15 December 2016

In a rare moment of generosity, I crossed the ridgeway with hubby to offer my limited services to DFS Dorch on the occasion of their fabulous Christmas concert. I took my African Nose Flute, my adjusted folder and my camcorder and bummed a lift with our Aussie contingent ahead of Michael and our car. 

DFS Dorchester is much smaller in number than DFS Weymouth but makes up in volume what it lacks in bodies, and I was impressed by the big, clear sound. In fact they almost drowned me out during parts of My Reckless
Love or so my recording would have it. I got most of the concert btw, and will be popping parts of it onto YouTube very soon, Christmas plans permitting. 

We had a smallish but happy audience and a few days later Ed posted to facebook, "Thank you to Dorset for Singing and friends for raising £245.15 for Diverse Abilities last night.  You rock to the core!" And I was impressed too. Everyone was very friendly and asked me to pop over again. Makes a change to blog for the other side. 

Have a great Christmas if I don't blog you sooner! Cat xxx

8 December 2016

As Ed proudly posted in our facebook group, "Really pleased to announce that Dorset for Singing's concert at All Saints School last Thursday raised a grand total of £713.90 for the Dorset County Hospital Cancer Appeal.  Thank you to everyone who sang, supported and gave so generously." DFS Dorch looked forward to their concert and gave us a huge well done too. 

I love the Christmas concert held in all saints school hall each year. There's a fabulous family atmosphere with the tables and chairs in clusters, games and the best raffle ever as well as choir songs and soloists! 

I personally want to thank everyone for singing My Reckless Love with me, I'm really amazed what Ed did with a few scribbled thoughts that I sent to him this summer. I might do that again! Thank you to everyone that works hard to make DFS what it is, and that includes thanks and good bye to the school caretaker who always gave me the time of day and a smile. 

DFS Dorch concert next, cannot wait. Well I can. I'm nervous and I've not sung there before! Love you lots, Happy Christmas, Cat xxx

1 December 2016

And one more time in the common room did DFS gather, one week before their fabulous concert, expectant and thronging. Last week was our bad dress rehearsal so we were looking forward to our good dress rehearsal this year. We had 13 tracks to run through and hoped for some Random-oke as well. 

Ed has another date for next year, and though the date is yet to be confirmed, we will be singing once again at All Saints Church Portland, probably in May. Steamy Christmas puddings were available at the back, thanks to Julia. Outfits for next week would be awesome if red, fun, festive and furry. But normal choir dress would still be awesome if you prefer. 

And off we went .... after a huge pause, following the running order I published last week. Nice. I'm posting it here incase clicking last week is too hard for you. It's not so easy, blogging away live on my phone, and I can write about our surprise flash mob. Haha. 

Hello, Goodbye
Love is All Around
My Reckless Love
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
I Only Wanna Be With You
Bridge Over Troubled Water


Is This the Way to Amarillo?
      Please guys, don't come in too early .....

When We Were Young
A Winter’s Tale
Christmas Medley

And this will be our final song, which will play us off the stage - 
Fairy Tale of New York

And off we will go in an orderly fashion. At the end of tonight some folk went off for a drink and discuss choir's trip next year. But before that there was just time for Any-oke but only just as Ed spent a lot of time cheeting so no ballads won. No Milk Today, I'm gonna grab a pint on the way home for my wheats-pops in the morning. 

Have fun at the pub and choose a good venue. See you next week in a ton of tinsel. Should I bring Ben the rat? Hmmmm .....  love you all, Cat xxz

24 November 2016

Back in the common room again, and warming up with the DFS VLE. Remember that one? I once made good use of that one. This time the Your Late joke worked really well as everyone pointed at Carol. Nice. 

Last minute dot com found us thusly, as Ed had rushed off to find additional music and Jack asked me to find the drop box on my phone but I'm not sure how much I helped. 

The drop box was bulging anyway, with all backing tracks and lyrics in order and my recorder was burning a hole in my rucksack. Hasn't our choir master done well getting all this done 2 weeks before our concert? 3 weeks if you count Dorchester. 

Then Ed's phone was dead so the request went out for an internet active phone and I didn't put my hand up because I blog live, but while the search was on for a phone with Drop Box installed we started singing our Beetles Medley a Capella. Nice. 

Instead of singing lots I fetched the running order from the facebook page for you (my mouth is very sore tonight). And we set to, as Ed thought it would take an hour to sing it all. 

Set Order, Thursday 8th December, 7pm, All Saints School

Hello, Goodbye
Love is All Around
My Reckless Love
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
I Only Wanna Be With You
Bridge Over Troubled Water


Is This the Way to Amarillo?
When We Were Young
A Winter’s Tale
Christmas Medley
Fairy Tale of New York

And Jack did a sterling job of downloading, fetching pasting and scrolling especially for all those without paper copies tonight. He dropped the backing track so you could hopefully hear me without that mic, and on we went singing our socks off. Because it's always HOT in the common room. 

