22 September 2016

The one were we got reckless, and choir turned 8 ... 

This term there will not be any singing, we will be doing Zumba. Or maybe beer testing. Everyone had had a good summer and cheered when Ed said welcome back ...

Gremlins were in the building as there was no almost no working sound system, and a lack of bulb in the projector. Look out for an open meeting coming up, and the opportunity to choose this years charity next week. 

Housekeeping including info on how we buy water and printed sheets and some info on the door duty rota, and also some really good hand outs detailing symptoms of ovarian cancer, and raising awareness too.

In brand new things, Ed introduced My Reckless Love, born this July and written by Hintze and Greenaway .... Cough, yes that us. Then we got down to a propper warm up. And the sound system was working after all so jack handed me the radio-mic. 

We had When We Were Young as our first song this term. It's not on the bag, but it had lots of enthusiasm! Ed worked on the split part were some people sing a very high note, and the others sing 'when we were young' until the last chorus. Ron wanted to know who sings this song at this point. Adele of course! Then we stood for a run through ...

Then Ed asked us to turn to our Hello, Goodbye (Beatles Medley) lyrics. And pointed out some anomalies so everyone with a pen could scribble some corrections. Then we were ready to go, ready that is, when our choir master activated the right key! Sadly I'm so young I had to listen carefully to some of these but hubby was ok! Don't forget your jazz hands, but don't drop your words! The key is down three semitones!

Next I got to be really impressed with the speed at which DFS can learn a new song, as Ed called me up to front My Reckless Love. Maybe it's our love child. I felt very nervous even though I once laid it down, during a live video on facebook! Choir made it sound smashing, joining in with the chorus and bridge, and adding some ooooohs, and Ed was right in suggesting it for choir, as it can build nicely. Thanks everyone for joining in!

Our final new song was Never Let Her Slip Away which we have tackled before although a search of this blog might reveal when as Ed didn't know. 

This weeks winner for 'you vote we sing it again' was our Beatles Medley, and we dived into that just before 8pm. 

Well done DFS, I'm so glad to be back you are all fab! Just need to wave to Kervyn on the way out, haha more about our friend down-under soon! Keep singing, love you, Cat xxx