25 October 2012

The one with the feather boas!

Night was already beginning to fall as the Fuzzies and I arrived in the school hall, and I excitedly thrust the second payment for our spring-time choir tour into Eds eager hands. The Fuzzies had been doing their warm ups in the car, and shared with us their interpretation of one of our classics - Mama Mia Feta-Cheeeesey! There wasn't a dry seat in the house!

Last week we were encouraged to 'sell' ourselves a bit more and so there were a lot of earnest faces singing 'you're just too good to be true' and a bit of method acting involving red and purple feathers, during which I moulted over the entire from row, and the children were delighted. Amazing how a bit of frou-frou can make you feel all-woman. We really sold that song, and only sang it once so as not to peek too soon!

We sang 98 songs (well that's what Mary said) and sang them all very well indeed, poor Ed was so blown over as we poured fourth angelic harmonies perfectly split among us an beautifully balanced, enabling me to tag this blog post with Best Practice Ever! All that remains is for me to apologise for the moulting, and bless you all with a very good half term, Amen! Love you, The Cat XXXX

18 October 2012

The one with the best joke EVER!

The sun sets as Dorset for Singing gather in the school hall ready to sing a handful of songs, and enjoy a very special standing-up, ivor-the-engine flavoured warm-up too! And afterwords, during notices, our European tour was mentioned again, and we all who are going must bring a cheque for £80 next week being the second payment. I am now inundated with sleeping partner offers, so I'm going to be feeling very cosy indeed. Payable to "Dorset for Singing" please.

Some new songs for us today, the really fun one 'good morning sunshine' and then still on the weather theme, the one that had us rolling in the isles as we tried to visualise 'Lobstickles' which would need removing from our joyful paths! Just try running that one through your spell checker, folks!

Contender for best joke of the night was the addition of a REALLY big BUT, seen up above and helpfully pointed out by our lovely choir master! I am loving this new me-phone, can you tell? And there was a big discussion about the virtues of  ''off of'' and ''off 'a'' but we will be singing the latter so they we don't sound like we are spitting feathers. We have enough trouble with S's as it is! (Ducks and Runs away). Keep singing and have a listen to the new Alex Day song, remember I love you!

11 October 2012

The one where we found out who the trouble makers were...

Ed was singing last night, actually singing our praises as we dove into new songs and tackled them head on and with gusto. Everyone present went away feeling like a million dollars, and resolved not to tell any members that had not bothered to turn up that their game was up!

No one has mentioned our European choir tour for a while, but I did feel a small twinge when my new passport arrived, the old one having run out in 2002! I guess I should get away more! Oh and two of Dorset for Singing said I could sleep with them. Cool. In the hotel room I mean.

Our songs were sounding really good, yay! It's good to be a 5year old choir. Has anyone else not seen sister act? I will put it on my to do list. Keep singing, and do t forget the coffee morning on Wednesday afternoon xxx

On the pelvic floor!

Pelvic floors really so not feature much I blog-land, although I may have made another reference to them once. A singing teacher I once had in Edinburgh (and I don't really mean 'had') told me all about my diaphragm and wonderful pelvic floor, and that in the Olden days singers often claimed that they could squeeze a longer note out by the additional clenching of the buttocks, and at the risk of saying Ed is wrong ... Ah well we could always do one of those sing offs. We split the choir down the middle and armed with a piano and a stopwatch, we get half of DFS to knot-up their bum cheeks and the other half to raise their pelvic floors and we shall see! My money's on the PFs, but it's anybody's guess!

So we voted tonight to support MND as this years local charity and ill put a nice link up for you soon. We heard all about Spencer, and so we will be singing our hearts out in memory of a fab musician that did what he could for MND them sadly lost his young life to the disease.

One hundred new songs tonight, and we were worked so hard that we did not even miss Dave, sorry Dave. Happily though, Jack and Harry did not squabble over the tetchy bits but we had a nice glimpse of the s** pistols to wake us up.

What a great night. Keep singing xxxxx