The Exciting New Christmas Medley was blessed with an Exciting New Backing Track so we skipped Adele to have a shot at that. Plenty of jingle bells! A Winter's Tale also had a new backing track, and that was us for tonight, apart from random-oke and Ed scurried off to pull out a song, and ran back to Jack to have him probe YouTube. Suspicious Minds. 

Next week we meet again in the common room, and afterwoods there will be a meeting about next years DFS TOUR. 

Keep singing, as always, love Cat xx

17 November 2016

The one with the shiny new posters .... do take one and stick it up somewhere to make someone smile!

It was a dark and windy night, a little too moist for many of us, but a very good reason to kick off with a DUM DUM DIDDLY DUM, and a short warm up ending on a siren. 

The result of last weeks requests for new 'old' DFS songs were Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, Bridge Over Troubled Water and I Love It When You Call, and even A Winters Tale, which was our first song tonight, and everyone was ok about including that one. Lyrics will be ready nest week and just for the record we are singing in F minus 6. 

Ed came out from behind the keyboard to fire us up for our concert opener, Hello, Goodbye and reminded everyone to smile their cheesiest. 

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree was fine and was followed When We Were Young and Ed didn't say too much about That tonight. 

Then the blogging app crashed, and stole my witty words from at least half of my meanderings, and all the best jokes. The choir tried to remember I Love It When You Call without listening to YouTube first so that was interesting. Perfect in fact. I used that interlude to try and catch up. Then jack fired up I Only Wanna Be With You Sponsored by febreaze. My phone can spell that anymore than I can, but we did well with that, it's one of those lovely crowd pleasers. 

Another one of those oldies was Love Is All Around Me - my favourite version is sung by R.E.M. and makes me want to sing Bah-bah-bah type backing vocals. 

Back to festivities, with the Exciting New Christmas Medley, and Ed says if we are very good we will have a new backing track soon, then everyone cheered for Adiemus so I'll bring my recorder for next time, maybe even treat Dorchester too. Haha. It's a short song but it will keep the audience on their toes, I'm sure. 

We worked hard and sung so many songs, so aptly sang Bridge Over Troubled Water after Ed reminded us which waters go up and which go down. Hmm, trouble in your waters? Nice final note. I bet that was Ruth. 

And we tried to Run in the wrong key, but we all helped to find the right one by all singing at once in different keys which was very helpful. Sorted. Armadillo was squeased in. Then suddenly Ed had an Idea. I can't blog it because it would spoil the fun so if you need to know what it is ask a member!

Any-oke time now, Sweet Caroline came out of the goodie bag. Who has a lighter app? Get it on! And Teach The World To Sing followed a whole load of pieces of paper that Ed tossed to one side. Hmmm. 
Did I forget to re-blog one of our songs? Answers on a £10 note to The Raggy Rat if I did. Hopefully all is now sorted. Well done choir, we have LOADS more material for our concert now, keep singing, with love, Cat xx. 

10 November 2016

The one that started with a hum and an apple cake. If I get to taste it before I leave, I will review it for you. 

The concert is finalised, and Carol's still collecting for the raffle. Ed's making note of any other song suggestions for the choir, or solo performances like we love to do at half-time. A huge drum roll due, as £1036 was raised last year for MS Society. 

Warm after notices again, beginning with a huge round of AMEN and ending with a DUM DUM DIDDLE. Oh yeah. 

Our concert will start with our Beatles Medley, so it needs to be lively, so it was time for a new excersize in which we spoke out the words in an over-the-top fashion and amazingly, we still had the energy when we started singing. Nice. We did it exactly 1 million and 83 times better than last week. 

We have new lyrics for our Adele number, but the limited print outs for When We Were Young disappeared like hot (apple) cakes. And we did quite well but some people made the end of the first chorus go up. Naughty. Watch those sssssss guys we don't want any hanger-onners there! 

And because Fulvia had already handed out Christmas card, it was time for our Exciting New Christmas Medley, and proper feative it was too. It was only a temporary backing track which had been rushed out for use in the common room. 

Time to Never Let Her Slip Away to a well funky backing track which was fabulous. Especially the tambourine! It was quickly ditched for Ed playing in a brighter key. I don't  think that's our strongest song. 

Then I sang My Reckless Love with lovely choir oooohs and aaaaaahs and singing the choruses and bridge beautifully. I love to sing with DFS. 

Amarillo annoys the spell checker something rotten, but I wonder if the mid section will bring in signs or pillows for this number? We always have at least one song good for props and dressing up. Go for it Linda! Lovely huge intro. 

No one cheered for Adiemus but we do make a rather good job of it. Ed went over the harmony parts again before it was time for our treat, Random-oke! Ed got us on our feet after laughing out loud, as we belted out Man I Feel Like A Woman. I know who picked this and it wasn't me! What happens in choir, stays in choir. Unless it's blogged ...

