9 November 2017

We were in the hall again, with a mysterious note and a cheerful glee type crowd, pleased that we would be having a concert in this hall because the rest of our practices will take place in the dining room. 

And so to warm up, but Ed hit the keys too hard according to Jack so we had to do it gently. Dum dum didly dum ... 

We also used Across The Universe as a warm up. It won’t spear in our Christmas concert after all. A concert looms on Friday 8 June, our 10th one at All Saints church on Portland. We have been asked to take part in a ‘big singing day’ in Brewery Square in Dorchester. Much more pressing is our concert on the 7th
December here at the school at 7.30pm. 

In breaking news, Ed’s wife has booked him to do a party in Osmington Village Hall on New Year’s Eve. And then it was time for a jolly good sing. 

Walk Right Back kicked us off nicely, it lacked a little harmony so we looked under our chairs and it. 

Moving swiftly on we got ready to make corrections to O Holy Night immediately deleting the last two lines and doing a copy-and-paste job with some other parts of the chorus. We were over singing it at the beginning a bit and must remember not to ‘go high’ during the first round of the chorus. We had another go, this time with a gentle start, building in some drama. 

And so we had a listen to how Keeping The Dream Alive was doing, well not really, Ed listened and we sang. Our diction could do with some sharpening, so we ran a bit through without the piano, and we delivered energy too enabling us to swiftly select The Song Of Sea, but here we found an issue of timing or syncopation for those who might have swallowed a wikki or something. 

I’m other breaking news, we may be singing on the harbour side to serenade MV Freedom on radio solent. Watch this space. 

Dictation may follow if Life’s About To Get Good if the three parts aren’t evenly represented. And it’s got to be good because it will be a capela. Anyway, it was nice when it got going.  

And for Bring Him Home we had a very special large-print edition so we all whipped off our readers. Careful now. And Ed said we just get better and better, but if you weren’t here tonight ....

In other breaking news, there hasn’t been a trip meeting but there will be an opportunity to hang on next week to discuss tour matters. Then we voted for a final song and Run won. And we stood to perform. Oh yes.

Well done DFS you worked hard and sang your seasonal-socks off. Fabulous. But that’s not why I love you. Keep singing. Cat xxx

2 November 2017

On a busy campus in the common room did DFS meet after the half term holiday. We had a big chat about that, instead of notices, like where to meet in future and even using our concert hall hire fee to go straight in the charity bucket. Should we stay or should we go now? 

‘‘Tis only 5 more rehearsals until our lovely Christmas concerts, and we will wait and see if DFS Dorchester will do a stand-alone concert or will benefit from the support of us lot, like last year. It is said they have recently grown somewhat which is nice. 

In the middle of the warm up jack was employed to search the internets for instructions on how to pitch transpose on Ed’s organ of choice, as it lacked a straightforward button. We love it when we have working internets, and we could be Keeping The Dream Alive in the right key. The last ‘note’ was fabulous. 

The snakes came out for a rendition of Make You Feel My Love. Some people ... well ok, most people, had forgotten how to fit in some of the words so we rehearsed that and added some ‘aaaaarghs’, and went a bit jazz. Very nice. 

Then we were jealous because before singing So Happy Together our choir master showed us the lovely booklet he had created for DFS Dorch, with a posh logo and everything but then we had to let them off because they don’t have internets or screens like how we ‘always’ do. We all worked very hard on some very lovely Baaaaaaaaahs. All layered and long lasting. 

And a nice Carol next, O Holy Night, when Ed started by explaining which ending we will be using. The posh ending we hope. Ed found himself a bit confused, and explained a harmony that wouldn’t actually work as there wasn’t a bit that went up where he thought it did. He blamed the fact that the common room makes him lose so much weight in sweat that he was all delerious but just like the meaning of the song, we instantly forgave him and bravely sang onwards with a new harmony part. This song made the men sound powerful when they sang ‘fall on your knees’. Happy Christmas. 

Walk Right Back was our next song, and easy peasey and followed by Life’s About To Get Good. Who had done their half term homework? Mike had it as an ear worm, and consequently, so did I! I also had an ear worm caused by mine and Ed’s new baby, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. When we got to the three part harmony, did you remember which part was yours? I didn’t. 

