23 October 2014

The one where I borrowed Jenny's glasses, in order to blog. And I think they are much better than mine!

Then we did a lovely new standing warm up, and a bit more sitting down! Will possibly 11 songs to run through, we needed a double portion. 

29 November concert had some nice shiny posters for us to put up, and some sexy red tickets for punters. There is going to be supper for choir members at a bargain £2 each. 

It's half term next week so don't come. Ed will be in Devon. 

1. Islands in the Stream. It had a shady beginning but we recovered well, and had a perfect ending!

2. Let's Go to San Francisco. Coming on really nicely. More work on the papas!

3. Take Me Home Country Roads. Woooo hoo!

4. Never let her slip away. Just one 'but' too many!

5. Mr Blue Sky. Hmmm. In the bag? The main thing is, remain positive. HOMEWORK. 

6. The Way Old Friends Do. Some lines are a bit rushed. 

7. Stars. A manly song. It is going to work, despite a backing track that is difficult to follow. 

8. Save the Best For Last. Ed wants you for a solo for this one. Apply after half term. It's not a song for choir. 

9. I'm Gonna Be. I'm getting drunk. Nice. 
Ed was only sad because only half his backing track was saved. Aw. 

10. Come What May. A tricky one. Maybe another solo?

11. With a Little Help From My Friends. Needs responses. Men and ladies. Not and easy key either!

16 October 2014

Tonight Jean, from Weymouth Samaritans, came to give us a bit of info and say thank you to DFS for giving them out support this year. Remember you don't need to be suicidal to give them a ring and you will find a supportive listener at the end of the line...

16 thousand calls were answered last year by the volunteers. The Samaritans also reply to emails and texts. Jean is looking forward to attending one of our concerts. 

With a few weeks to our concerts, tickets are not available for a pavvy concert on 15 Dec and we are at St Andrews on the 29th November!

Islands in stream first, Dolly Parton parts at the ready! After a sing through Ed announced that he would like a harmony part all the way through, especially as there are some low parts at the beginning, stretching the femail vocals a bit. We broke the song down and also ditched a bit of a scouce accent along the way!

More diction please, and do not under any circumstances put your jaw out while attempting a lovely wide 'Aaaarghs'. Cough. 

Let's go to San Francisco always requires a careful spell check by me and a bit less volume on the backing track this time around! Be really brave in the pah pah paaaahs, because there can be a bit of contrapunzal going on ... In other words stay in key, and let your hair down!
Things got really interesting. There's always one!

'Never let her slip away' made me feel old. I made up some alternative lyrics for this when I was in secondary school but we won't go there! This ones sure to get our fans swaying!

'Stars' we are, singing this sweet number from Les Mis in the wrong key, and stood to sing it again in the original key of D. More anger needed. 

500 miles to the last song, well it really felt like we had been jogging after singing the Proclaimers number, but we had lovely strong lungs for a rousing courus, singing together 'the way old friends do'. Wow. Have I told you I love you lately? You raise the hairs on the back of my neck sometimes! Cat xxxx

Bonus Blog! Because I love you!

Now if you want to set your yearly diaries right, here's a lot of info that Ed shared yesterday!

"Just in case you haven't noticed the forum recently, here at the latest posts

Proposed Trip:

We are looking into the possibility of a choir trip to Canterbury from Friday 15th May until Sunday 17th May. This would be in conjunction with a choir called Lemon Zingers run by a friend who used to teach in Weymouth called Lemon Otter, and is a fab vocal coach. Costings for the trip will be around £175 to include accommodation, insurance, coach travel, two breakfasts, two evening meals and Sunday lunch, bargain! If you're interested please email dfs@live.co.uk and you can reserve a place.

Dorset for Singing Dorchester:

Breaking News! Plans are now in place for the Dorchester branch of Dorset for Singing and the launch evening is almost certainly going to be on Wednesday 7th January at 7pm at the United Reformed Church, South Street, Dorchester. Parking will be available free of charge in the car park by the new council offices, and the entrance to the church is from Charles Street. DfS Weymouth gold members can upgrade their membership for just £10 and can come along to both choirs for the rest of the year, if they fancy! The launch party will hopefully involve a short concert by DfS Weymouth and a Q&A session before rehearsals begin on Wednesday 14th January. More news to follow.

Term Dates

25th September
2nd October
9th October
16th October
23rd October

Half Term

6th November
13th November
20th November
27th November
4th December

Christmas Break

7th January, Dfs Dorchester Launch
14th D, 15th January W
21st D, 22nd January W
28th D, 29th January W
4th D, 5th February W
11th D, 12th February W

Half Term

25th D, 26th February W
4th D, 5th March W
11th D, 12th March W
18th D, 19th March W
25th D, 26th March W

Easter Break

22nd D, 23rd April W
29th D, 30th April W
6th D, 7th May W
13th D, 14th May W
(Fri 15th - Sun 17th May proposed Canterbury trip)
20th D, 21st May W

Half Term

3rd D, 4th June W
10th D, 11th June W
17th D, 18th June W
24th D, 25th June W
1st D, 2nd July W

Now I need a lie down!"

2nd October 2014

The late start to the term - for Cat!

Well back in the deep end of DFS was I, and so efficient was Ed that he handed me a crib sheet with all the notices and songs. I refused to type it word for word of course. 

Tonight was the selecting this years charity night, with nominations being voted for at the end of our session together. 

We discussed the new clothing option which is tops of choice embroidered with our famous rainbow logo. Gave our new groovy pens a plug and moved onto next years trip to perform with lemon otter's choir. 15-17 May in Canterbury. 

DFS Dorchester is being launched in January next year. This is the pound land of choir world. The presence of DFS Weymouth is requested to perform and answer questions from new hungry singers. 

Unlike last week which controversially lacked warm up, we hit a few scales! 

Ed's lovely print out reproduced just for you, here! Thanks Ed, you saved me some typing, but that's not why I love you!

Islands in the stream sounded lovely apart from a bit of a dip at the point of the key change. Then we worked at out country accents and a soft start. Oh yes. Magic three pennies was brought into play for the first time in our 6 years together. The penny dropped. We got it right thrice. Then stood to perform! Don't forget to pause on the dots. 

Last week, 'Let's Go to San Francisco' blew Ed clean away. Looks like a natural choice for Dorset's best choir. A shy start this week especially this week, but then all the harmony people rembered how cool they were and all was well. Coffuffles not required. 

After watching the Rock Choir sing 'Mr Blue Sky' we jumped to singing 'The Way Old Friends Do' with a smashing, although not dog-friends backing track!

And this just in folks- we are supporting the samartans this year. Cause everyone needs a good simaritan. Keep singing. Cat xxxx