Well done choir, you rocked it. As always. Remember I love ya, Cat xxx 

3 November 2016

The one where we were back in the hall and not the common room! And before we did anything Ed outlined our Christmas concert on the 8th December. Please give raffle prizes to the lovely Carol so she can make up some of her fabulous baskets. 

Free apples tonight, so take some on, make an apple pie, and bring it next week so that it can be judged. By Ed. Finally, it was warm up time, so we had a quick one. 

Next year there should be a fun trip, the first weekend in may. More about that soon. Then Jack fired up some new backing tracks which were ready for the common room, that weren't in, and our choir master waved his hands in the air, like he just don't care for our Beetles Medley.

After a run through with half of choir missing, we switched to I Wanna Know What Love Is       stopping short of the repeated ending. Then it was time to get up and do something completely different. Feeling Hot Hot Hot we was not but then we Wim-a-way-ed and Amarillo was in our throats before we knew it! Hot on its tail was the Exciting New Christmas Medley. Finally we were delivering so we got our Adele on to prove that we could put the same energy into a slow song too. We even had a competition! Jenny and Fulvia earned the right to leave on time after all. Ed helped everyone with the low harmony again ... and we stood to perform. 

Wonderful. Everyone was slightly puffed. Adiemus next, where the harmony people has got a little lost. Mind you, Ed can't talk and play at the same time. Enough said. 

Do You Hear The People Sing? Well of course you do, it's choir night! Any-oke was re-named random-oke and Any Dream Will Do won. Kervyn was happy. Then Ruth was happy, Don't Stop Believing!

Well done DFS, you worked hard after all your pumpkin pie filled half term. See you next week with a hot apple pie! Or crumble, as Ron quite rightly pointed out. Cat xxx 

20 October 2016

The one with the naughty chair ...

Many members were missing tonight as the first of the winters lurgies is making itself known. And there was bad news and there was even more bad news. In bad news, please don't turn up next week because it's half term. In worse news when we do come back we will be in the common room. And nobody likes that. 

First song tonight, When We Were Young, was swiftly followed by Jack sharing some new links on the DFS website, including the opportunity of downloading me and popping me on your iPod (MYRECKLESSCAT.WAV). Nice. We have had some lovely feedback for the song that Ed and I have written, thanks everyone we won't let it go to our heads! 

When We Were Young might have needed us to be more warmed up, so we dived into our Beatles Medley next, after a quick reminder of the harmonies. We needed to break it down because the harmonies had disappeared. How lovely they echoed around the school upon their return! The 'last love' almost caused a flounce! Moving on to a reward, not any-oke yet, but Adiemus complete with a rewrite of the non-lyrics by Young Michael who couldn't follow the chop-ped-up-syll-a-ble-ver-si-on. Cool. Then, with full voice, up on our feet to perform.   

Ed was so please it was time to hit us with another part, time for some Aaahs again, before I Wanna Know what Love Is. works well with leg warmers and use of a hairbrush I think... the timing of the pre-chorus challenged us so we had to get into the groove. 

I sang live next for My Reckless Cat, haha, when Ed thought it would be fun to add harmonies in the bridge. And then American Pie still hasn't been split into solos, but I can't wait til it is because it's going to sound fab!

Tonight's treats were At The End Of The Day  and some Karen Carpenter, Top Of The World! 

Keep singing, see you after half term! Xxx

13 October 2016

The one with my new App ... which was nice because I like to blog and go! 

Don't forget as we warm up and sing, to vote for your favourite Any-oke, at the end of our session tonight. Then we warmed up. Nice. 

In notices, Ed asked us where we came from. Haha I knew where this was going, shout-outs for Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester and surrounding ensued. But who has travelled furthest? Kervyn won that one, coming from Perth along with his lovely wife Rhonda! They might well be the most distant blog fans we have ever had, too!

The choir meeting is still to be arranged, so look out for that. Then Ed plugged some of his up coming events including a very special one and I'll upload some links soon if I can. 

Beatles Medley first, starting with the last 'love' which we worked on last week. That sounded good until we actually came to sing it at the end of the song, when everyone was mostly too scared. Then we were introduced to a rather sweet harmony for the Ticket To Ride  section. Penny Lane came under the disection knife too! I was very happy to here those northern flat-vowels put firmly in place!

And when we sang it through on our feet, and Ed was impressed that we corrected our mistakes, and then he fancied a bit of Cat singing so I wore the Terry Wogan mic and fronted mine and Ed's baby, My Reckless Love.

American Pie will I future be sung by soloists, but tonight we had a run through and that was fun, although it felt very long. 

Ed said, feel free to improvise in this next one, so I did a bit. I Wanna Know What Love Is can be one of those songs everyone thinks they know until they try and sing it. This song requires .... The Fist of Pure Emotion ... Ed demonstrated. A bit less St Winifred's School Choir and a bit More Bon Jovi. It was oodles better. 