S.O.S apeared on the screen, fresh off the internets, and we sang it loud and proud. It’s a pity that the common rooms adsorbs so much, because we sang our socks off. And not because it’s too hot up there! Staying with ABBA we sang Money Money Money one we haven’t tasted in a long time. 

And finally on extra time, Bring Him Home, all nice and gentle like a kind of cool down in the stuffy room. 

Well done DFS, and everyone else who helped get it together on last-minute-room-changes-dot-com. Keep singing, I love ya! The Cat xxx

19 October 2017

Ed welcomed those of us that came to Thursday night choir instead of going to see The Nutcracker Suite. Many apologies from sugar plumb fans were registered tonight. 

Our choir master has been with the WI this morning, and it put him in the mood for a sing-a-thong. Jack had all the tracks lined up ready to share on the big screen after a stimulating warm up with a Dum Dum Diddley Dum and some long vowel sounds...

Make You Feel My Love launched the sing-a-thong. And no the blogger does not have a lisp, Ed made it very clear to the blogger how to spell tonight’s extravaganza. 

And with the piano again for Lean On Me, for it won’t be long, til we need a backing track from backing Jack...

We love nights like this, laughing at the choir masters puns, So Happy Together! We got confused in the second verse. 

I Only Want To Be With You coz it’s the best choir in town, we are the only people to get to sing Song Of The Sea and fantasize about waving gills around. Mike gets a yellow card for singing ‘blue eyes filled with emulsion’ and more than once. 

And a new song for choir, O Holy Night and we got our Christmas on ... which can only mean Santa’s coming and Life’s About To Get Good. So Bring Him Home we prayed and filled the hall sounding like a proper nice choir. It was pure chips and gravy. 

Rosé was missing it’s meaningful gap. How many times do I have to blog it? 

Song number 10, Walk Right Back and we had half an hour of the night left! Keeping The Dream Alive was preceded by The Impossible Dream and this gave us Wings, and we nearly took off in the wrong key! We should try to walk before we Run. We sang that When We Were Young and I wrote that down exactly as Ed said it! 

And finally, to our feet we got. We may not Rule The World we really are, We Are The Champions,  W ow, well done DFS, that sing-a-thong was a marathon and you all deserve musical medals. Then we would really have the bling-bling. Remember this cheeky blogger loves you xxx

12 October 2017

Once more into the hall dear friends ... to begin our practice with a nice little scale, and a none-word version of You Raise Me Up. 

In notices, Ed said he does appreciate when choir give him feedback, and some people have voiced opinions on some of the songs, and also a preference of singing with Ed and his piano as oppose to karaoke tracks. 

We may not use karaoke tracks for the next few weeks, but we will still be using YouTube as we did next to listen to Life’s About To Get Good. And life in DFS is about to go into three parts. Our dear choir master broke these down for us! Concert Ready? Not quite. The middle part seems really hard to grasp onto, but we stood to perform it as we sounded ‘proper choir’...

We didn’t do the crooning version of Walk Right Back, just a nice jolly Ed-and-piano one. He spent some time breaking down the harmonies, which is good coz I think a few of us need to hear it more than a few times! Suddenly we ended up a little harmony heavy...

And next in support of this years nautical charity, we got Jack to dig out Song Of The Sea and Ed tried to remember the song that he wrote some years ago. I must ask the choir master if I can bring my seagull-on-a-stick that I made in 2010 inspired by this very song. We stood to perform and moved onto a slightly more uptempo version of Across The Universe, and the naturally up tempo I’m Into Something Good, right after someone who hadn’t read the blog asked what ‘jai guru deva om’ meant. 

We are just Keeping The Dream Alive when Ed explained which end notes go up and which go down and to encourage a bit of a fluffier flutter in the middle - I love you-ooooo! 

Soon choir will be having a lovely meeting to discuss choir plans and a future tour of course, and we finished with Bring Him Home with Mike’s love and blessing and the healing hands of May on my shoulders as she sang behind me. Choir sounded fab. 

