master is sharing wisdom by being more careful with diction than Mr Smith. DFS has had many reminders about running words together and missing ends, over the years!

The Christmas section saw the appearance of Ben, the pesky rat. He hadn't shown up since a carol concert we performed once outside debenhams in the square. He lost his had twice but at least he knew all the words!

An equally festive encore finished the night off good and properly and I took my tired happy Fuzzies off home to bedlam. 

See you next week for carols organised by Julia and Ron, followed by Kareoke in The Golden Lion at 8pm. What to sing? I'll drop you a line then to wish you A Happy Christmas, Lots Of Love, Cat xxx

3 December 2015

The one where naughty people stay behind, and we overheated in the dining room. 

Concerts next week folks, please arrive at 6.45pm if Ed likes you and everyone else at 6.55pm please. The stage is dark and the steps are steep so it's a little hard to be seen. Everyone wants Ed to be on a step ladder so we can see him!

 Please don't come topless if your polo shirt hasn't arrived yet, and you are hoping it will be waiting for you. Did he really say that? 

Tonight's format is another complete run through, in two halves and minus the solo section. All solos are being practiced secretly, some in little rooms at Wey Valley School. 

I sat next to Jack who was juggling two lap tops and the speaker which stopped playing for reasons of its own, and lead to a lovely a Capella version of So Happy Together. 

It got its act together for Song of the Sea. Ed went over the descant part again as we had a bit of a mind-the-gap moment. 

Rosé next. Don't forget these long notes need a lot of support. Ed suggested some of us could mine and leave a gap if the air is running out. Let's hope we don't all do that. Although that would be very impressive in itself!

Medley time, we got slightly out of order but we promise we won't do that on the night! Sound Of Music precceded a break, which will of course wil happen on the night too. 

And after more waffle from Ed we dived into the second half, giving anyone who had to permission to leave at 8pm. And following Dusty we had a good talking to about not talking and laughing in between songs, even if we really are utterly-butterly surprised that we sounded half decent. So there. We have been told. 

Xmas medley next. Followed by a quick chorus of fairy tale of New York so see you all next week. Lots of love xxx

26 November 2015

The one with Ed's new jacket ...

Ed handed out a few CDs of backing tracks and thanks Fulvia for finding someone to alter his jackets to make them more musical! 

The running order for our concert is all ready, two weeks before we perform! Choir members grabbed paper copies of the Christmas medley and Ed warned us that we will be in the dining room next week. 

Next Thursday is the Xmas sing song I Chickerel library at 5pm. Mince pie folks!

Next it was time to run through our concerts, standing at the back of the hall please. 

So Happy Together
Song Of The Sea
Lean On Me
The Sound Of music 
Total 23 minutes and 16 seconds

(Solos and Groups - to be revealed!)

I Only Wanna Be With You
Christmas Medley
You Raise Me Up
And the Encore ...
Fairytale Of New York

Now let's enjoy the All Saints School Christmas tree ... 

And we fall off the stage to the sound of the fade out .... 27 minutes 39 seconds 

Finally we all attempt to fit on the stage because we are not so good at entrances or exits. It's also been some time since we sang on this stage! We did it all and sang a song (mostly) then I ran home to blog .... Well done DFS I love you xxx

19 November 2015

We started with some name calling. Calling out the names on official t shirts to try and match them up to choir members. Then our warm up. 

Then Ed showed off his new clean suggestion box, while waiting for a track to load. Then I daydreamed during some of the notces then woke up to requests for tins of marrofat peas! Raffle prizes to Jigsaw-Jenny please. Not long now until our concerts! Eeep!

Before Christmas we are going to set a date for taking over a karaoke bar. Not the one in Tokyo. Everyone started to shout out karaoke venues. 

We began with So Happy Together  well half of choir did and half had a think about it first! Ed encouraged us to sing over the top. I need a sheep puppet. I really do! We did it much better the second time around. 

Africa will be saved for the new year now. So after talking of doing it in the dark we slipped into The Song of the Sea. Remember there are no such things as high notes. Ed ran through the descant part, right at the top of his range. Then from the top, everyone stood to sing. This is a real crowd pleaser, I'm looking forward to hearing a happy audience talk about this one again. Takes me back to choirs youth! 

Dusty time now, with our lyrics set to Ariel Bold which is really washing powder. Es told us to learn all the words for this one. Beware of reading the page with your face down, anyway. We stood to sing this again, and it was one million times better and we can go home a treat. 

Noting like a good medley, The Sound of Music ... It's really hip and trending right now with the movie being 50 years old just like our Julie. She won't mind me saying :-). And Ed said ooooo when we finished it. Phew. Keep it up he said. 

Finally a Run with words. Now the officiall song for the happenings in Paris. So we gave it our all. I stopped to take in the last two choruses and you DFS are amazing. 

Out of time we squeezed in a Rosé in its new key. Come on. Love you lots xxxx

12 November 2015

The one with Betty ...

Ed put Betty on the Altar and explained she was not The Real Betty but a surprise present for Jenny H. If anyone wants to sing a bum note not The Real Betty can give them a rather hard stare ...

Three more practices until we have our concerts. Three! No tickets this year, just payment on the door. Then Ed let us know that we won't be doing any singing in the square because he himself isn't free. 

Jack and Ed presented the New DFS website which is supersmashing and works on phones and tablets too. 

Rosé has a new key of C+3. It was much brighter sounding but a little high for some!

Run next. Harmonies were missing so Ed ran through them again. Pardon the pun. Also a lot of people for get to sing ru-UN instead of RUN ... Then the melody all but disappeared. But oooo it did sound good!

With voices in fine form, it was time to whip through The Sound Of Music Medley. Lovely big OTT backing track which I missed last week being off sick. Take care not to slow down in places where the backing track doesn't! The ending still needs some work on those notes! So back to the piano to thrash it out! And finally .... 

Dusty time next to give us a break! Haha! I only wanna be with you, DFS. No other choir for me. Rough it up guys! Wanna not want-to!

A Capella Lean On Me was tried out last week. Ed wanted some clicks at the start and some clapping further in. 

Jack hasn't heard the special effects we do for Afrrica. It may or may not be ready for Christmas and may stay on the
Back burner with Right By Your Side ...

But we did try to impress Jack with
Our Special Effects... Then for our finale we ran through Run again ... Then we gave ourselves the clap and Ed took Betty home for some whine xxxx

22 October 2015

The Lovely Jenny was Jacks stand in, and and she promised not to play solitaire all night. 

Before any warm ups we heard from Richard from The MS Society without his official shirt. The branch we support covers Bridport, Lyme Regis Portland and some other bits. The oldest member is 104. All commitie members are volunteers, and have usually been affected by MS in some way. Richard himself has been diagnosed with the condition. All money raised goes to support anyone affected by MS. Home adaptations, FES machines to aid mobility, social outings and respite care are among supports provided by the charity. 

The disability is caused by nerve damage, and scarring in the brain. Treatments are improving with changes now that we didn't have 5 years ago. No one had any questions for Richard so he thanked us and left us to sing!

Then Ed plugged the keyboard back in so that we could warm up. Notices first. Don't come next week. That leaves 5 sessions to our concert! Ed also thanked everyone for coming to the meeting on Monday. 