Everyone groaned when it was time for Adiemus and I got lines for forgetting my recorder again. Moving swiftly on ... to Never Let It Slip Away because Ed had to streak away early, to be a secret Elton, so we all went home happy to be part of the creative delight that is DFS! 

No one can leave though until we play Any-oke, and tonight's treat was Thank You For The Music! So on our feet were we, again! And we did it so well we did You Raise Me Up! Well done DFS and them down under, I Love You XXX

6 October 2016

​The blog refused to load tonight, so I texted Mike where he sat on the boys row. That wasn't very Helpful though ... so i had to upload the next day using a HUGE chuggy old computer ...

Anyway, around several app crashes we fitted an energetic warm up which was mostly because Ed made us stand up. It really seemed to help warm all our parts.

Our Beatles Medley was our first song-sing tonight, almost in the wrong key, but we always sort things out, here at Dorset For Singing! Ed gave us a huge choice of notes to sing for that final 'Love!'

Adele next, When We Were Young! We had a full run through, then we were asked to run through using over the top voices, and open throats! And then after sounding like a drunk crowd we sang it nicely again! We really put something special into it!

Adiemus found me recorderless, but we seemed to have remembered quite a bit of it, and Ed showed us a new harmony but then he mixed up his right from his left. I think the lack of recorder solo threw Ed out a bit. A you tube video play helped lots.

A new song next, Nobody's Side, but it sounded a lot like Frozen if you ask me. Maybe I should've Let It Go, but I couldn't resist! Then Jack told us that the singer we were listening to on YouTube actually played Elsa. Ooo, I'm good! I hadn't heard the song before, so I listened while the choir sang on.

 A slice of American Pie next, although I found it rather high!

I Wanna Know What Love Is was also about finding a key to fit, as it really does have a big range! This is going to sound awesomely wonderfully! Our karaoke choice was Fields Of Gold followed by Red Red Wine.

Keep singing, until next time, when we look forward to a little something from down under ...  I Love You All, Cat x

29 September 2016

The 'nother one without the blogger ...

 So here is a quick update on this years charities, Dorset for Singing Dorchester will be supporting Diverse Abilities and Dorset for Singing Weymouth & Portland will be supporting the Dorset County Hospital Cancer Appeal this year. I wasn't there because i was drinking in the sights and sounds of WVS with my year 6 cuties, but i was with you in spirit of course ...

 Ed had provided some helpful tracks here, and lucky you - you might get to hear me sing! New songs I missed included Foreigner 'I wanna know what love is', and a nice slice of American Pie!

See you tomorrow XXX

22 September 2016

The one were we got reckless, and choir turned 8 ... 

This term there will not be any singing, we will be doing Zumba. Or maybe beer testing. Everyone had had a good summer and cheered when Ed said welcome back ...

Gremlins were in the building as there was no almost no working sound system, and a lack of bulb in the projector. Look out for an open meeting coming up, and the opportunity to choose this years charity next week. 

Housekeeping including info on how we buy water and printed sheets and some info on the door duty rota, and also some really good hand outs detailing symptoms of ovarian cancer, and raising awareness too.

In brand new things, Ed introduced My Reckless Love, born this July and written by Hintze and Greenaway .... Cough, yes that us. Then we got down to a propper warm up. And the sound system was working after all so jack handed me the radio-mic. 

We had When We Were Young as our first song this term. It's not on the bag, but it had lots of enthusiasm! Ed worked on the split part were some people sing a very high note, and the others sing 'when we were young' until the last chorus. Ron wanted to know who sings this song at this point. Adele of course! Then we stood for a run through ...

Then Ed asked us to turn to our Hello, Goodbye (Beatles Medley) lyrics. And pointed out some anomalies so everyone with a pen could scribble some corrections. Then we were ready to go, ready that is, when our choir master activated the right key! Sadly I'm so young I had to listen carefully to some of these but hubby was ok! Don't forget your jazz hands, but don't drop your words! The key is down three semitones!

Next I got to be really impressed with the speed at which DFS can learn a new song, as Ed called me up to front My Reckless Love. Maybe it's our love child. I felt very nervous even though I once laid it down, during a live video on facebook! Choir made it sound smashing, joining in with the chorus and bridge, and adding some ooooohs, and Ed was right in suggesting it for choir, as it can build nicely. Thanks everyone for joining in!

Our final new song was Never Let Her Slip Away which we have tackled before although a search of this blog might reveal when as Ed didn't know. 

This weeks winner for 'you vote we sing it again' was our Beatles Medley, and we dived into that just before 8pm. 

Well done DFS, I'm so glad to be back you are all fab! Just need to wave to Kervyn on the way out, haha more about our friend down-under soon! Keep singing, love you, Cat xxx

7 July 2016

The last one ...

Choir assemble in the common room, the warm and moist room, on the last session of the academic year. Red wine and lemonade were on tap, as were the nibbles! But there were no computers or screens and therefore no any-oke or words to be seen. Ooh, a rhyme!

