25 February 2011

This one’s for you...

Last night a nervous but extremely good Dorset for Singing played to a half-church packed with eager choir fans. I say only half a church, as we needed the other half to include choir members, a screen for the words, and a quiet corner for jack to eat chocolate brownies and for Jenny to play solitaire.

Our choir’s third year and good name means that we get asked back to venues, and so we are busy as ever, cramming new songs into our choir practices and honing our crowd pleasers to perfection. And churches may not have been built with acoustics in mind, but we really sang the roof off and made our audience smile, and sounded great. My favourite bit was Ed’s Cat-got-the-cream smile at the end of one of our brand new songs, when he looked genuinely pleased with our performance, and said, for his choir only, ‘perfect!’

Not so many soloists this time, just enough to break up the songs a bit. Someone asked me how i choose my solos and I couldn’t think of an easy answer, but then it hit me – I have to feel good singing it and prefer to have Ed play live for me too! I was a bit worried this time that he wouldn’t let me sing one of ‘his’ songs!

Thanks Dorset for Singing, yet again, I am filled with enormous love for you, and dead proud to be a small part of you, I love it when we get asked to do an encore, I am sure that didn’t happen in the old days! Thanks also to All Saints tea makers, who fuelled us at half time with drinks and biccies galore! See you Thursday xXXx

17 February 2011

The DFS VLE ...

Our attention was called, at the start of choir, to the huge screen, where our man Ed, dressed for school, loomed large and brought tears to our eyes! There was much less messing about during the warm ups, and some useful feedback from the video, proving that, despite the enormous ego that gets in the way at times, Ed really does know his choir, right down to who always turns up late!

I am not sure though, that he really knows the songs, after we had such a giggle trying to match up the words and the backing track. I am not sure Hannah wants to come again now. Never mind waiting for the little twiddle! So we gave up and did one of 'her' songs, I mean, who needs FAME anyway?

So sorry that you didn't get to see Cat' and Michael's comedy routine, only I am rather relieved as his costume was better than mine, much more thought gone into that one. I was only going to improvise in lederhosen and a Donald-duck head...

See you Friday at Seven DFS, those of you that will still come (please do), and be glad that Blog Reader is back among us, in the form of Fulvia's 'him-indoors'. He might start leaving comments next, like the good old days! Enjoy half term and remember I love you XXX

10 February 2011

Normal service has been removed. The cat is back, with most of her faculties and sincere apologies, from myself and from blogger-dot-com, for the self appraising, biblical waffle that you were forced to consume last week (Mmmm, waffles). That wont happen again.

How nice to be back at Dorset for singing, even if, as i realised at teatime, i hadn't sung in over a week. Thanks for the welcome, you sang beautifully and brought tears to my eyes, or perhaps that was because i was trying not to laugh so much!

Look forward then, to a concert two weeks from today, in the church on Portland again, and also, to the return of Hannah, who is much less scathing than Ed, and will take the session in the hall next week alongside the disco, which although advertised on posters apparently will not happen! Hannah gets to materialise after we watch a video warm up made by Ed, and possibly a video song as well. It could be interesting. Or just odd. Esp the big where he stops playing and tells us not to hang onto a note or 'ssss' too early! Tell everyone that didn't come this week that next week will be an extravaganza!

So I am off to listed to ROSE now, and get some of those timings in my head, and then eat my cereal. Thanks for working hard DFS, and thanks to Fulvia's Husband for blog feedback! Phew, it's good to be back, love you, Cat XXX

3 February 2011

A Guest Blog!

Silence descended over the Room of Awe as The Great Man raised one of his mighty and talented arms to gain the flock's attention. One hundred butterflies danced in the hearts of every one in the room as He began to impart his words of unfaltering wisdom. And it came to pass that they did warm up their humble voices, and each follower became good for it. As if by some remarkable coincidence, they sang 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight', with a hint of beautiful irony, this mighty lion certainly wasn't sleeping. He was very much awake and able to command music, with a gentle roar of content when the believers listened, responded and were good.

At nineteen hundred hours past midnight, He began to ease songs into the souls of all around Him. 'Rosé' was the first chosen song, and the throng listened and sang the song. He raised one of his powerful eyebrows and the people saw that it was not good. Suddenly, with only a few jaw-dropping words from Him, the song became alive. It blossomed and became part of the very fabric of everyone's lives. 'Surely He uses magic' one person dared to whisper. 'No' came the booming, yet caring voice. 'My musical powers are not magic. They are delivered from deep down in a vast cave of inspiration. Some say it is an area so large that it contains a million unwritten songs, others say that it is filled with kebab (an ancient ingredient used by the great composers of our time), you do not need to know at this time, your work is far from finished. And with that firm line drawn by His might hand, the next song was lined up, almost begging to be transformed into another piece of wonderment..

By the end of the evening, the room was exhausted. The Great Man had given so much for so little, it was hard to believe that such a person could ever have existed. What entered earlier were raw ingredients, what exited was a combination of love, harmony and peace. The people were fulfilled. They were happy and so grateful to be considered part of His family. The all vowed to bring Him gifts of wine and chocolate, and will forever be armed with a response to 'can you sing far away?'. Indeed not, but they can certainly sing 'From a Distance'.

Thank you fo reading

The Mystery Blogger