20 October 2011


Lovely, swanky new surroundings for tonight's practice, Purple carpet wall-to-wall (so no re-verb to be had)shiny aqua coloured wall beams and chairs that can't be slouched in. Must buy a handbag just so I can 'plant' my feet firmly! But not till 2 weeks time anyway, as of course next week is half term! Don't turn up then, but the week after, back in the common room again.

We have fun today with the karaoke machine that is Ed's Tyros 3, and some awesome songs, all picked from our requests and some well known songs for a good sing-a-long. When we arrived at choir, Jack played that old carpenters number, 'sing a song', and I warned him, saying I would tell his Dad! Imagine my surprised when Jack told me it was on our play list! It has only taken me three and a bit years to wear Ed down then!

A date has been set for our end-of-term-concert, singing carols in the cold streets, and having a drink together after, just for fun! Shall I dig out that mangy old rat again? He does know all the words of course! Have a lovely half term folks, and don't forget to sing 'dum-dum-diddley' in a mysterious way, while pushing your trolleys around ASDA XXX

13 October 2011

We ARE the Champions ...

This week we rattled some of the 'best-ofs' from year three, and that was good fun. Amazing how well we can sing things we haven't sung for a while, and we even got some lovely X-factor style feedback, and it wasn't a rejection! YAY!

No further updates on coastal voices yet, it all seems a bit surreal and far away, but I know some people couldn't make the password work for them! The songs on the web site are 'interesting'...

Good news for all Bryan Husband fans, as he will be making an appearance again at this years Music festival, and on that day, I am sure we will all know our words! We remembered him as we sang 'breaking up is hard to do', and we have him to thank for our awesome choreography! Sorry Ed, I will stop there!

Get off your sofa on Tuesday and come to the pub, its time for a meeting and a bit of drinking, while we plan what to do next and complain about the song choices! And a week on Firday go and see Ed at The Spice Ship, where he will be half elton john and half some other bloke who sings ... keep singing your selves and remember to read this blog xxxxxxx

6th october 2011

Back to the Future - Year two!

Following on from last weeks re-sing of 'year one' ditties, this week we tackled hot numbers from our second year of wowing local audiences (That was when we really started to get popular, I believe! I BELIEVE!).

Anyway, such a lot of hard work was done trying to remember the gaps, harmonies and funny bits, that I was so tired this morning and overslept, leaving no time to blog before rushing off into my day, when I found out my GP was pleased with my 3Kg weight gain and I got a gold star. 2Kg I stole from Ed, but I don't think he noticed so don't tell him...

So here we are, with a blog to read at last, although I know some of you save it'e delights for the weekend, and if you are 'new' you may not even know it is here, as it's got a tab under a tab these days! Talking of new, nice to see some new men, I do hope they do not run away frightened so fast, this time! Of course you have all read too about COASTAL VOICES by clicking on that tab, and we know that is on Ed's 'to-do' list before his next kebab, and it's on mine too, as I want to be on telly singing in 20-12 while some one runs around with a torch.

There's just one thing I would like to know, with all this reminiscing going on, after our dive into 'year two' - whatever happened to BLOG READER? I always reckoned he was very attractive, and male :-) Keep singing DFS, BIG HUGS XXXXXX