Then we had the best warm up in the 7 year history Dorset For Singing. Puppy dogs and washing machines. Let's hope we do that again, because I really enjoyed it. Wink, wink. 

And we sang When We Were Young and Ed shared a harmony line for the chorus and reminded choir to take sides for those lovely overlaps.

We had one run through of Adiemus so I whipped out my recorder! Then it was break time ... Wine flowed more obviously and fuelled by biscuits and good coveraatoon we sang Total Eclipse Of The Heart and because Somewhere has been swapped with Video Killed, we sang that too. 

Our time for any-oke came around and Jenny picked Make You Feel My Love. Summer Holiday a Capela style soon emerged and we all got the clap. 

The dress code for Saturday is coliurful. Bottoms don't have to be black. They ca be quite summery, and as flowery and you like. 

Have a great holiday DFS, very well done thanks for all your hard work and remember I love you xxxx

30 June 2016

Our piano was back on the stage again, next week we will be back in the lovely common room. All booed. Then we all dived into a dum-dum-diddley-duuuum. And some more warm up. Ed sat under the screen.

Ed is looking forward to spending the weekend wth Gareth Malone, during a gig on a Welsh farm. And our final rehearsal is next week just preceding our final concert in the rose garden. 

Thanks to all who joined in on Sunday, we will look forward to being in a better space next time because Ed will insist on it. 

When We Were Young is tonight's first song. After a run through, we went from the top changing youuu-do to ya-do! 
Restless has far too much ssss, in fact before we thought about it, I thought it was all ss! We broke down all the hard parts including that shocking high note! Then we stood to run through the backing track. Always so great to have a conductor up front. 

Total Eclipse Of The Heart next. It hasn't improved with age. Confidence needed for this number, and maybe making like divas would help. 

Adiemus meant the attempt at my recorder solo. Well I did threaten to dig mine out. Sorry about the odd squeak. One needs slightly less breath for blowing a recorder than for singing I think! After the first run through we worked without the backing track. Or the pesky recorder, and Ed went over some of the parts including some important notes in the alto line. And we stood for final run through before our favourite treat, any-oke! Jack pounces on you tube for Sing.  And Story Of A Heart, and Ed dives behind the piano for Bridge Over Troubled Water, it's almost a sexy segway. 

Top work again DFS, see you in the on room next week for cheese and wine and possibly a bit of singing too. Love you xxx

23 June 2016

The one were we started by watching an atmospheric video of Adele singing When We Were Young in The Church Studio. Nice. 

Due to a huge assembly for the school tomorrow, there wasn't a piano to warm up to, and several rows of seats were also out of bounds, although people sat in them anyway. 

Updates - 'Out loud' now finds us moved on from The Sausage Factory to The Golden Lion at 3pm. And St Edmunds also will see us singing at 3pm, on the 9th July. There is are events in Christchurch for those missing choirs in the summer holidays, and Ed will possibly find something to fill the gap left by Easter. Keep your eyes pealed for more information. B

Then we sang Life On Mars as a gentle warm-up, and then with a new backing track Adiemus, and groans. Then Ed broke it down a bit, I quite fancy blowing the dust off of my Hornby Recorder for the solo to be honest. Jenny pointed out that we had two do's and a coo, but that there's was a descrepancy between sheet music and words-on-the-the-screen. More to follow no doubt. 

Then it was our turn to tackle the new Adele song and Ed told us all about middle-eights and The-Truckers-Gear-Change, and talked about how excitement builds in this song. And not only that, it has a great chorus, great verse and knows when to stop. When it starts off the piano sounds like Worshipmob, or Hillsong, but that's just me. 

A spot of A Capela next, Only You... Ed played guess the key. And it was fun. But also truly bad. So we quickly chose a new soloist for Sunday's concert and dived into Video Killed The Radio Star. 

Jacqui asked for a run through of Somehere so we did, men only first of course. (And me too but don't tell anyone). "That weren't half bad," said Ed. 

And for tonight's treat Do You Hear The People Sing? So Dorset For singing all stood. Whoo. Now please un-squiffy your chairs.... 

Good luck on Sunday, sorry about the sausages but keep singing! Love you, The Cat xxx

16 June 2016

Ed arrived clutching the future dates for DFS from DCC, right up to the end of term 2018 ... 5th July!

After this rehearsal they are three more left! On the 8th July. Rose garden is on the 9th July. And our 8th year begins on the 22 September! I think we should have a cake, or maybe more lollies!

Out Loud on the 26 June outside the sausage factory at 3pm! Last year it was very hot, so bring your salad cream, I mean sun cream.

And so we warmed up, laaaah laaaah etc! Then we kicked off (pardon the football pun) with Adiemus, and if you can follow those lyrics you definately deserve a free lolly. Ed took time to really break this down today, and even introduced some harmony! That just made me lose the tune for a moment!