Jenny shared the running order of the wedding then we all had a go of sounding like Karen. It was easier for most when Ed changed the key. He changed the key again for the middle eight without telling us but we forgave him. D+4. Oh yes indeedy. 

Next we revisited So Happy Together. Just a run through before another new song. Yes, a Christmas song! Jenny downloaded Stop The Cavalry. Luckily Julie knew how to fit many of these words in as many of us didn't. 

Time to impress Jenny with our sound effects - would be better without the giggles but still, I think Jenny felt it. Well she felt something. 

A wedding song, True Love Ways had only a link instead of a set of words. So we left that for The Sound Of Music Medley! Which we know quite well now. Jenny liked it so much she gave us the clap. And Ed gave us a bum-note warning! And mentally ordered a take away for his tea ...

And finally, Rosé, voted by us, to finish. 
I love ya! Keep singing XXXX

15 October 2015

The one with the sticky silver ball that smelled toxic ...

Thanks to Mike for stepping in to work the computer again today! And thanks to a special Wey Valley account, Ed is selling photocopied words for £20 a sheet (a voluntary contribution really, and copies are really 4p a page).

Hopefully next week all concerts will be confirmed and we will here from Richard talking about this years charity and saying thank you to us! 

And a dum-dum-diddle and we were away! And after a rich and varied warm-up we listened to a very clever a Capella choir performing Africa with some marvellous rain and thunder sound effects. Then it was our turn. Turned out so impressive I wish I had recorded it! The thunder was especially fun to do and rolled around the school hall ending in an involuntary Oooooh! It's gonna take a lot to learn this song but it's gonna be a real show stealer. 

We worked on the harmonies then stood to perform both the weather and the song! And yes I recorded it. Hehe. 

Dusty time next, 'cause we Only Want To Be With You! After a kareoke track and a quick cigar break, we had some words for a sing-along-with-Ed. Ed said it was suspicious good!

And next our Sound of Music Medley, just watch those schnitzels! I have to report that Edelweiss makes my family groan. Maybe I'm not doing so well with that one... So I promise not to blog the bum-note you did at the end. Hehe. But it needs sorting out to give us that fabulous show style ending, so Ed broke it down before we did. 

Quirky as the clock was ticking, True Love Ways ready for Wendy's Wedding. Original key to start with ...

And to finish, Ed's number, The Song Of The Sea in Bb - which is supposed to be the flat symbol. And the high notes kinda went off the scale! Well remembered everyone. Love you XXXX

8 October 2015

Are you listening? 

Sorry about the lack of blog last week folks, I have a sick note somewhere ....

Our first performance of the season will be at Wendy and peters wedding 6pm at The Riviera 7th November. Tonight we will learn True Love Ways. 

An Isle of White meeting in the skittle alley of The Admiral Hardy on Monday 19th October just after 7pm, to discuss logistics for our next choir adventure. 

This year we will be supporting multiple sclerosis, our local region of course! Voting was close last week

DFS Dorch are inviing US to support their first concert, on Wednesday 9th December 7.30 United Reform Church. On the 10th it's our concert here in the school hall (All Saints)

Then with just the piano we attempted True Love Ways. Ed sang like a girl, just for the ladies. Nice. Then we all stood for a sing through, with more reminders to sing the right notes, and to put some gaps in the words so they don't all go together like pasta bake. It's not reccomended to go on you tube and listen to Buddy Holly at all so there you go!

And on out greatest hits list is Run so let's run with that... Halfway through the harmonies reappeared as people remembered them. I felt like a tenor, but Elaine said I was only a fiver. So we stood to perform. 

Next up, The Sound Of Music Medley. Ed wanted to see who had been doing repor homework. I don't think it was me. We said the end was alright. He decided we needed more people on the melody at the start than the whole choir split so we tried that. 

Finally - Africa! And time to go home - keep singing xxxxx

24 September 2015

The one where choir needed opening. 

Our choir master stood to welcome us, but declared that, regrettably, choir was closed. Of course Weymouth Carnival Queen was happy to open the eighth year of DFS, as we are now 7 years old! She also thanked everyone for their support. 

Wedding coming up on the 7th November, of Wendy and Peter. Songs, times and so on to be confirmed, but we will be wishing the happy couple the best and singing a little set!

Ed was excited about the new choir gadget which means we can pay by card. Jack is very good at working it. 

Ed is having a tentative look at going to the Isle of White for a choir tour next May. Also next May we will be back at all saints church. 

Next week we will be choosing this years charity so do bring your nominations and either introduce them yourself or give Ed the blurb. 

49 people responded to the survey to find the definitive Best Of Dorset For Singing. From memory, because of a lack of memory stick the top three were - 1 The Prayer 2 Do you hear the people sing 3 Song of the Sea. 

Mike stepped in to fiddle with the computer, releasing Jack for Oliver, at the Pavvy soon! More, Mr Bumble. 

Dum-dum-diddly-dum for the warm up, followed by a bit of 'The Sound of Music'. I felt like the only person who doesn't know this musical very well. I always run away when it appears on the telly. I'm going to have to get to grips with it now I guess ....

Ed asked for a clear 'sick' because all he could hear was The Hills Are Alive To The Sound Of Muesli. And we also had some trouble with our Thousand Yearsssssssssss. You know the one. The hall of a thousand S's ... Our choir master had to be almost firm with us tonight. 

I listened well during the performance of course. It won't be a new song very long. And it was perfect, he said. 

Next up Toto - Africa. There are possibly too many or too little words to fit the lines. The intro is a base solo which is why it shoots up high suddenly. Ed broke it down to help us with the rhythm and non-rhyme. Then we put together a couple of verses and choruses. Nice. I stuck a finger in an ear and tackled some harmony. Do listen to that on You Tube for homework. 

Finally a few minutes left to 'Climb Every Mountain' and leave with a warm feeling inside. Yes, even the Tenor-Ladies, thank you Ed!

Next week we will be practicing in the dining room as the hall will not be free. Keep singing, you are special, Queen-Cat xxx

2nd July 2015

The last one ... 

Ed was full of apologies for missing Rosé and a paper version of our Best Songs Survey. Then he gave us the confirmed time for our slot at St Edmunds, which was 2.20pm. The event starts at 1.30 for anyone who wants to catch the best scone ...

Keep an eye on the forum for coffee mornings during the school holidays which is good if you need social sessions until we meet again in September. 

Next week from 7pm Ed and Jenny will be at The Old Rooms Inn, do come along to a choir pub taker-over involving flashing and a swim across the harbour. Or maybe just wine, and good food!

Finally in notices, Ed let me mention I'm selling flowers to raise money for The Weymouth Canival Charities, supporting Julia's House. Thank you to eveyone who stopped and bought one on the way in! They are brooches handmade by me and my cute children who can now sew on buttons!

Then straight into Rosé with some searched for lyrics and the blue-tooth-speaker on wheels. Ed pointed out that the middle bits were mostly missing apart from the throats of 6 very special people including Fulvia. Well done special six!

On Saturday of course everyone did a sterling job with the sun shining in their eyes and Ed was proud to make not one single joke about Chicken Tikka. Well done Ed. 

