21 March 2013

The one where Ed and the blogger both did it live...

This Sunday we will be gathering to sing at 1.20 at the pavvy. And next Thursday our poster-less event will kick off at 7.30, please bring a raffle prize. The blogger is sorry to say she won't be there next Sunday as she is double booked, but I will see you on Sunday with the kittens!

Ed had his own keyboard to facilitate recording our backing tracks just in time for Sunday, and we kicked off with Dancing Queen, and romped onto a beautiful morning, to Tonight!

The wrong key always makes me feel old, haha. But there will be no Karen carpenter on Sunday, but Ed recorded it for embarrassment on you tube.

What fun we had when Ed launched into a classy key change and the bulk of the choir did not! Such professional are DFS that they soldiered on, bravely, while the unprofessional half laughed. I suppose that means only half of us listen to the backing tracks?

See you Sunday dear choir, big hugs, Cat xxxxx

14 march 2013

The cat that came back!

So sorry for the lack of choir blog, the cat and kittens returned this week after 4+ weeks of illness, when the cat stayed mostly on the sofa and the kittens pretended to be very good but really were drawing on the upholstered dining room chairs...

Lots of catching up to do, including trying to help ed find the right keys and being reminded of our 2 concerts and our being a part of the best of Dorset again, because we are. Truly. The best choir.

Then we had a run thru of this terms songs, concert style. And a bit of a vote on those for the best of, and promises to ourselves to practice those we don't know very well!

It was great to be back, even if I still can't sing very well, especially to be part of 'the angry men song' which the kittens love a lot! Looking forward to going to normandie with the cream of DFS! And no kittens, eh! Keep singing, I love you loads and thanks for missing me! Cat xxxx