14 June 2018

Ed thanked everyone for the fantastic concert last week, when £250 was raised twice, both for the church and for MV FREEDOM too. It was hailed as our best concert ever. Well done DFS! 

Jackie and Linda came forward to promote the coffee meetings that take place at Gould’s Garden centre on Thursday afternoons 2-4pm and we will put these sessions on the blog to remind you. 

And so we sang without warm up Hallelujah and it’s not the same not sung in church, and then we learned the super nice high part which overlaps and oooo it was nice. 

Under The Moon Of Love was quickly followed by a bland new song This Is Me. We began with a you tube run through before Ed sat at the piano to break down the overlapping parts and play as we sang, and then stood with a backing track to perform. Have a little listen to it for homework everyone, and well done. 

And next Ed thought our next song was new but it was fabulous revision for choir of All About You. 

And in a fleeting moment when we thought Ed was announcing his retirement he was actually launching a new, slower version of Viva La Vida, and he played the piano, standing to perhaps cool himself off a bit, on the balmy eve. 

And as a special treat we got to choose a song for a treat and we chose I Believe and sang from the heart, then stood to dance to Voulez-Vous and Rocking All Over The World!

Well done DFS, Hard work on a hot night, now don’t forget your homework and proudly say, this is me! Cat xxx

7 June 2018

So feeling fresh after half term choir gathered for a full and fruity dum-dum-diddly and other assorted warm-ups. And all the electric windows were opened because summer has at last arrived in All Saints School Hall. 

Jack and Ed admired our bright summery colours as Ed detailed tomorrow’s concert. I won’t be there this time as I have child duties, but I wish you well DFS. We congratulated each other for the singing at Fayre In The Square, so well done all who aired their lungs there. 

Songs in order as follows ... 

Under The Moon Of Love and after the first run through, came with instructions to sing as if singing to school children, to make those words very very clear, and off we went again! 

I Got Rhythm sounds lovely and we only sang it once! It sounds very lovely, even the ad -lib section. 

Have I The Right also benefitted from less grows and more ‘aggressive purrs’ but I can’t roll my Rrrrrrrrs to save my life so I’ll pass thank you.  

Voulez Vous we stood to perform but sadly we forgot to layer our ‘Aha’s and we performed it again seated, following the delight of Ed’s dance routine! 

Hallelujah lacked the end top note, indeed, probably lacked half of the last Hallelujah as the room of bright people ran out of air. Then meant not leaving the somg until we had achieved it, especially the high note. 

Rockin All Over The World couldn’t start without a demonstration of new dance moves that DFS Dorch felt the instrument section really needed. We prayed folders wouldn’t go flying, and stood to perform, going a bit Milwall in the choruses! High people got to try the harmony part separately so that it might be included at the concert tomorrow. And it was nearly perfect. 

Viva La Vida has a number of options in order to facilitate breathing at the end. But Ed got a little lost trying to demonstrate those! Never mind - we all got it and sounded fab. 

Song Of The Sea went really well and we quickly followed by the secret encore, I Believe. 

Well done DFS, you are CR! Have fun and keep singing, that’s not why I love you xxx

17 May 2018

This weeks careful blog seems to have been eaten by digital issues. Lord knows what it actually said, I’ll save a copy before I hit PUBLISH next time. 

As you were x

10 May 2018

Sometimes you forget things you should remember. Like concerts. Which might be a couple of weeks away, and we might possibly not have all our songs CR, and so the plan for tonight is to select some specific songs from our new selection to hopefully perform. 

A concert dress revision was also given, discussing the scandalous wearing of denim versus black skirt and trousers, and coupled with a plain coloured top. This doesn’t have to be an official polo shirt, but jack gave a tutorial of how to order one on the internets, and you can collect them freshly baked. 

And so the following songs are potentials for our concert, starting with Under The Moon Of Love and no wasting time on a warm up. We are going to repeat the last section to make the song a little less short. Men must hold onto their ‘hand’ a little longer for a nice sexy overlap. After some harmony work, we stood to perform. Do please add a tiny air gap between ‘your’ and ‘ear’ so we don’t infact sing ‘your rear’ which is not the same. 

And gently we sang I Believe which will be a great choice for our concert. No harmony until the last three lines though!

Have I The Right? To growl? Dangerously worzelish was that Dorset growl. Nice, if a little camp, so do man it up with that very manly growl if you can, without shredding those vocal folds! Count two, then let it build. We decided we might come right back to that later and ... 

Next sang I Got Rhythm and many people had a go at the improv section, and that was good because everyone has to make some noise there. Ed played air clarinet to encourage us.

