24 September 2015

The one where choir needed opening. 

Our choir master stood to welcome us, but declared that, regrettably, choir was closed. Of course Weymouth Carnival Queen was happy to open the eighth year of DFS, as we are now 7 years old! She also thanked everyone for their support. 

Wedding coming up on the 7th November, of Wendy and Peter. Songs, times and so on to be confirmed, but we will be wishing the happy couple the best and singing a little set!

Ed was excited about the new choir gadget which means we can pay by card. Jack is very good at working it. 

Ed is having a tentative look at going to the Isle of White for a choir tour next May. Also next May we will be back at all saints church. 

Next week we will be choosing this years charity so do bring your nominations and either introduce them yourself or give Ed the blurb. 

49 people responded to the survey to find the definitive Best Of Dorset For Singing. From memory, because of a lack of memory stick the top three were - 1 The Prayer 2 Do you hear the people sing 3 Song of the Sea. 

Mike stepped in to fiddle with the computer, releasing Jack for Oliver, at the Pavvy soon! More, Mr Bumble. 

Dum-dum-diddly-dum for the warm up, followed by a bit of 'The Sound of Music'. I felt like the only person who doesn't know this musical very well. I always run away when it appears on the telly. I'm going to have to get to grips with it now I guess ....

Ed asked for a clear 'sick' because all he could hear was The Hills Are Alive To The Sound Of Muesli. And we also had some trouble with our Thousand Yearsssssssssss. You know the one. The hall of a thousand S's ... Our choir master had to be almost firm with us tonight. 

I listened well during the performance of course. It won't be a new song very long. And it was perfect, he said. 

Next up Toto - Africa. There are possibly too many or too little words to fit the lines. The intro is a base solo which is why it shoots up high suddenly. Ed broke it down to help us with the rhythm and non-rhyme. Then we put together a couple of verses and choruses. Nice. I stuck a finger in an ear and tackled some harmony. Do listen to that on You Tube for homework. 

Finally a few minutes left to 'Climb Every Mountain' and leave with a warm feeling inside. Yes, even the Tenor-Ladies, thank you Ed!

Next week we will be practicing in the dining room as the hall will not be free. Keep singing, you are special, Queen-Cat xxx