7 July 2016

The last one ...

Choir assemble in the common room, the warm and moist room, on the last session of the academic year. Red wine and lemonade were on tap, as were the nibbles! But there were no computers or screens and therefore no any-oke or words to be seen. Ooh, a rhyme!

Then we had the best warm up in the 7 year history Dorset For Singing. Puppy dogs and washing machines. Let's hope we do that again, because I really enjoyed it. Wink, wink. 

And we sang When We Were Young and Ed shared a harmony line for the chorus and reminded choir to take sides for those lovely overlaps.

We had one run through of Adiemus so I whipped out my recorder! Then it was break time ... Wine flowed more obviously and fuelled by biscuits and good coveraatoon we sang Total Eclipse Of The Heart and because Somewhere has been swapped with Video Killed, we sang that too. 

Our time for any-oke came around and Jenny picked Make You Feel My Love. Summer Holiday a Capela style soon emerged and we all got the clap. 

The dress code for Saturday is coliurful. Bottoms don't have to be black. They ca be quite summery, and as flowery and you like. 

Have a great holiday DFS, very well done thanks for all your hard work and remember I love you xxxx