So keep singing amazing choir, even when you’re not in the bathroom... love from Cat Blogger xxx

5 October 2017

Back in the hall again we found Alan the skipper was thrilled that this years charity for DFS Weymouth and Portland is in fact MV FREEDOM, and he gave a vote of thanks on behalf of MV Freedom, because boats can’t talk anyway. We may well be singing Song Of The Sea in fine support of this. Probably not out at see as MPF is a tad small for DFS. 

After our warm up, the screen lit up with the words of Across The Universe as thankfully the hall was free to use, the WiFi was working and a hat left behind last week was reunited with a head. Ed would love us to be brave and daring with some harmonies over the tops all nice and lovely! 

We are Keeping The Dream Alive even if no one knows the harmony, so another run-through was had, in the key of   A  G. And a capela. We did well. Are you sure which bits go up and which go down? I might post some useful arrows ...

Then we sang a song I’m much too young to know, Walk Right Back. It’s lovely to listen to DFS sometimes. A small slide is permitted in this song, but watch the timing of ‘I’m so lonesome every day’ because some so and so’s sing so too early. 

You tube was fired up, at the third attempt, bad internet, and we sang along to a karaoke version of Lay All Your Love On Me. Ed said this was a new one for choir but I couldn’t help thinking we had done it before. Then it hit me, one day in the old days of choir when we rehearsed in the music rooms, we once handed round some booklets containing the Mama Mia medley and had a reet good sing. Who was there?

You tube came into itself again to show us the new Shania Twain song, Lifes About To Get Good, and then some note bashing on the piano and our words on the screen. How we love the technology when it works. It really started to come together, apart from we need more roughing up ... eh? Sometimes our rythm goes all to pot and needs rediscovering. We have always learned songs quickly, encouraged Ed ... Then we had a stand and perform.

Back to YouTube for Beach Baby complete with bouncing pink letters on a fetching aqua

And I’m also mostly much too young to remember that, and we moved to Seasons Of Love an old friend of choir, with our words and the piano. Nice. 

And tonight’s random-oke winner was Don’t Look Back In Anger. Boss. 

Keep up the good work DFS, I love you, sing your hearts out, especially in the supermarket! Xxx

28 September 2017

The one surprisingly in the common room again, with free internets, and secret ballot slips for charity voting. This will allow for anonymity, posting slips and voting for this years charity. 

Nominations included MV Freedom, The Air Ambulance, and Weldmar Hospice Care, tuggling at our heart strings tonight. 

Then with that to ponder, we slipped into a quick warm up, before diving into you tube beginning our new and revisited songs with Keeping The Dream Alive. And after an online run through Ed whipped out his battery-powered piano, and changed the key to G, demonstration the low harmony for the harmonising harmony harmonisers. Ed wanted more brightness which is difficult because the common room eats acoustics for a hobby. 

Then it was time to Walk Right Back in G again, but even as I was blogging that fact, Ed said nothing is set in stone, even the key of G. A slide is permitted in this song, by the way.  There was a possibility of a little choreography slipped in but just as in DFS Dorchester, it was quickly vetoed, before we stood to sing, Ed belting out the harmony nice and loud so it wouldn’t drown in the absorbent carpet. 

We knew that with the next song that Life’s About To Get Good, but the internet would not play so it was time to try I’m Into Something Good with a little piano accompanyment and some a capela while we worked out the harmony part and the ooooOOOOOooooo bits too. Please listen to the middle bit for homework this week. We accidentally ended up in G which wasn’t quite right for this song. 

Across The Universe we went, for a little dabble at another brand new song, not even tested last night with DFS Dorchester, it was an absolute DFS premier. We dabbled in D which made a nice change from all that G, and learned some possibly yoga terminology which I’m going to run through google I think. 
I found out, “The refrain "Jai Guru Deva Om" is a mantra intended to lull the mind into a higher consciousness. The words are in Sanskrit, and they mean "I give thanks to Guru Dev," who was the teacher of The Maharishi.” Nice. 

And then without asking Mike we launched into an impressive Bring Him Home. Its a little high but we can do it. 

Jack got our appreciation for doing so well to keep us singing, and we all scribbled on slips and slipped out the door for another week. 