Our Coldplay song Vida La Viva is still a mouthful for us, then, with the beat played on Ed’s lap we broke it down for guidance and understanding, going over some of the timing, and listening carefully to the harmony. Then it was time to perform it. 

All these songs will be fine for a concert in 2 weeks and two days time and so it was decided that we would sing Rocking All Over The World, hoping for another new song for that performance too! Ed bumped up the key a little so I had better remind him in case he wants to stick with it?! 

Next week we will add in three more songs from a recent set, but tonight we finished with a request song, The Wonder Of You, a song that was number one when my parents got married. I hate it. See my CR smile, then standing again sang I Believe and sang it very nicely. 

Really well done DFS, keep singing (and listening), much love from The Blogger Cat xxx

3 May 2018

It’s Thursday and it’s finally summer!? So said Ed before a hum of a warm up. Then he asked who wanted print outs and of what and we began our practice with Under The Moon Of Love and then the sheet music on the screen. Ed demonstrated the three harmony parts to start with. We spent some time breaking these down and working with these, and then, Comcert Ready, stood to perform. Marvellous. 

And because we were so warmed up and lively we had a chat about how to sing I Got Rhythm then dived right in. Don’t forget to be brave and enjoy the improv, because you will find yourself on your feet again! 

Then to Ruth’s delight we sang A Million Dreams, and no more on that until everybody has had a good listen, and we looked very carefully at Viva La Vida and ‘talked’ it through with the rhythm in place to show how the words fit into the tune, which everyone seems to know! Another song with too many words! Ed got behind the piano to run it through, and change the ending to Ooooooh, and then we stood to perform. 

Next week look forwards to more 60s 70s numbers but for tonight there was Have The Right? Complete with groovy growls ... well after encouragement, that it. 

Then we all stood for the last two songs, Rocking All Over The World and I Believe. The extended version! 

Well done DFS, another night of energetic singing, growling and sliding. If we don’t watch out we will be fitter that fitness people. Keep singing and listen to those new songs, Love The Cat xxx

26 April 2018

And after such a long time, we finally met again in the hall at All Saints with a shiny new booklet containing 13 new songs, in no particular order. 

Our first concert will be at Fayer In The Square on 26th May so we quickly got our Dum-Dum-Diddley on ... and the rest of a jolly decent warm up.

Here for those who do not Facebook, is a little summary of this terms songs by Ed the Choirmaster..

“—A Million Dreams 
From the hit film ‘The Greatest Showman’ this is an uplifting song with some lovely powerful moments.  Not one to take too slowly

And So It Goes 
Written by Billy Joel a lovely ballad requiring very precise diction.  Some moments to soar and other moments for soft, clear lyrics to come through

Have a Nice Day 
By Stereophonics, a catchy sing-a-long chorus with an opportunity to belt out some backing vocals in the chorus

Have I The Right? 
A 1964 hit for The Honeycombs this is a classic 60’s stomping good song with a great solid chorus

Hold on Tight 
ELO song with a classic rock ‘n’ roll pattern, even a verse in French to show off our linguistic skills!

I Believe
Who remembers Robson and Jerome? Well before they showed the world their version of this ascending masterpiece, it was recorded by Frankie Laine and was the first hit song ever to be broadcast on television. It was especially written to offer people hope after WW2 and the Korean War.

I Get a Little Sentimental Over You 
Not to be confused with ‘I’m Getting Sentimental Over You’ (easy mistake) this bounce-a-long song by The New Seekers is a straightforward swinger!

I Got Rhythm 
The Gershwin Brothers lively, jazzy ditty from the musical Girl Crazy, this went on to become a jazz standard.

Now Those Days Are Gone 
Almost completely al fresco (!) this was a song recorded by the multi-coloured ‘Bucks Fizz’. They took a step away from ‘making their minds up’ to create this lovely ballad.

Rocking All Over the World 
Anyone who doesn’t know this song is hereby kicked out of Choir 

A little known powerful movie theme track sung by Shirley Bassey, this is from the film ‘Champions’ starring John Hurt.  It has quite a few key changes and will sound great when sung with mucho agusto! 

Under the Moon of Love 
Showaddywaddy brought us this great song which will split into 3, yes 3 parts!  Dropbox also has the sheet music, I do spoil you!  

Viva la Vida 
Coldplay making an appearance in our repertoire with this number which is quite anthemic and has rather a lot of words!!”

So we started with Under The Moon Of Love and split it into sections because we didn’t know it as well as we thought we did. Lovely visual joke on the sheet music, not one of our regular jokes! 