We had to choose 4 other songs from the recent set to make up a 20 minute concert for St Edmunds. Ed counted hands on show and Jack made a note on the laptop. Both Abba songs made
The cut!

On the street where you live first, with the windows closed so we didn't leak noise polution into the school hall from the dining room, where the wine flowed and the nibbles beconed! We held back a lot probably, trying not to summon the wicked witch from the school play!

Chicken Tikka - be careful with the timing at the end so we don't have any extra T's. 

Waterloo - Ed ran through the missing harmony. It's roughly a third below the tune, but did vary a bit between Julie and Ed!

Final song of the year - Let's Go to San Fransicso! Choir wanted to stand but the screen in the dining room was harder to see. Then we did it anyway considering that everyone should really know the words by now! I mean realy! 

Then it was an early finish and into party and nibbles mode, and I set up my flower shop! 

Thank you everyone - have a lovely summer and see you soon for YEAR SEVEN! love, Cat xxxx

25 June 2015

The one with the school assembly chairs, the naughty button, and sausage confusion ...

Ignore the Echo website timings, we are singing outside the fantastic sausage factory, meeting at 1.40 for 2pm, on Saturday. We will sing the Race For Life set. Dennis may play you with skinned pork comestibles ...

Next week is our last reearsal, with a bit of a social after. Maybe something will also happen on the 9th or maybe not ... HONK!

Rosé first, repeat with do-dah over it! And it didn't have what it got last week when we practiced it a lot. But of course, we undersang it on purpose so that Ed would not lack something to say!

And then Ed popped and button. Nice. And stand to sing .... Yes, coming together nicely we will give that 'a good airing' soon!

Then we decided to run through the 25 minute set for Friday. A dress rehearsal meaning No Stopping. 

1- On the Street.

2 - Chicken tikka - Ed promised not to call it this on Saturday. But I always do because it's easier to type/spell. 

But then we did stop so Ed could get water and Jack could attempt to correct the running order!

3 - Get Around - after a run through we then paused to swap sides just confuse everyone, and no one got that tricky town-to-town timing right. Ed demonstrated the millisecond difference!

4 - Don't Sleep In The Subway.

5 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Some one was looking at the words a lot. Almost named and shamed. 

6 - Downtown.

7 - Waterloo. Ed added in missing piano and sax! 

8 - Let's Go To San Fransisco. More overlapping harmony part, please. We gave that a bit of a run through!

Finishing off with Right By Your Side. Don't forget the stupid noises. And it's last rehearsal next week folks, in the dining room!

Love you xxxxx

18 June 2015

The one were my glasses were still by the front door, at home...

A week Saturday is our next concert, and without many notices, tonight we are having a jolly good sing song. It took me all the warm up to type that bit wothout my specs, as it was mostly guesswork. 

Www.chesilrocks.com was plugged during our one or two notices, but failed to load so here it is for you now!

Chicken tikka first tonight, and Ed Reminded us that the better we sing it, the less we have to practice it! Mind the Gap, everyone! We sang well (but a lot of harmony was missing, and audiences love it when we harmonise at our concerts. Maybe harmony singers ought to sit together and support each other?).

So .... Everyone played musical chairs until the music stopped! Come over to the Dark Side - if you dare! The harmonisers then sang A Capella, and received a clap from the far right! Verse, then chorus, off we went!!

For performance, you must really feel you are a very important part of this song. Not just one of 89 little voices. The harmony was sounding good and strong and the melody had become a little quieter, but instead of 'less harmony', Ed asked for more melody! We stood to sing, as if performing, to encourage us to put more of ourselves into it!

Tonight was about rehearsing really well. And our next song was I Get Around ! Now half the choir were ready to sing a part they were not used to! Many wanted to move back but tonight Ed was in charge and no one was permitted to shift even a buttock. 

First we dissected stage left, ooooh it was messy. But then you knew that! I really started to fancy half a pint. When it was stage-right's turn it turned into a Dirty Competition. Get Around Rivalry.  It's got potential to become a real show stopper, and it was started to become more watertight. 

On to Rosé. Something more gentle he said. Then everyone missed a huge gap and held a pout while waiting for the cool to start! No other choir sings this song ever, or should I say, evah! If only to remind you to sing YA! and not Yaaaaah.

The second verse is pure unadulterated rock, and was beginning to contrast superbly with the chorus. Ed even confessed to a tingle, though he wouldn't say where it was! And even hinted at a touch of kinaesthesia; and yes maybe I did spell that right, without my glasses on!


Not a lot of songs tongiht, but Ed was really feeling it. 

Really well done everyone. We are all super and dynamic. Keep singing - I love ya! Xxx

11 June 2015

Are you listening? Otherwise known as The One In The Zoo!

After a nice warm up, Ed told us, we would be singing a new song. We also enjoyed a random power point and a good old Dum-Dum-Diddle!

The new song was road tested in Dorchester last night and begins with today's letter, the letter R. Right By Your Side was revealed on the screen. Cue jungle noises for that Brazilian flavour!

Then notices ... Damers is cancelled due to scandalous, unrevealed reasons. Choir social will be on the 9th July. Sausage factory booking is going ahead. 27th June for that. The rose garden want us to split our set into 2 15-minute slots ...

Back to the jungle again! Remember the gap please! We listened and sang along to Annie on YouTube, then stood to make a right monkey of ourselves. Many people seemed a bit afraid of that part. Just think of it as the opposite of your school days, when you had to line up and be quiet on cue! 

Jack demonstrated the survey online. Every IP address gets one vote! 

Run was next up on the song list. It's very important to sound the P on the end of light-up so it doesn't sound like you are singing Lino-Lino at all. Then we stood to perform the piece. 

The time for the third R came to be. Rosé and I'm so glad my blogging phone has a funny é. Oh yes. Such fun to sing this alcoholic number again! 

And for a recall we had a quick vote and sang another round of Run, and stood to sing while Ed pressed record!

We might listen to it next week. Keep singing, love you xxxxx

4 June 2015

The one with the strange rehearsal ...

Ed started of stage left with a secret hum, then showed off his 64gig pocket sized piano memory stick and set off another ooooooo.

Ed revealed spending many hours searching the blog and had come up with the definative list of hot choir numbers. Each of us will get to choose our top ten for an awesome best-of-DFS concert!

Thanks to all that attended this half terms events, and dos especially well trying to fit on the tiny stage of fair-in-the-square! £1160 was raised at the garden party, and the singing in the lake at Kingston Maurward, and inspired everyone to keep running. Away. 

A lull now before our final concerts, but  Members wanted to sing at damers Middle school, or first school. 3.30 Saturday 4th July in Dorch. 

Now an old song revisit, Rule The World. No organ tonight so kareoke style. No propper warm up today. 

Top of The World next, and not a cow boy hat in the house!

The Lord Is My Shepherd started with some interesting lyrics, ended in laughing, and was quickly abandoned in favour of The Seekers I'll Never Find Another You, and on we went with a good kareoke version of that. 

Back to our very first Abba song S.O.S. Short sssssss please so we don't sound deflated!!

Let The River Run ... It's got a tough beginning but it gets going really well!

A Les Mis number next. Do You Hear The People Sing, which was rather fun. 

