26 November 2015

The one with Ed's new jacket ...

Ed handed out a few CDs of backing tracks and thanks Fulvia for finding someone to alter his jackets to make them more musical! 

The running order for our concert is all ready, two weeks before we perform! Choir members grabbed paper copies of the Christmas medley and Ed warned us that we will be in the dining room next week. 

Next Thursday is the Xmas sing song I Chickerel library at 5pm. Mince pie folks!

Next it was time to run through our concerts, standing at the back of the hall please. 

So Happy Together
Song Of The Sea
Lean On Me
The Sound Of music 
Total 23 minutes and 16 seconds

(Solos and Groups - to be revealed!)

I Only Wanna Be With You
Christmas Medley
You Raise Me Up
And the Encore ...
Fairytale Of New York

Now let's enjoy the All Saints School Christmas tree ... 

And we fall off the stage to the sound of the fade out .... 27 minutes 39 seconds 

Finally we all attempt to fit on the stage because we are not so good at entrances or exits. It's also been some time since we sang on this stage! We did it all and sang a song (mostly) then I ran home to blog .... Well done DFS I love you xxx

19 November 2015

We started with some name calling. Calling out the names on official t shirts to try and match them up to choir members. Then our warm up. 

Then Ed showed off his new clean suggestion box, while waiting for a track to load. Then I daydreamed during some of the notces then woke up to requests for tins of marrofat peas! Raffle prizes to Jigsaw-Jenny please. Not long now until our concerts! Eeep!

Before Christmas we are going to set a date for taking over a karaoke bar. Not the one in Tokyo. Everyone started to shout out karaoke venues. 

We began with So Happy Together  well half of choir did and half had a think about it first! Ed encouraged us to sing over the top. I need a sheep puppet. I really do! We did it much better the second time around. 

Africa will be saved for the new year now. So after talking of doing it in the dark we slipped into The Song of the Sea. Remember there are no such things as high notes. Ed ran through the descant part, right at the top of his range. Then from the top, everyone stood to sing. This is a real crowd pleaser, I'm looking forward to hearing a happy audience talk about this one again. Takes me back to choirs youth! 

Dusty time now, with our lyrics set to Ariel Bold which is really washing powder. Es told us to learn all the words for this one. Beware of reading the page with your face down, anyway. We stood to sing this again, and it was one million times better and we can go home a treat. 

Noting like a good medley, The Sound of Music ... It's really hip and trending right now with the movie being 50 years old just like our Julie. She won't mind me saying :-). And Ed said ooooo when we finished it. Phew. Keep it up he said. 

Finally a Run with words. Now the officiall song for the happenings in Paris. So we gave it our all. I stopped to take in the last two choruses and you DFS are amazing. 

Out of time we squeezed in a Rosé in its new key. Come on. Love you lots xxxx

12 November 2015

The one with Betty ...

Ed put Betty on the Altar and explained she was not The Real Betty but a surprise present for Jenny H. If anyone wants to sing a bum note not The Real Betty can give them a rather hard stare ...

Three more practices until we have our concerts. Three! No tickets this year, just payment on the door. Then Ed let us know that we won't be doing any singing in the square because he himself isn't free. 

Jack and Ed presented the New DFS website which is supersmashing and works on phones and tablets too. 

Rosé has a new key of C+3. It was much brighter sounding but a little high for some!

Run next. Harmonies were missing so Ed ran through them again. Pardon the pun. Also a lot of people for get to sing ru-UN instead of RUN ... Then the melody all but disappeared. But oooo it did sound good!

With voices in fine form, it was time to whip through The Sound Of Music Medley. Lovely big OTT backing track which I missed last week being off sick. Take care not to slow down in places where the backing track doesn't! The ending still needs some work on those notes! So back to the piano to thrash it out! And finally .... 

Dusty time next to give us a break! Haha! I only wanna be with you, DFS. No other choir for me. Rough it up guys! Wanna not want-to!

A Capella Lean On Me was tried out last week. Ed wanted some clicks at the start and some clapping further in. 

Jack hasn't heard the special effects we do for Afrrica. It may or may not be ready for Christmas and may stay on the
Back burner with Right By Your Side ...

But we did try to impress Jack with
Our Special Effects... Then for our finale we ran through Run again ... Then we gave ourselves the clap and Ed took Betty home for some whine xxxx