Bridge over troubled water we have met before, but never performed. Some people went too high to soon at theend  there. Apparently DFS Dorch did really well with this last night, so we had much to live up to, and we stood for a second run through, minus every single mistake that Ed we had missed the first time! This song has some surprise differences that need to be learned and can't be guessed. Noté bien. Or something. 

Only You next, completely a Capella. This is another revisiting for us today. Now although it's easy to drop out of tune, we must take care that Ed is the only one to drop keys tonight. Bump-Ching. Ba Da Da Daaaaah. No Bums and more Aaahs at the end please!

And after all that hard work it was time for treaty-kareoke time again. Very quickly happy choir members shouted out choices! Rosé kicked us off since we love it so much, and no one sang in the sacred gap. Amen. Something Inside So Strong next with KARAFUN and YouTube, then Fields Of Gold quickly following. And our grand finale, that take that number, Rule The World ...

Well done choir, keep singing especially today, especially that waaaaay, and very especially in tesco's (Adiemus). Lots of love, The Cat xxxx

9 June 2016

The one where we had some fun, sang a silly song, and had a request section ...

Positive feedback came back from our half term concerts, although Fayre in The Square was a little 'on the quiet side' - but it was better than last year. The wind didn't help. 

The Best Of Dorset concert was well received, and Ed thanked eveyone for attending the concerts, next gigs are 26 June and 9 July, wth a fun final rehearsal on the books just to unwind!

We warmed up with Life On Mars, then were completely bamboozled by this ...

Which produced ripples around the hall, maybe of amusement. It was new to us on the front row, anyway! Ed sang it very well and loudly for us all to follow, singing both parts, although not at the same time. No body will ever know if we sing the wrong words, and I recon if Jack doesn't get lost scrolling he should get another Easter egg!

Mowtown medley was deemed to need a run through, and so we did. Ed suggested we put our hands up if we reached a problem point! Not one person raised a hand, and Ed said it was the best we have ever sung it! 

Then the fun, request section! Because we all deserve a treat!

The first request was for Jerusalem, an old choir favourite! Then we sang The Rose and Rosé. The Circle of Life may have been a bit low for many voices, so we quickly cut to Don't Stop Beleiving! Imagine also got the vote, Eternal Flame Followed, and I played air guitar. Finally we sang, one song out of the final four requests, and Vicar Of Dibley Aka Pslam 23 and I think we had forgotten bits of it. So had the person writing the lyrics on the YouTube track!

And then we went home ...

26 May 2016

Linda handed Ed and Jack thank yous for the trip and Ed dished the dirt on the trip. It will soon be time for the next trip, and we will be looking to arrange our next trip in September, welcoming feedback of course. 

£589.11 was raised for the MS society on the IOW and there are proper recodings on DVDs for sale for £4. Just see Ed if you would like one. 

Monday 11.30 and Sunday (best of Dorset) 11.30 as well for this half term, but remember we do not have rehearsal next week. 

Ed presented us with a new running order, also revealed on facebook earlier in the day. 

Then, without a formal warm up, unless you want to count laughing at Ed's jokes, it was time to run through to see if the set would last 30 minutes.

The first song was fab, nice energy, and quickly followed by Motown Medley, which is a lot like running the Race For Life, but more sweaty.  'Lenon's on sale again' is often sung wrong but it kinda works. Ed went over the timing of some parts of the medley, 

'Video' next, Ed having spotted an extra word and made everyone delete it quickly. No one volunteered for the solo, so we wil get by ...

Somewhere was quickly followed by Totlal eclipse. Hairbrushes are a must and don't forget hairdryers - or maybe better yet those wee face fans, for our hot flushes! We spent extra time working on our 'Ahs'.

Penultimately, Elbow ... Ed changes one line and removes a stumbling block. Hoho. See what I did there? And just the other side of the half hour, we sing Do You Hear The People Sing!

Our patient choir master goes through some issues with the songs, as noted above, then we dive back into The Medley around the half way mark! 

'Somewhere' was sung similarly from the halfway mark, to practice the timing again. 

Thinking of Monday's concert, Iast year there were rather a lot of people squeezed onto the stage so we are going to have to have everyone down on the ground. 

Love you DFS, enjoy your concerts and if you miss me there I will be in my DAW mode and would love to see you. Flash mob? Xxxx

19 May 2016

The one before the grand choir trip ...

After I plugged the DAW brochures and offered free birthday lollies, Ed thanked everyone for a great concert on Friday night which as you know was fab. I'm now the average age of DFS. Maybe. 

Happily dinner will be served on Friday night - tomorrow - in the IOW on that contencious table for 36 ...

Fur in the square and Best of Dorset fall in the half term holidays. Ed put out the idea of singing during this years Weymouth carnival and will ask for a show of hands to find out if there's enough interest in this. I remember singing on the beach before during the sea food festival some years ago. Back when our choir t-shirts were new to us! And in the near future we will be filmed for a promotion, such fun. make sure you look for best from here on, DFS!