San Fransicso. Ed wanted to hear Lots of free Parping. In the nicest way. The backing vocals were too dominant in the beginning then faded out later. We looked at adding other harmony parts too. 

Waterloo Made Ed long for a nice bit of sax, and a bang in the right place. That's not how it sounds. Erm ... I'm referring to an earlier backing track of course. Whoa whoas needed to come in earlier. 

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do does have a funny doo-doo backing track. Beware of sounding too raucous! Said Ed. Think also about your entrees, being bold enough to start on time!

Get Around finally. Before Jackies solo. Sorry, apeal for help. 

Check out Jack's survey to vote on your personal top 10. I'm gonna find that tough I think! Then we sang Happy Birthday to Tricia!

Keep singing, love you xxxxxx

21 May 2015

Mind The Gap, or - The One Without The Screen ....

Also quite possibly The One With The A-Capella-Pack-A-Mack, The One With The Auto cue, The One Where Ed Got All The Attention and most importantly - The One Without His Organ!

Seriously, you couldn't make up the happenings that make up the delight that is Dorset For Singing! Because of the lack of organ our warm up consisted of one stolen from Lemon Otter, and more stamping and clapping than singing! Then in notices, Ed praised his choirs efforts during the Canterbury Adventure, and said what a genuine pleasure the trip had been. 

Using folders, with many sharing, we ran through our current running-order songs which we will perform together three times before we meet again after half term. So don't come next week. There will not even be a dining room without a screen for you. 

We did really well tonight, even sorting out the old TOWN TO TOWN problem, and yes I did say that loudly so that you won't forget. Haha!

Most noticeable was the intersting key change during Lean On Me which happened for some people and not for others. Jack looked up to say, 'That was out,' and everyone agreed! 

As well as a missing organ tonight there was a certain missing eyephone left at home on charge. So this blog has been totally made up, off the top of my head. Keep singing, have a good half term, and come and see me on the Artwey Trail, and Carol too. Love you muchly, keep singing - Cat xxxx

Dorset For Singing - Canterbury Tales

Last year we all turned up at Wey Valley School at the designated time, but no coach and after much waiting around we left for Oxford in a fleet of mini-buses, so it was with great relief that this year the ever-reliable Bluebird coach awaited us. All were on-board when the Hintze clan arrived right on time! So, off we went on-time and with a fridge and loo. I’m still unsure of the driver’s name, either Jack, Mike or George. Anyway he was an amiable fella, who got us out of some challenging  situations with skill and imagination.

We had a very good journey, meeting little traffic and reached our dinner date on time. They clearly thought we’d be late as the carvery wasn’t ready, still this gave us plenty of time to enjoy liquid refreshment, which Jenny, Ed and myself had already done on the coach, utilising the adjacent fridge, but not the loo (fortunately, as I was next to it!). An added bonus was the summer specials drinks menu, which suited some extremely well! Eventually we were all served generous meals, of turkey, beef and gammon and some had puddings as well.

Next we were off to the Whitstable Travelodge, via not the Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, somehow arriving by our destination on a dual carriageway, before crossing it and having to drive a few miles to the next junction before having a more successful attempt!

After a decent night’s sleep (at least for Rosy and I), I walked the route we should have taken to ensure we’d be able to find our way back after the day’s festivities. We left on time for the short drive to what could have been called the ‘Peter Cushing Museum’, Wetherspoons pub in Whitstable, for breakfast. It was full of pictures and memorabilia. Alas their staffing levels were insufficient and some waited 45 minutes for their food, which was very good. We were to return the following day, so they knew what to expect!

Then we headed off to Canterbury for the day. Some went shopping, while others walked along the river, explored the Cathedral, or had a long lunch in ‘Spoons!

3pm was  the time for the re-union with Lemon and her excellent choir, the Lemon Zingers. Lemon, like Ed, is clearly a very talented musician and the two choirs blended seamlessly. There was about 90 minutes of rehearsal, including getting in and out of rows of seats, followed by a break of about 90 minutes, prior to the concert. Alas the pubs were a little far away, so we mostly lounged about, awaiting the ‘big’ event.

The auditorium, a converted church, soon filled and we were off. The atmosphere was fantastic and the audience played their part in what was a wonderful concert. Each choir did a few songs and then joined for a few more. Each choir applauded their counterparts with much exuberance, which added to the occasion. A grand total of £469.50 was raised for the Samaritans. Afterwards we filed through a back entrance to the Cathedral Courtyard and into the ‘Lodge’ for supper. It was akin to a banqueting suite, all sitting around large round tables and were joined by Lemon and some of her choir. We then enjoyed a healthy meal, with quite expensive drinks, before filing back to the coach.

Rosy and I had just ordered a jug of some delicious cocktail, when Ed arrived to inform us that the coach had arrived early and everyone was less keen to join us, rather than us joining them, so I gulped down my share of the Strawberry Daiquiri and Rosy tried to leave with hers, but some unkind door staff said ‘NO’. We thought we could return our glasses to the Whitstable ‘Spoons!

The journey back to the hotel didn’t take long, but having left the dual carriageway at the right place, the driver inexplicably missed the hotel and drove down a country lane! I shouted (from the back) ‘Wrong Way’, but to no avail as he kept going, so I ran down the coach and advised him to turn around, which he duly did and we found the hotel! Of course, everything looks completely different in the dark.

After the previous day’s breakfast experience, we decided to leave earlier and those lucky enough to enjoy a quick breakfast could enjoy some time browsing some interesting shops, in the charming seaside town of Whitstable. Once again the staff were hopelessly unprepared, apart from reserving some tables and some, again, waited 45 minutes for breakfast. So, no time for browsing, as it was now 10am and we were due at Chartwell (Winston Churchill’s home), for lunch at noon! We arrived at about 11.15 and after establishing how we could utilise membership benefits to save us all money, we had time for some shopping an exploration. Rosy and I found some wonderful rope swing in the trees, one was a his and hers kissing swing, so we thought it would be rude not to.

Lunch was excellent and enjoyed in the private ‘Mulberry Room’. Most had bangers and mash, whilst some had a delicious looking pie. We all enjoyed a delicious rhubarb pudding, which was similar to Creme Brulee.

Next we had tickets to explore the house, prior to boarding the bus for the drive home. We were entertained by a comedian (guess who!) and a sing song. We arrive back at about 18.00 hrs, having enjoyed wonderful weather, great fellowship and great organisation / leadership, looking forward to our next trip.

Grateful thanks to Ed, Jenny and Jack.


15 May 2015

Ed thanked us for the wonderful concert last week. Then started with some breathing, after pointing out some important information for Race for Life. We need to be in position to sing at 10.30 by the lake. Arrival at 10am is recommended as is car sharing. Park in the volunteer sector!

Ed asked for feedback about the concert. Mike asked for monitors for future concerts. Also Ed to find ways to raise himself up for better viewing. Some one had said to me, 'at least you only sang one song' which you could either take as a desire for more variety, or more about my voice. Answers on a postcard please. 

Canterbury singers are to enjoy three hours rehearsal on Saturday, meaning we can leave out singing Reach Out and A Little Help From My friends. So we kicked off with The Street Where you live. 

