20 October 2016

The one with the naughty chair ...

Many members were missing tonight as the first of the winters lurgies is making itself known. And there was bad news and there was even more bad news. In bad news, please don't turn up next week because it's half term. In worse news when we do come back we will be in the common room. And nobody likes that. 

First song tonight, When We Were Young, was swiftly followed by Jack sharing some new links on the DFS website, including the opportunity of downloading me and popping me on your iPod (MYRECKLESSCAT.WAV). Nice. We have had some lovely feedback for the song that Ed and I have written, thanks everyone we won't let it go to our heads! 

When We Were Young might have needed us to be more warmed up, so we dived into our Beatles Medley next, after a quick reminder of the harmonies. We needed to break it down because the harmonies had disappeared. How lovely they echoed around the school upon their return! The 'last love' almost caused a flounce! Moving on to a reward, not any-oke yet, but Adiemus complete with a rewrite of the non-lyrics by Young Michael who couldn't follow the chop-ped-up-syll-a-ble-ver-si-on. Cool. Then, with full voice, up on our feet to perform.   

Ed was so please it was time to hit us with another part, time for some Aaahs again, before I Wanna Know what Love Is. works well with leg warmers and use of a hairbrush I think... the timing of the pre-chorus challenged us so we had to get into the groove. 

I sang live next for My Reckless Cat, haha, when Ed thought it would be fun to add harmonies in the bridge. And then American Pie still hasn't been split into solos, but I can't wait til it is because it's going to sound fab!

Tonight's treats were At The End Of The Day  and some Karen Carpenter, Top Of The World! 

Keep singing, see you after half term! Xxx

13 October 2016

The one with my new App ... which was nice because I like to blog and go! 

Don't forget as we warm up and sing, to vote for your favourite Any-oke, at the end of our session tonight. Then we warmed up. Nice. 

In notices, Ed asked us where we came from. Haha I knew where this was going, shout-outs for Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester and surrounding ensued. But who has travelled furthest? Kervyn won that one, coming from Perth along with his lovely wife Rhonda! They might well be the most distant blog fans we have ever had, too!

The choir meeting is still to be arranged, so look out for that. Then Ed plugged some of his up coming events including a very special one and I'll upload some links soon if I can. 

Beatles Medley first, starting with the last 'love' which we worked on last week. That sounded good until we actually came to sing it at the end of the song, when everyone was mostly too scared. Then we were introduced to a rather sweet harmony for the Ticket To Ride  section. Penny Lane came under the disection knife too! I was very happy to here those northern flat-vowels put firmly in place!

And when we sang it through on our feet, and Ed was impressed that we corrected our mistakes, and then he fancied a bit of Cat singing so I wore the Terry Wogan mic and fronted mine and Ed's baby, My Reckless Love.

American Pie will I future be sung by soloists, but tonight we had a run through and that was fun, although it felt very long. 

Ed said, feel free to improvise in this next one, so I did a bit. I Wanna Know What Love Is can be one of those songs everyone thinks they know until they try and sing it. This song requires .... The Fist of Pure Emotion ... Ed demonstrated. A bit less St Winifred's School Choir and a bit More Bon Jovi. It was oodles better. 

Everyone groaned when it was time for Adiemus and I got lines for forgetting my recorder again. Moving swiftly on ... to Never Let It Slip Away because Ed had to streak away early, to be a secret Elton, so we all went home happy to be part of the creative delight that is DFS! 

No one can leave though until we play Any-oke, and tonight's treat was Thank You For The Music! So on our feet were we, again! And we did it so well we did You Raise Me Up! Well done DFS and them down under, I Love You XXX

6 October 2016

​The blog refused to load tonight, so I texted Mike where he sat on the boys row. That wasn't very Helpful though ... so i had to upload the next day using a HUGE chuggy old computer ...

Anyway, around several app crashes we fitted an energetic warm up which was mostly because Ed made us stand up. It really seemed to help warm all our parts.

Our Beatles Medley was our first song-sing tonight, almost in the wrong key, but we always sort things out, here at Dorset For Singing! Ed gave us a huge choice of notes to sing for that final 'Love!'

Adele next, When We Were Young! We had a full run through, then we were asked to run through using over the top voices, and open throats! And then after sounding like a drunk crowd we sang it nicely again! We really put something special into it!

Adiemus found me recorderless, but we seemed to have remembered quite a bit of it, and Ed showed us a new harmony but then he mixed up his right from his left. I think the lack of recorder solo threw Ed out a bit. A you tube video play helped lots.

A new song next, Nobody's Side, but it sounded a lot like Frozen if you ask me. Maybe I should've Let It Go, but I couldn't resist! Then Jack told us that the singer we were listening to on YouTube actually played Elsa. Ooo, I'm good! I hadn't heard the song before, so I listened while the choir sang on.

 A slice of American Pie next, although I found it rather high!

I Wanna Know What Love Is was also about finding a key to fit, as it really does have a big range! This is going to sound awesomely wonderfully! Our karaoke choice was Fields Of Gold followed by Red Red Wine.

Keep singing, until next time, when we look forward to a little something from down under ...  I Love You All, Cat x

29 September 2016

The 'nother one without the blogger ...

 So here is a quick update on this years charities, Dorset for Singing Dorchester will be supporting Diverse Abilities and Dorset for Singing Weymouth & Portland will be supporting the Dorset County Hospital Cancer Appeal this year. I wasn't there because i was drinking in the sights and sounds of WVS with my year 6 cuties, but i was with you in spirit of course ...

 Ed had provided some helpful tracks here, and lucky you - you might get to hear me sing! New songs I missed included Foreigner 'I wanna know what love is', and a nice slice of American Pie!

See you tomorrow XXX