Songs for tonight were the songs to be sung on the IOW trip and we kicked off with our Karen, low voices to start! 

Life On Mars next. Ed pressed on as he was running a timer especially as DFS are sharing concert time with another choir. I'm sorry not to be there but I'll be sooo busy running the race for life on Sunday and I need all the oxygen I can get for running .... Ed loved this one, saying at the end that we sounded like a real choir!

Talking of needing oxygen, Forever Motown is next in the running order. We put a lot of energy into this one! Someone said the backing track was loud but Ed said that had sorted out any timing issues! And that much was true. 

For Video killed the radio star, I won't be there to be pinched in as the final voice so someone else better volunteer quick before you get picked on! It was Jenny.

Men Only to start Somewhere, which sounded fab to me as they were all together. I joined in a bit as I like male parts. Which I why I love singing Karen Carpenter songs I guess ... Just watch your Sssss's please. 

Next Make You Feel My Love gets another Sssss warning tooo.

Total Eclipse of The Heart brought us to 33 minutes ... And it was time for our apraisal.

Only yesterday had a missing harmony part and a bum note. It might get booted off next week. Mars sounded good but too much sailors sliding in the dance hall. Mowton is hard work - words words words said Ed and demanded even more ooomph. Grapevine isn't working so well because there are too many words. We should have a word about that. Diction. There was life in the key change and ain't no mountain was EXCEPTIONAL yes oh yes... Video killed is ooo-wha and a second verse caught a few people out! Somewhere had an early s, so we had a little test. And we passed. Make you feel my love s s s ... Breathing must be staggered. Finally, Total Eclipse which sounded great in church didn't sound so good tonight. So we broke that down. Do you hear the people sing really needs to sound in time, which it didn't on Friday but we did realise and rectify the matter. Maybe the flags put us off but the audience smiles were a sight for sore lungs!

So we ran through Do You Hear The People Sing. The ends of lines are getting lost in the fights for breath of those tired lungs, so we had a chat about taking turns to grab some air. We stood to improve our capacity! Then still standing we sang One Day Like This to finish. Some lower and middle parts were missing but we can work on that next week. 

You worked so hard that little Cat Blogger says woo hoo, I love you, and have a great trip and enjoy your lollies! Well done xxxx 

13 May 2016

The concert at All Saints Church Portland ...

The day dawned much less soggy than the one before and a nice wee crowd of choir and audience members gathered at the church to raise the roof yet again. I think we have been singing here a good five years now, we are always asked back!

Our concert raised a noble £150, not counting all the purses that got emptied into the collection tins! Choir sounded super and after the interval and the raffle Ed sang a handful of songs, and Mike P and Cat-the-Carnival-Queen-Blogger also sang one solo each. Mike and Ed really raised the roof, and I proved that in Dorsets bestest community choir, your best really is good enough, when I forgot my words, but was loved anyway! 

It wasn't that I hadn't learned my words, as I proved it to myself while practicing with a hairbrush all week. It was just one of those Frozen Moments (let it go ...) where your brain closes the drawer on the file cabinet for no reason at all. It's a challenging song to sing anyway, I would love to sing this one with choir. We could really make it big and you lot can keep going when I have a brain-fart!

The applause says it all really, especially when choir have been worrying about a particular song and then the audience loves it. Our special moment was taking a gamble on a brand new song and pulling it off amazingly, and no hair-dryers needed. Total Eclypse Of The Heart was our smashing encore. And we didn't even hear anyone shout, 'More!'

Well done DFS, see you next week with sweets and I bless the sun to be shining on us all, Cat XXX

12 May 2016

Dorset For Singing always singS the best Happy Birthday ...

On the night when a days rain fell in about 30 minutes, I didn't make it into choir. The old bypass was found to be at walking pace, my speedboat got stuck in a queue on Radipole Park Drive, and lightning flashed as I returned home to watch the end of a game of UNO.

Suddenly my phone rang and I stared at is suspiciously before it erupted in the multi harmonising sounds of DFS, blessing me at the top of their lungs on the night of my 45th birthday. 

I blew my nose and decided not to eat all the birthday sweets after all. I will bring them next week before you all leave for the isle of whyte. 

Thank you Ed and Choir. XXXXX 

5 May 2016

The one where Ed brought many printed copies of the new tidy lyrics to one of our songs, and then people ate them all up very quickly. 

Before warm ups Jack and Ed demonstrated where to find the lyrics and had fixed any broken link issues you may have had this week. 

Ed was very excited about his new backing tracks trialed in Dorch DFS last night, and was ready to conduct. And we can now sing the single versus the album version of Total Eclipse

At 8pm next week there's an Isle-Of-whyte rehearsal be there or be named and shamed. And then of couse on Friday night it's out concert at All Saints Church. 

So first up was To Make You Feel My Love, followed by Somewhere. The latter has rather a lot of potential for sssssnakes... Mob rule has lead part of this song completely universally out of time, even if Carol said it sounded lovely. Watch out for the triplets too. You will always have your hands full with triplets. After breaking it down for us, Ed lead us trough it again. 