It sounded a bit flat, a bit low-cheek-bones so Ed sat at the piano and ran is off at twice the speed. That woke us up!
Our volume went through the roof! Like a good syringing apparently. 
And as to curry favour with our audience, Chicken Tikka will no longer be refered to as such. That means looking up the spelling of chiquitita eveytime we sing it and trying to stay one step ahead of Autocorrect. Phew. When we sang it Ed declared it almost perfect, and well done for not looking at the screen at the end when the line repeats anyway...

Our Get Around surprise success next.  Ed thought the clapping might have been an issue. We had to speak out the song to get the timing right, before the town-to-town side singing it again. Then we were taped, as they say in the old days wen the tape was rollin'. 

Can we sleep in the subway please?, said Ed without letting us listen to the recording, and woke up Jack to do the words for another taping! NOTHIN' sould be sung with a nice, short, punchy NOTHING! (More anger. But without punching anyone please!) But the men turned into The Wurzels!

Lean on me, you will need to when you have tears rolling down your face at choir. It sounded nice but Ed stopped us to start us again with more blues/soul/gospel/Wurzels. Tick one. Then we split the room to make sure we have enought leaders... Ssssssses ...
Careful now!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do right said Ed. We lack confidence a bit. And maybe timing is an issue again!

Finally choir stood to sing Waterloo. 

Really well done DFS, keep singing, love you loads, Cat xxxx 

8 May 2015

At possibly our 5th concert at All Saints Church, Michael took some lovely atmospheric photos and let me share them with you. 

Setting up with Ed, Jenny and Jack was peppered with quotes from my recently released wedding video. That may just get an airing at a choir social in the future!

The lovely people of All Saints church always make us welcome and tonight was no different, with very organised raffling, refreshments and a fine result for our charity The Samaritans. I am sure we will be back next year, given the fine vote of thanks from the Reverend Mr, and the livley joining in during our encore!

This years solos-slot featured a smaller number of choir members along with a set by Ed and Julie who are forming a duet act ready to gig! Nice song from new pairing Mike and Linda and a debut appearance by my dental appliances which didn't make a funny whistling sound once! Phew!

Feedback said that we sounded very good, so it looks as though age is a good thing for DFS. We will be 7 in September, and the blogs 7 in January. Such fun! Some of the songs we sung really challenged us this year and I think the audiences choice for our encore really took us by surprise!

Last year this Friday was the 9th May, not the eighth, and I pointed out the appropirately dated hassock that my other half was using to sit on in the pew. For it was on Friday 9th May last year that he asked me to marry him, and choir said they would sing at our wedding! Happy happy! 

Almost as good as raising a neat £200 for The Samritans, bless em! Well done DFS see you Thursday xxxxx

7 may 2015

The one where jack's updates went live as we gathered to sing. So we can all have words ready for Friday!

Ed handed out words for people whose computers won't talk to their printers. He also had some sweet fliers advertising the garden party were we will perform on 30th may. We are headlining so you might want to pick one up just to frame it afterwoods!

The street where you live Was first with Ed conducting, just as we like him! It sounded rather goo.

Chiquitita and not the curried version this time, so you know that we mean business the night before our concert! Ed said this one sounded lovely! Patch gap!

I get around, said Ed. And we smiled. Rhythm. 

Don't sleep in the subway. Was beautiful but echo line louder please! After a run through Ed slipped behind the piano to ...

Lean on me! Which will have no backing track, just a little backing track! Don't hold onto the 'some' too long. 

Breaking up has a rather funny backing track! Wednesday DFS got to taste it's wonderfulness last night, tonight was our turn! Gentle men don't sing the verses. 

Reach out. Ed tried to point out a missing word but at first couldn't find it. Funny that. It's the word 'most'. Jack quickly rewrote the ending too. That will need to go love before I do my last minute printing tomorrow!! Hah! Or rather, 1 2 3, Hah! Hmmmm said Ed. 

Another run through please said Ed. So we reached out and no, darling! Ed divided the room. Some of those words really don't seem to fit the lines!

Downtown we went next. It's fine even though we haven't touched it for a while. 

Waterloo - The ever hiding one! Really? But the words didn't fit the backing track so jack did a quick edit and everyone with a print out tore the bottom 2 lines off the sheet!

With a little help from my Friends. Er. Nice. The lyrics didn't match. We need the version from last year. Website to be updated again. Thanks Ed and Jack. 

Ed will bring some spares tomorrow!

Ed asked us if we wanted to drop a song. Then gave Waterloo another run through. It was much better. Yay! 

Then on election night, Reach Out was voted out of the line up. Spirits soared. 

San Fransisco and Lean on me to finish.  San Fransisco will make a lovely encore. 
We all stood to sing a final lean on me and Ed said lovely, lovely, lovely and then we went home! Xxxxx

Dorchester 6/05/15

Hello folks in Blog land, is there anybody out there ?

T'was an eerily quiet evening in Dorchland, not many of us turned up. was it the bank holiday, or had everyone been blown to the land of Oz by those very strong winds? If they all return as Munchkins, we know it was the latter. 

Although low in number, the quality of sound was surprisingly lovely, the keen ones were in clearly.

Whilst Jack was fighting with the laptop, (naughty laptop!), Ed chatted about a few things happening this term, but he said we probably won't be working on any new songs for now. We shall be doing some 'fine tuning', and perfecting, no pressure ! 

A phantom voice boomed from the sound system, and everyone laughed nervously. We decided to leave the technology alone and get down to some singing.

First on the list, The Street Where You Live, well, if you are harmoniously inclined, there are some lovely ones on the second verse 'lilac tree ees' and the fourth verse 'stop and stare'.

Chiquitita, harmonies, sounding great, all views and opinions are my own of course!

Get Around getting there.

Dont Sleep In The Subway, great harmonies for the last two choruses, making us sound like a proper grown up choir!

Lean On Me, timing tricky on this one, Some.......times in our lives-----------for.......it wont be long etc etc, love this song though. I must also add, that Ed is adamant that we must not nod our way through this one, but I fear this is a big ask!

Breaking Up is hard to do received the comment, " Oh let just see what happens", then Ed started on about Bach, and sliding 5ths......see how far Dorchester have come! No people, I didn't understand him either.

Reach Out was next on the list, followed by Waterloo.

If you are coming to our Portland extravaganza on Friday, it starts at seven thirty and Ed will be there from just after six. If you get panicked about parking, there is Tesco as a last resort, and it is quite close to the church, they will be only too pleased to help the community, they're desperate since the German invasion.

See you soon ,Carole M x


30 April 2015

The one with the two part hum warm-up...

In which I got completely lost and the men made a lovely thrum. I managed to stay with it the second time, and the third. 

The running order for our next concert is now live on the website and words will be available next week for those unable to print their own. Ed spelled out the running order very very slowly.

Running Order for All Saints Church, Easton, Portland 7.30pm 8th May
Part 1
1. On the Street Where You Live
2. Chiquitita
3. Get Around
4. Don't Sleep in the Subway
5. Lean on Me
6. Breaking Up is Hard to Do
7. Reach Out
8. Downtown
9. Waterloo Part

2 - Ed and guest singers
10. With a Little Help from My Friends
11. (Encore) Let's Go to San Francisco

On the street where you live first up, both in the order of things and to be sung tonight. Ed forgot the interlude of oooohs and Aaaaaaghs but most of us kept going! 

