21 October 2010

I love your delicate way ...

Ed thanked us for performing so well at All Saints' Church, and confirmed what a pleasant surprise our singing of 'Silence is Golden' had been. I don't know if you felt the same as me when we opened our mouths to sing it, but I thought it sounded quite good! Now i know it wasn't the audience joining in, after all! Ed also apologised for going wrong in 'Like a Prayer', which wont happen again, his apology I mean, not the mistake in the music! You can click on the tab below, but will only ever find one blog entry. I don't think the audience noticed so that's OK.

We had some fun tonight with new songs, a 'Les Mis' number that is 300 times faster than Su Bo, an innocently sounding ballad from 'The Feeling' which turns out to be about drinking wine, and a lovely bit of cheese, namely a shawaddy waddy number and 'bye bye baby' which make me think of my itchy tartan trousers, all those years ago (when i was a preschooler, honest!), not forgetting a chance for the men to expose their bass voices with 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do'

It's half term next week, so don't come to choir, and when you come the week after, expect mud, getting lost and bring a torch, as we try to negotiate our way into the music room from a secret back passage, due to the main route being blocked off by works of some kind. Rather par for the course in Weymouth and Portland at the moment...

I will miss you next week, never mind, you lot can always read my other blog if you miss me too much. I will be trying to turn Ed into a Duck. Hugs, Cat xxx

15 October 2010

I am here for the Bucket...

Hello Dorset for singing, I have still not woken up yet, not used to blogging on a relaxed Saturday when I woke up too late to get it done before the children rise!

The choir did really well last night, old members and new ones, belting out some songs we had hardly touched since we started this year's rehearsals only 4 weeks ago, and we really got our heads around 'run' and were pleased to perform this again for an encore. Who doesn't like being asked to do an encore? Having been given the treat of singing the descant part of 'story of a heart' to sing over the last few choruses
only the night before, I spent Friday afternoon learning it, until my Fuzzies (children) begged me to stop! I fluffed it, mixing up most of the lines I had carefully printed out, but no one knows, so it's OK!

It was really really nice to hear all the solos as ever, I always enjoy this section and we had lots of new performers, I love the way our choir grows and changes!

I enjoyed having a rest and a snuggle under my coat as Ed performed, as freshly as if he had just decided to pick them, a selection of tunes from his enormous repertoire, treat for all our hard work, and nice after we had got our own solos under our belts.

Thanks again to Jenny's lovely family for bringing me and taking me home again, Marie and new member Sandra for turning up to support us, Ruth's mum for recording some of the choir that my mum can watch, far away in Lancashire, and Alex for telling me he reads the blog. That's one more person besides me and Ed, then. I went home and stuffed an enormous piece of chocolate cake into my face then lay in bed with Elton John songs running through my head (It's ok, I don't usually get to eat a full dinner before a concert, no room on account of all those butterflies!).

AND we raised a total of £227 to split between the our two chosen charities - not a bad start!

Now here's a bit for Ruch Meech ... Dorset for singing debued on the Rock last night, as they performed alongside their awesome choir master, Ed Hintze, and raised lots of dosh for 2 charities, Dogs for the Disabled and the British Stammering Association this year. Now we just need a great pic from Harry and we are all set.

Thanks dear choir, loved it last night, still on a high and love you lots, see you Thursday when Ed will try to be nice about our singing of 'like a prayer' xxx

14 October 2010


As I type, shivering at some obscenely early hour, I realise that tonight is our concert, in a strange new venue, with strange new songs and, although I still don't know where to pitch in two of the songs, I am sure it will be fantastic. Harry is going to steal the show, anyway, with a lovely bit of ukulele.

Today I will try to get Ed to confirm which key my song is in, and try to 'get' the lovely descant part in the last verses of 'story of a heart', remember to feed the children and hope my hard working husband can get home at a decent time to let me leave for my lift tonight (long days at county hall for him). Every time I practice any song, 4 year old Matty starts up with 'you raise me uuuup' in a very loud voice, and I have to stop and listen! It won't be long ...

We do have a big challenge this time of singing very new songs, not like last term when we had performed so much that we only needed the folders to cover up any dresses that were fraying in church (the naughty corner wanted me to put that on the blog. but I think they want more detail than that!), as we knew all our song so well. Just remember to keep an eye on Ed as he cuts off our S's before they hiss all over the church.

Now, would anyone like me to explain Ed's intelligent joke? See you tonight at church dear choir, and remember I love you! Cat xxxx

7 october 2010

Golden ...

An evening of revision, where we jumped in and sand 6 of the songs from weeks one and two, and learned that for this concert, Valerie has been dropped no no dogging, I mean dodging, for a while... all 8 of our new songs are now up under 'songs' for you to enjoy, but at least 2 of them are in a key all of their own.

Unfortunately we didn't get the change to vote off 'silence is golden' but I know from the way it sounded where I was sitting, that others were going up and down the octaves (several octaves) in trying to sing along. I think this song alone has contributed to how much 'the tremeloes' have aged now ...

we did a super job of 'run' and it sounds very pretty, and then our naughty corner (not mentioned them this term yet, they much have quit the gin) added in the lovely harmonies in 'can you feel the love tonight' and it all started to feel like we might be OK at our next concert NEXT WEEK after all!

Please print out some posters and paste them up if you can, dig out your folders from under the lego to bring next time to be stuffed with our delightful new set of songs. Get onto you tube and learn the ones you don't know while you are washing up, and remember i love you, Cat XXXX
PS thanks for the 2 offers of lifts too ...

30 September 2010

look at this lovely poster - Its Elton John and the mini-folk ... I am the smallest one of course ...

Hello dear choir, admire this poster that Michael send me last night, We are soon to have strok-able Glossy versions of this soon to paste around town. I do wonder if anyone can remember all 5 songs we did last night, but I managed to recall 3 straight away and another one after some time. Plus a couple from last week, when I blogged that the videos and so ons, would soon be on the website-proper to cover up for my empty head ... but Ed is still testing the water with new songs, thinking of our next venue with the lovely acoustics, and Father Flynn wondering if we will play any punk rock?

Thankfully tho, the important news and events for Dorset for singing is all nice and up to date and can be found on This LINK!

We had four charity nominations last night, 2 that were local, and 2 that were national, supported by and important for 2 of our fantastic choir members. And so, joyously, for our third year we have 2 lovely charities to support so we shall have to sing extra hard and raise the rooves at our concerts!

I am sorry that I can't think of anything rude to say about Ed this week, and that Jenny had all the best lines, but that these are most certainly unbloggable ...

so did you enjoy singing Run, Story of a heart, Like a Prayer, Silence is golden, and ... the other sing that we did?

This Blog has been Passed by the Management, Thankyou.