2nd July 2015

The last one ... 

Ed was full of apologies for missing Rosé and a paper version of our Best Songs Survey. Then he gave us the confirmed time for our slot at St Edmunds, which was 2.20pm. The event starts at 1.30 for anyone who wants to catch the best scone ...

Keep an eye on the forum for coffee mornings during the school holidays which is good if you need social sessions until we meet again in September. 

Next week from 7pm Ed and Jenny will be at The Old Rooms Inn, do come along to a choir pub taker-over involving flashing and a swim across the harbour. Or maybe just wine, and good food!

Finally in notices, Ed let me mention I'm selling flowers to raise money for The Weymouth Canival Charities, supporting Julia's House. Thank you to eveyone who stopped and bought one on the way in! They are brooches handmade by me and my cute children who can now sew on buttons!

Then straight into Rosé with some searched for lyrics and the blue-tooth-speaker on wheels. Ed pointed out that the middle bits were mostly missing apart from the throats of 6 very special people including Fulvia. Well done special six!

On Saturday of course everyone did a sterling job with the sun shining in their eyes and Ed was proud to make not one single joke about Chicken Tikka. Well done Ed. 

We had to choose 4 other songs from the recent set to make up a 20 minute concert for St Edmunds. Ed counted hands on show and Jack made a note on the laptop. Both Abba songs made
The cut!

On the street where you live first, with the windows closed so we didn't leak noise polution into the school hall from the dining room, where the wine flowed and the nibbles beconed! We held back a lot probably, trying not to summon the wicked witch from the school play!

Chicken Tikka - be careful with the timing at the end so we don't have any extra T's. 

Waterloo - Ed ran through the missing harmony. It's roughly a third below the tune, but did vary a bit between Julie and Ed!

Final song of the year - Let's Go to San Fransicso! Choir wanted to stand but the screen in the dining room was harder to see. Then we did it anyway considering that everyone should really know the words by now! I mean realy! 

Then it was an early finish and into party and nibbles mode, and I set up my flower shop! 

Thank you everyone - have a lovely summer and see you soon for YEAR SEVEN! love, Cat xxxx