Chicken tikka next, which was coming along nicely. Don't forget the meaningful gap before the patch.

Get around, gets around fast doesn't it? Tiny little timing issue. See blog two weeks back. Ed introduced counting and clapping and wept, 'give me the rhythm,' till finally they got it. But would they keep it?

Subway next, extra fried chicken. Oh yeah. No one remembers to sing the sweet little response part for two lines of the last two chorus so we worked on that and then fixed a lyric. 

Ed attempted to complement our tone but no one was listening so we instead recived a lecture on behaviour. Then the complement of the year - we sound like one voice!

Lean on me was begun a Capella and when the piano joined in we were still in tune! Whoooohoo! That key change is still scary though! And we are having some nice gaps, Elaine already had a record of these in her folder.

This arrow is to remind everyone that there a key change coming up that no one wants to do ⬆️. 

Breaking up is hard to do, but that key change was excellent! 

Waterloo next! Missing out a song to slip this one in tonight (reach out). And Ed said marvellous. Even though there was a quick-bit that tripped a few people up. 

Time for reach out, HUH WHAT? Hah! This one needs some homework because the words don't seem to fit on the lines they are supposed to. Please. Keep singing, that's not why I love you! Cat xxxx

Dorchester Choir 29/4/15

The technology failed us this week, so we shared words, the one week I didn"t have my folder as I left in a hurry! typical! But it turned out to be a good exercise in remembering and I think we surprised ourselves.

The warm up was really fun, Ed was waving his arms like an air traffic controller, sending us up, down and all over the place. It sounded very harmonious and raised a few giggles.

Ed spoke about the concert on Friday the 8th May at All Saints Church Portland, its at 7-30 and will be a lovely one to ease us in. Iit's a very relaxed evening, and we will have the Weymouth choir to hold us up, not literally of course, we can go to the pub afterwards.

The choir mostly wear the uniform t shirt, as long as we get the colour right we can wear any top,with black bottoms. The colours are purple, orange, powder blue, sunshine yellow, lime green, and I think there is bright pink, if you look on the website at the choir logo, these are the colours. 

Now for some songs, we started with Don't Sleep in The Subway. Ed complimented us on not being a 'warbley' choir, and believe me this is a real compliment. According to Ed, we sound like a young choir, I for one will be taking extra care with hair and make up on Friday week!

Round Round Get Around was next up, we are really giving this one some wellie now.

A little Help from My Friends , Reach Out, and to finish, Breaking Up is Hard to Do. I think The King and I was in there somewhere, must pay more attention, too busy having fun, but after all is said and done, that is why we love DORSET FOR SINGING !                                                                                    

         See you next time, Carole M x                         

23 April 2013

Back in the dining room again ...when Jack played the new 'spooning-dinner ladies' advert before we started, and everyone tried to decide if that woman was me or not ...

Fulvia blew bubbles. That's all I'm going to say about the shenanigans on the front row during warm ups! They involved huge, great big, dirty, long notes and some of the biggest, loudest breaths we have ever seen. Oh yes. Ed likes big breaths ...

Announcements. Lots of concerts as follows:-

Fri 8th May All Saints Portland 7.30pm
Sat 16th May Canterbury 7pm
Mon 25th May Fayre in the Square timings tbc (daytime)
Sat 30th May St Andrews Preston 12.30pm
31st May Race for Life Kingston Maurward 10-45am - 12.15pm 
Sat 27th June 'Out Loud' 2pm outside Sausage Factory!
(We get the sausage factory but Ed gets the stage at debenhams ......)
Sat 11th July Rose Garden St. Edmund's timings tbc (daytime)

And here is a Sweet link which you can use to nominate an Unsung Hero for an upcoming BBC music event. which would be our Ed of course!

And finally squeezing a bit of singing, starting with Lemon Otter. But it went up went up where it never used to and left even Ed behind at one point! Comma comma down goes up! After breaking down breaking up a bit, it sounded lovely. 

Time to Get Around which was better that the last time in the dining room. Syncopated was the word. So was timing. 

Can we Sleep in the subway?, asked Ed tenderly, and we dived into to the song of the same name. It's was almost too easy, but we forgot to put a delay on the so. Ed hammered out a harmony which was really a nice echo. 

Lean on me I'm your blogger. Nice. Finding the right version was fun. Needs a bit of a nip and tuck, as we last performed it in the olden days (2009) ... Jack doodle numbers on the overhead projection. They looked like  the way the Wii-fit tries to appraise my attempts at yoga. 

Reach out darling, and make friends at DFS. HUH. Jenny got two in while everyone else remembered where it was supposed to go. Ed will go over the timing again soon. until then, go nominate Mr Unsung and have fun ... Love You XXXXX

DFS Dorchester 22/04/2015

After the long Easter Break it was lovely to see everyone again, and also to arrive, and leave, in daylight.

Jenny was on door duty for the first session of this term, but we need willing volunteers to take a turn on the door now and then, you need to be there by six twenty-five-ish if you feel you would like to help out.

We started off with our warm up, Ed reminded us that as we don't have time for a very lengthy one, it is a good idea to warm up as we go about our daily routine, whether that be at work, shopping, electioneering, whatever. Dorchester will take no notice, apparently they are accustomed to this kind of behaviour. Thats probably because they have a town crier, and an arts centre.

Notices - We are going to be joining our big brothers and sisters in the Weymouth choir for their upcoming gigs, and we will be showcasing all that we have been learning some time in june in the church. Thank goodness for the great acoustics.

We then set to work on a few songs. Lean on Me is a great song for building confidence, and Ed gave us some
nice easy harmonies, it sounded really good.

We did Reach Out, harmonies again, and of course that grunt, nobody did it in the wrong place this time, but it's much more fun when they do. We all love singing this one, memories of our misspent youth!

We ended the rehearsal with The Beatles song, A Little Help from My Friends. The words of this song don't really fit us, as we are on the whole, a, shall we say, somewhat mature, albeit gorgeous bunch. Our highs are probably a nice cup of tea and a cream cake, or a cheeky glass of something, with our shoes off! But hey, this probably applies to Paul and Ringo too nowadays. By the way, who was YOUR Beatle? 

See you next week, don't forget to sing your way around Tesco, Waitrose, Poundland, you know you want to.

Carole M x


26 March 2015

The last one of the term ....which may or may not have been a little slurred....

Ed brought red wine for anyone that fancied a bit and I enjoyed being welcomed back as a minor celebrity after the spooning episode. 

Ed warmed us up then told us that after tonight we would not meet again for four weeks so don't turn up before then unless you are coming to the centenary rehearsal in three weeks time. 

As completely everyone was confused about all kinds of dates we left filling in diaries in favour of singing, with promises from our choir master to plop everything on the website later. 

Reach Out was the first song. We hadn't sing it since the beginning of term and maybe it sounded like it ... Over to you tube to see how it really goes. Some choir members had different words! Ed tied to split the room for some sexy overlapping and an almighty 'HA'. Jenny suggested more red wine for everyone. To help. 

Then ed got everyone to stand, and Jack recoded our efforts with his smarty-pants phone and eveyone did much better especially in the choruses! 

