27 January 2011

8 out of 10, Dorset for Singing!

Last night we enjoyed the projectile experience that was the brains of the TYROS 3 coupled with a rather smart projector, just a pity about the basket ball net on the wall, and Ed's Big head. The TYROS 3 is so impressive Ed doesn't even have to play it ... I hope he has not been faking it all these years!

And so, as a reaction to the feedback on the DFS forum, and after a powerful warm up taking advantage of the acoustics in the gym, Ed read through a list of 10 brand new songs, and not a single one of them was an Elton or an Abba number!

So we had quite a fun evening charging through most of the songs Ed brought, squeezing in a bit of Michael Bubble before bedtime, instead of Keane which didn't get enough votes. you may remember me soloing that one as Jenny ran in and out of the hall with hot fresh burgers, at our BBQ concert last year, so if you sing it next week, when I am not here, please do it lovely, for me.

There might not be a blog next week, as I will be at home, post op (milking it), and Ed may or may not have time to create one. I might post something for a treat for you just because I love you, like a handmade video, or i might stalk the forum for a bit of cut and paste pleasure!

And so, without further ado, it's time to get out of my pyjamas and hit the send button, probably the other way round. I'll miss you, Cat XXX

20 January 2011

Ahhhhh good to be back!

Happy new year Dorset for singing, 'slightly worn, but dignified, and not too old for sex!' No that's not you lot, but just one small part of the hot new songs we tackled last night, with our rusty voice boxes and enthusiasm! I am doubly happy to be back in the new year, as 2011 is easier to type then 2010, when blogging our adventures!

At first glance Ed looked a bit grubby, but then I realised it was a lush garden of facial hair, and that our man had only been clean shaven all this time as he was playing at being Elton John. Elton is not gigging at the moment due to all those night feeds, or something. Looks like I had better make a duck-suit for Brian Blessed, then ... Perhaps we should all get beards, so we can run our fingers through them when deciding whether to vote songs in or out?

Anyway, back to the singing, which was awesome, espcially when we had been hit with an interesting Abba B-side which no one knew, and the track hinted at above, 'When all is said and done', again ,not know to many of you. I didn't know the Michael Buble song either, I was only really with-it for 'uptown girl'!

Four concerts loom, the end of Feb for another slot back at All Saints church, and the 5th of march for Weymouth Music Festival and also back at the Pavvy on the 27th March for the Best of Dorset, this will be our third time on stage at this event, I was so surprised we were asked back after our shy first year, but we did a grand job last year and gave jenny goose pimples.

Just one more really important thing - we are in the gym next week so turn left when you go in through the front doors, and don't forget your kit. Knickers and vest if you do. Welcome back, Cat XXX