After performing stood shoulder to shoulder we stayed in the 60s to have a go at Have I The Right? Hmmm. We had a look at the original version on you tube so that first we could giggle, and secondly so that Ed could point out all all important growl and the staccato sounds. Such fun. That was lively. 

Staying chipper we sang I Got Rhythm with Ed demoing the into before the chorus which was the bit most of us knew! 

And gently into I Believe went we who always believe in our collective singing abilities, and after a little work we stood to perform this one. It’s going to be super lovely and good. 

A little French for us again, in the shape of Hold On Tight another up-tempo number to wake us up again. Some ‘yeah’s are missing from the lyric sheets and they are nice and slidy like that amazing 15-count ending. 

And to finish, all enjoyed Rockin’ All Over The World ending as energetic as choir started! Ed gave us homework of listening to the other new songs to get familiar with them! 

Well done DFS, you did good, welcome back, and keep singing, love Cat xxx

22 March 2018

All well and present in the hall, we began to warm ourselves with a fantastic Dum Dum Diddley Dum and more ... followed by reminders of the concerts next week, and the aproaching end of term. Feel free to bring biscuits or cakes to be sold with the teas and coffees. The running order has been a little tweaked but we will run through it tonight, too. 

Build Me Up Buttercup started us off before Ed promised us some really cool songs coming up in the new term. No Hintze were given though ...

Hallelujah is a slow song but needs a bright beginning so it doesn’t sound like dirge. Ed shifted back to the piano to help with harmony parts. And with free choice on the last note we stood to perform. Ed wanted us to sting from lyrics sheets so the screen went blank. Everyone knew the chorus off by heart. Praise the lord. 

And we have all been practicing Perfect so we sang it but rather far from perfectly. Never
Mind. Ed has it covered. 

Voulez Vous has that looooong intro and no one must come in too early. Not halfway through either after the instrumental! This song certainty has some tricky pauses and gaps. Jolly good. 

How Far I’ll Go has traps too and a bunch of people fell into it with aplomb. Splash. At this point in the concert Ed will turn his organ round to do 2 or 3 solos, cake, and back in with I Only Want To Be With You when everyone ran forward to collect lyric sheets. Sang itself basically. 

The Rose has a very quiet back and consequently suffered from false startings. We stood for some work on giving colour to long notes. Popping and dripping were suggested. 

And we livened it up with Since You’ve Been Gone. And it was alright. And followed by Song Of The Sea. 

And with time left for only one song, The Vicar Of Dibley won. 

Well done DFS, enjoy the concerts next week and keep singing, back on the 26th April, Cat The Blogger xxx

15 March 2018

Out next concert at St Nicholas church is two weeks time, parking in Dorchester road and of course please feel free to sing at the concert at URC the night before too. Cakes and biscuits will be sold at the URC to help raise monies for choir charities! 

And Dum Dum Diddly off we went! Followed by more notices, when we learned that DFS Tour was called off, and it’s suggested that we do a DFS day trip would be in order instead. Thanks were given to all that came to sing on Saturday where DFS sounded great and the acoustics were marvellous! Members of the public joined in with some of the singing and even added actions too. 

We have two songs to consider that have not been rehearsed for a while, they have already been voted off by DFS Dorch and replaced with others. 

We attempted a noisy and confident start with Build Me Up Buttercup, and continued with Voulez-Vous, which sounded full of joy on Saturday. Remember Masters not Mar-sters, of the sea, and nice and gentle with the Ah-ha, no laughing policemen. At all. Then after working on those for a bit, with a ton of conviction we stood to perform and it was very much better and with lots of improvements. Thanks Ed. 

And thanks to Lily we know How Far I’ll Go quite well. Don’t forget to snatch lots of little breaths or cooperative with a neighbor to cover each other’s big breaths and it should all come out in the wash. Hopefully not pink. 

Since You’ve Been Gone with its heavier than ever backing track popped up for rehearsal next. The harmonies were lacking so it was time to thrash those out at the piano. 

We revisited Karma Chameleon and popped the key up a bit. I’m sorry I don’t manage to grab those for the blog anymore. I think it’s classified information. Or is it classical? Back-burner is were this song ended up after a quick vote. 

The song that practically sings itself, Perfect, also came under consideration so next week we will deside whether to sing it all together in the concert or have a soloist? It’s so lovely I’ve been singing it a lot at home. 

Next Hallelujah with the silent H was followed by I Am What I Am starting with low voices as usual. Hold onto your Am at the end. 

Finally, just for fun, we sang Do You Hear The People Sing before having a collection for The Street Pastors here in our twin. Remember them when you are tucked up in bed at the weekend, keep singing and remember I love you xxx.