Get around worked on Sunday and we tackled it again. I enjoyed hearing the backing track for the first time and having our conductor out front too.

Then it was mingle time and I ate chocolate and chatted about TV adverts past and present and had my hair platted by Ruth. 

Songs to follow were Don't Take Your Love Away, and Waterloo, both lead by Lemon Otter in Canterbury. Final song of the term was put to a vote, and we rolled with Rolling In The Deep!

Thanks for a great term Dorset For Singing I love you lots, keep singing xxxxx

DFS Dorchester 25/03/15

DFS Dorchester 25/03/15               

We all remembered not to go to church. Many now familiar smiling faces, (one lone man, come on chaps, give us a hand here!) were gathered in anticipation, slightly worried about the rather exposing acoustic in the back room.

It was indeed, exposing, and knocked some of us down a peg or two. Ed thought this to be a good thing, as singing in a church with such wonderful acoustics could be lulling us into a false sense of gloriousness.
So, feeling full of trepidation, especially as Ed was sporting a collar and tie, and Jack, was very professionally seated behind a desk, we launched into our warm up. After all manner of screeching, growling and facial contortion, he who must be obeyed exclaimed that these warm ups are not at all effective. He simply finds them very amusing. You now have the measure of things, but still we turn up each week!

We are here because we love to sing, and we sang our hearts out, Chiquitita is really coming on, we are sitting in a group for the harmony part and this gives us more confidence. Don't wait for the person next to you to start, just be bold. Better to be wrong with confidence, but you are probably right so go for it!

King And I very HIGH for some, but will sound gorgeous before too long, some lovely moments in it.

Then Round, round, get around, PUB. Simple.

We have been asked to sing at The Race for life on May 31st, less exhausting than running, but a nice thing to be able to do for a great cause. Some of you will know this, but I have heard that the atmosphere is second to none.

We are giving Ed a rest now until April 22nd, but keep singing, don't let that voice disappear after all that shouting and hollering !

A good few of us headed off to the Vivo Lounge, joined by Jenny, Ed's Wife , normally they send a nurse for him at the end of each session, but we are improving.
                                                                                                              Have a lovely Easter, Carole M. x

19 March 2015

More spooning ...

Well apart from learning that two DFS members were recalled by the casting crew, I have no idea what else went on at all saints that night! I was returning to my family after my spooning adventure in London!

I met people from all over including a girl from Owermoine, a woman from Yeovil, and a new friend from Winchester. We all had spoon playing workshops then dressed up in twos for our recalls, tasting some as-yet-unrevealed chocolate bars, and hamming it up with some silverware. I was delighted to make the director laugh! 

Whatever happens next I will be happy to have had that little bit of fun. It's awesome, the opportunities that being part of DFS can bring you, I'll never regret following Ruth through the doors in October 2008!

Keep singing though, it's not just about chocolate you know! Cat xxx

DFS Dorchester 18/03/15.

Ed showed off his amazingly clever new equipment this evening, he calls it 'white box', it's a thing, it's wireless, I'm a girl.

It seemed to work though, because our esteemed. leader gave us lots of praise tonight. We are sounding rather lovely, even sitting down, so imagine how wonderful the sound when we stand up. White box enables Ed to conduct us, so this is a huge asset. Jack also demonstrated its portability, that boy has so many uses.

We had a lovely, hissy warm up, followed by some loud shouting ones. We should have been together on this, but Jackie frightened the living daylights out of poor Ed by going it alone. He thought the choir was turning nasty, we had a giggle at Jackies expense. No one is safe here in the humiliation stakes.

All warmed up and ready for anything, we started with Chiquitita, harmonies coming along nicely there. Next up was I Get Around, and King and I to finish, all sounding much improved according to Ed.

At the beginning of the session, Ed told us he had. received an enquiry for us to perform at an event in Weymouth at the end of June, he asked if we would like to perform with the Weymouth choir, or on our own. Tthe general feeling was that we would like to join the veterans (sorry Weymouth) as we feel a little undersized just yet, but watch this space, we are ever growing!

Don't forget that next week we will be in a room at the back and not in the church. Last one before Easter so drinkies, probably the Vivo Lounge (turn left at the horse, down the steps). Our intention had been to frequent The Junction, but they have bolted the doors, could they have heard that we are recruiting men?

If you are a sensible person reading this blog, I can only apologize, I am a ghost writer, was that whistling I heard again?   TTFN, Carole x

12 March 2015

The one with the spoons ....

Thanks Jack for modelling Mike's polo shirt so beautifully. Then Ed gave us the running order for The Best Of Dorset, but he didn't cause the chocolate lady arrived ...

Ed found her a room and we had a rousing chorus of dum-dum-diddley! Then I slipped out first to meet with the chocolate lady who was really called Sam, and there was a huge gap in the blog while I filled in a form, had my photo taken and chatted about choir and my lovley kids. Finally I played spoons to camera which is hard wthout a piece to set the rythm!

Sam and I returned to the hall to the sound of, no the beautiful sound of DFS giving it some welly and thinking about chocolate! Next please!

Above is the running order as scribbled down by Elaine in my absence. 

We had to work really hard of the gap before 'patch' in Chicken Tikka, which involved speaking it out and seeing how many other patches we could fit into the patch gap, without acually saying them. I know. You have to be here, really!

Living on a prayer was tackled with Ed at the piano. It's tough. So tough. 

Time to get around. Choir weren't keen. Ed showed us how to use folders, a nice little demonstration featuring a small cross projected on his forehead. Ed was happy to allow this song to push 'living on a prayer' into reserve position, and there were murmurs of approval. Phew. 

All night dinner ladies came and went. They even borrowed my spoons. Ed thanked eveyone one for patience and help with the casting. Love you Cat xxxx

DFS Dorchester 11/03/15

  Ed suggested we aim for a little concert perhaps in the early part of the Summer term, so no need to panic. It will be in the church which is lovely as the acoustics there are wonderful.

I hope it wont be too much of a shock when we practice in the room at the back on March 25th, this being the last one before Easter. Ed suggested we go to the pub afterwards to recruit some men, I'm p.r.e.t.t.y. sure thats what he said?

Whilst those Weymouth girls (under sixty) and not men, are literally battling it out to become international, spoon playing, dinner-ladies in a chocolate ad, we in Dorchester, are having our own issues with the big screen. The one with the lyrics on it. Things can only get better. If you would like to print out your own copies to bring to rehearsal, you can find them on the Dorset For Singing website. Click on SONGS and Bobs your uncle. If by any chance Bob IS your Uncle, do bring him to choir, we girls are desperate.

I should tell you about the singing. Last night we did a kind of didgeridoo warm up, followed by some siren sounds, making a point of not peaking too soon. Quite difficult whilst giggling!

All warmed up and ready we started with I get Around, then spent some time on The King and I, followed by Chicken Tikka (sorry, I must learn the correct name). Ed reminded us of all the harmonies, and we tried, we really did, and its all beginning to sound more confident. Like Maria in The Sound of Music, I skip off with my peasant dress and battered suitcase, singing The Hills Are Alive, as I slowly lose the plot. Too old for adverts indeed! Over and out, Carole M

Saturday 7 March, Weymouth Music Festival

Hi Cat
            Hope you can make a blog out of these observations.