Keep singing and don’t forget your homework, with love, Cat xxx

21 September 2017

The one without the Internets ...

Back in the school hall again did DFS Weymouth and Portland meet for the start of their 10th year ...

Ed is very organised this year because the 7th December will see us Christmas-concerting in the very same school hall. There were no lyrics to hand out, because that would save trees, but at the mention of  'words on the screen', Jack dived beneath the mixing desk to retrieve the missing internets. When we have decided on songs that pass choir tasting, words will become avaible on paper. Sadly the missing internets could not be found. 

After a successful warm up we had a look at sharing folders so we could at least be last-season. Our first song, Soolaimon, does have a lot words the same so that was helpful! 

Missing from our first night was a sweet medley from Gershwin, a Green Day number called Wake Me Up When September Ends and Bring Him Home, Seasons Of Love and a Jolly song called Life's About To Get Good...Walk Right Back... Do look on our web site if you want the lyrics, that is, if you have internets of course.

Then we sang Wings because we are very good at that. Apart from the people who had forgotten their parts. After some work we were good enough for a stand-and-sing performance, so we did!

After that perfect piece, Ed announced the second coming of our Christmas medley sometime in November, and then gave the old Blog a plug so I had to stop writing and wave!

Do Wah Diddy Diddy what we do'd next, in our 'evening of nostalgia', just one awesome run through, before The Impossible Dream had all the folders shuffled yet again, and we ran through it again in a different key, just for fun. 

The a double bill of The Mamas and Papas It's Getting Better followed by some California Dreaming and do remember your

When We Were Young was the last of our look backs, before Ed reintroduced the prospect of Random-oke which will return next week with the internets. Simply scribble your desired song on a bit of paper and slip it into Ed's box for completely random selection and no vetting whatsoever. Ed plugged the blog, which meant I had to stop typing, and wave, and I accidentally hit UNDO and not SAVE so this blog is a wee bit late ...

Do You Hear The People Sing? Yes of course you do, especially the men, because not even a lack of internets and A4 sheets will silence DFS, which is good because we are a community choir after all, I don't come for the dance routines.

Finally, do look forward to our AGM, and some forms next week for voting about what matters to you at choir, for example our chosen charity for the year (being chosen next week) and the destination of our next choir tour. 

I love you, keep singing, Cat xxx

6 July 2017

The one with the wine and fans ... 

We opened with Don't Stop Me Now all rousing and lovely. Not nessesarily together but fun. I sat in the welcome fan with my hair all 80's. 

At the front of choir were prices of paper to put song offerings before Jack The Judge, because tonight's the last choir night for round about 10 weeks, but the good news is in 2 weeks time we have a social at Wey Valley School in the diner, for a fab Kareoke night, food provided, and bring booze. I mean pop. 

Have a think about a charity for next term, and about joining the choir travel committee to help choose next years choir tour. 

Amd after notices we warmed up with Dona Nobis Parcem because we are a very classy lovely choir who never drink too much wine. 

The first song (to revisit) shouted out from stage left Down Town but the school web had other ideas and banned the lyrics for quite sometime. Eventually Jack overcame the naughty hedgehog and found us some words to sing along so Ed wouldn't feel silly. Choir members bustled forward with pieces of paper and tried not to fall up the steps to Jack!

And from stage right One Day Like This left, Song Of The Sea. We giggled because ed wondered if he could remember the chords. Stage left chose The Way Old Friends Do for old times sake! Fields Of Gold pleased us before Rosé warmed everyone's cockles! 

We had a quick snack break and dived into Seasons Of Love as well as popcorn and brownies, before the clean version of Rolling In The Deep washed down with more lemonade. Rule The World just about raised the school roof, and Dancing Queen is a choir favourite that's for sure! 

And for the finale, we didn't have to put any chairs away, Ed counted hands of who is coming next week and made us cry saying how much he loved and appreciated up doing what we do. We gave Jack a huge round of applause and we stood to sing A Little Respect and we saw that it was good. 

See you in 2 weeks, have fun singing in your everyday and have a great summer too. See you in September, when choir will be 9! Love you xxx