Music Festival on Saturday 7th March.
DFS were one of three choirs, the other two performed before us and everyone joined in with their warm ups which was good for us.

Both choirs were very good as we all looked at each other (dfs) we murmured how do we follow that?

When it was our turn we walked briskly to get into position all going to the back of the hall , Ed had to entice us to come forward `PLEASE`. So we edged forward some of us more confident than others!

We started with Dum dum diddles etc with happy head waggles and to our surprise got a rapturous applause, I think the audience thought it was our first song! We were very chuffed!

`The Street ` song came first, and boy did we sound like angels the harmony was beautiful and so well remembered, lovely job everyone.

By now we were well into it and  went to San Francisco, great fun .

As we didn't have a conductor the lovely lady adjudicator classed the choir as AUTONOMOUS !

  Well, because our beloved Ed couldn't  possibly  be in two places at once we earned that name! We left the `stage` area to the nice lady calling us all LOLLYPOPS because of our colourful tops!

She was very complimentary on our joyous singing and SMILES!

A few of us went off later for coffee and Rich commented about what the adjudicator had said. He said `Why did she call us Anonymous`? He`d misheard !

I think our new choir name may be THE ANONYMOUS LOLLYPOPS who knows! ?

Big thank you to Ed for everything he puts into our super duper choir. Love You.

Keep singing and smiling, Linda M.x

5 March 2015

The one with Harry in The Canteen ...

Good news - we will be able to acually SEE Ed at the Music Festival, and the bad news is that he will be able to see us! But not me because I will be in Shaftesbury. Remember to perform to both the audience and the adjudicator, taking only sideways glances at our choirmaster. 

After all that very important information it was time to warm up, such fun, and then sing On The Street Where You Live. Harry put the words on the screen because Ed is so very kind to his choir. 

We wil need harmony singers to occupy the mid-section on Saturday. Ed broke the song and after thrashing it out made everyone who will be there on Saturday stand and sing it without us. 

Harry is going to San Francisco next month on a big train so we rewarded him with a rather excellent ear-worm, and I hope he is very happy with it. It could be worse. I've had a bad case of Chicken-Tikka for weeks now. Nice. This song will also be sung second on Saturday, by democratic vote. 

A special sub group set to with a bunch of harmony parts, one for each person in fact, and got a fit of the giggles! Then the select few for Saturday stood to sing. 

The it was time to clap and sing I Get Around. And learn that Dorchester group have learned how to clap but Ed thought they were us obviously. Careful Cat!

And then we killed it and Ed tried to resurrect it. Broke it down, from town to town. Or Tahn-ta-Tahn. Got around the room and aimed at rougher than round. Oh yeah. Confused? Try not to only read the blog but attend choir too. It helps. Maybe. A cockney accent can really help here. 

Have fun on Saturday 11.10am DFS, and remember I love you! Cat xxx

DFS Dorchester 04/03/15

DFS Dorchester 04/03/15

Tonight we encountered the whistling phantom of Dorchester, it was possibly a stray pilates lady or perhaps the caretaker, or even a leftover vicar, all very strange. Shirley and I held hands, we kept singing, the whistler joined in...

Nobody could work out where the sound was coming from. It seems our singing was appreciated but by who? A few of us kept Ed and Jack company while they packed up!

We worked on The King and I medley, a little confused over whether we were male or female, especially as some of us were still holding hands, hey ho.

Then a completely different mood for the Beach boys, and after that Chicken Tikka for dessert. Quite a few new faces tonight, I hope they get used to our unruly ways, Ed is trying to tame us though. There was an unfortunate incident involving the lap top and a boy named Jack, fortunately they both survived.

I think the proper blogger is back next week, so goodbye from me, and keep whistling in the dark whoever you are. Carole M x

DFS Dorchester 25/02/15

We kicked off with our usual uninhibited warm up, I think we are getting used to this now and don't feel quite so silly, the warm up being an important thing, do it on the bus or in the car on the way and you will be star quality by the time we start singing.

This week Jack was huddled to the side of the room at the controls, he is so quick when extra information is needed, great stuff Jack.

The room was more highly populated on one side, turned out, they didn't want to sing in Italian so thought they would stay British, The Prayer wasn't sung so it was funny when our lovely choir members owned up, the Italians were wondering what they had done and felt very alone.

I had to phone a friend to confirm what we did sing, gets confusing going to both choirs, first was Chicken tikka, followed by The King and I medley, then we all Got Around with the Beach Boys, May led us in the harmony,that girl is on it !

Looking forward to next week, it's great to know choir is now on two nights, busy people that we all are, means we have choice, I'm just greedy. Carole M x

26 February 2015

The one with the very elderly locusts...

Harmonics today for our lovely warm-ups. Mmmm-ooooo-eeeeee-aaaaah! Then we hung out in the jungle and the village. Such fun!

Lots of notices tonight. A lost card was reunited with Ann. Coffee afternoons continue of course ...  Then followed a few plugs. Jenny plays mah Jong at night and you can too. See Yvonne for more info, and see Ed for new choir shirts and folder orders. Jack to change website so that the email address is clear, and new member James is looking for a lift to and from choir. And this year we have been asked to 'do' the rose garden again. 

On with singing, starting with one of our songs we have chosen to perform at The Music Festival, The Street Where You Live...
The harmony was missing - the one that comes in at 'lilac trees', and the gap was marked by Jack adding a (2,3) to the lyrics. Please don't sing the numbers!

Ed worked on building our energy and confidence. Because we need to sing without folders as much as possible, the words on the screen were taken away and those who had 'words' printed out sang from those. Hmmmm. 

Please also remember flat northern vowels, it's not jam and Jerusalem for this number. Jack complemented our volume even when we had turned away from our conductor!

Let's Go to San Fransisco next. Ed thought that we were sounding very successful, bigger and better than ever I fact! And I wrote that down right away so he can't deny it later. 

Please come to the dining room next week. This time it is not a lie, so please don't come to the hall for practice. 

Chicken tikka next, focussing on the low harmony. Ed demonstrated by singing the wrong words but the right melody. 

And to end, the ledgendery anthem that is Living On A Prayer! 

Thanks everyone! Keep singing! Cat xxxx

12 February 2015

D.F.S. Dorchester 11/02/15

Lots of friendly faces from both sides of the hill, getting to know each other a little more .

Ed and his manager Jack all set up and ready for the off, thanks go to the kind lady who stepped in at the last minute to do the door keeping duty.

We panted and we grunted, then pretended to be Italian again for our warm up, followed by the Vicar, or was that Ed ? giving us the parish notes.

He reminded us not to turn up by mistake next week as it is half term. We return on the eighteenth to begin a five week term culminating in a fund raising concert for our chosen charity for this year, M.N.D..  

Ed asked us to consider coming forward with a solo or a group performance for this event, this was greeted with a terrified silence, five weeks is a long time in this choirs short life so, ever hopeful, I bet there is some real talent just waiting to be unleashed, so, this could be your chance !

We rehearsed five lovely songs, everyone has their own favourite, all too soon it's eight o clock and time for home, and the night still young. Keep singing, Carole M x