Only Yesterday had a new backing track. Slightly shorter ending and some subtle backing vocals. Nice. 

Total Eclipse Of The Heart makes me want to bring hairdryers for the front row. I might. Anyone got any hairdryers we can set to cold? Quiet motors preferred of course. Ed was actually rather happy with that, and we moved on. 

Video Killed The Radio star got another few Whaaaas added and the backing track was fabby! Then we had too many Oh-ers so we had to axe those. Julie and I sang the last voice. It's really cute that bit. 

Forever Motown. Reach out needs echoes dear choir! Part way in Eds arm refused to cooperate and gave him cramp. We were utterly lost. So we tried again and left out the big manly HUH. Hmmmm. 

Finally One Day Like This to finish, before invitations to leave solo info on Ed's yellow folder on the way out. Don't forget your holy cows to the end!

Keep singing DFS, we have only one more practice until our concert and we might have to squeeze in an extra copyright free tune next week and a little fun. See you there! Cat xxx

28 April 2016

The one after we had been away for a very long Easter break ...

Ed had menus for Friday-night-in-the-isle-of-whyte-dinners and these were collected wth much enthusiasm from the front. 

Polo shirts have been having issues with sizing but that should be sorted out soon, with the careful use of pieces of paper. 

10 songs to sing tonight so with a quick warm up we will do our best, as our All Saints concert looms - the church on Portland not the school - in two weeks time on Friday 13 May. There's other stuff coming up but my blogging fingers got left waaaaay behind. 

Ed and Jack also showcased the brand new website and I got distracted by my name in lights. 

Make You Feel My Love - watch the sssssss as usual. 

Video Killed The Radio Star - Julie was volunteered to sing Ruth's part which was the one I had a go at before the Easter holidays. No problems there. 

Total Eclipse of The Heart - some of the words were scrubbed and Ed shouted out the changes. This song also got another run through at the end, and it takes some slick scrolling from Jack as it has 15 million thousand words in it, all sung at top-speed. When we finish I feel like I've been jogging (Race For Life training). 

Only Yesterday - coming along rather nicely, said Ed. 

Forever Motown - our choir master was amazed by the enegry levels we exhibited in this song. 

Life On Mars - more of the harmonies please. 

Right By Your Side - but no one did any stupid noises. So Ed made us do lots of them. For Extra. 

One Day Like This - needs some ironing 'next time' as some parts have been forgotten. At the end of our ten songs Ed wanted to work more on this one, so we did, trying to remember what he threw at us the first time. 

Do You Hear The People Sing - we know and love this one well! 

Somewhere - someday we will get this one! 

Then we had time to run through these songs again, so Ed decided to go back and blog under the same headings. So you already know what we did. Ho hum. 

Well done everyone you worked so hard I love you xxxx

24 March 2016

Mind the Gap

The hall was set up for an assembly so we were a long way back from Jack and his lovely M&M egg which he has to save for Easter. 

Numbers were low because Fake Rod Stewart over the real Ed Hintze. I found out a blow bubbles through my braces when I try to hiss. 

Ed plugged the fun night happening tomorrow, at The Riviera. Lots of fun and kids free, plus extra time with Ed and Jack of course. 

We kicked off our singing with Make You Feel My Love. Some folk thought we were singing it slower than we did last week. It's still faster than Adele songs it. Cheek bones will keep it sounding brighter folks!

The timings are important and we
Had a long and involved demonstration on how not to sing 'when the evening shadows and the stars appear', which was nice. 

Forever Motown next. To see how well we are doing after all the practicing we have done while at the shops.  I think it's more of a marathon than a medly. 

After a run through we dicovered some people pushing the beat, which is naughty. Then Ed decided to add some harmony, some sweet responses to Reach Out. And some in Ain't No Mountain too. 

Somewhere next which I still don't really know. Especially since some of the somewhere's are shorter than we think. We stood to perform this one, and Ed said Thankyouverymuchdositdown. 

Only Yesterday next, yay! And finally, to finish spring term, Ed reminds us summer is on its way and we belt out Do You Hear The People Sing ....

We heralded tonight the emergence of a new naughty corner. Such fun. Or perhaps just too naughty, but it's the end of term and Ed can't keep anyone back after rehearsal. 

Now all go and have a happy holiday, and see you back here again on the 28th April when all monies for the IOW trip. I love ya, keep singing and eat lots of chocolate. Xxx

17 March 2016

Ed started by flashing Isle Of Whyte receipts and asking for money. You have one more week to settle up which is good, because we are here next week. 

11.30 on the 5th June is our confirmed slot for the Best of Dorset. Drop box. I'll just leave that there and say Thank You Jenny. 

Ed was mic'd up, and down in the deep with his 'cold' voice ... I hope I didn't give it to anyone. I felt very strange listening to everyone warm up using 'Somewhere' which I didn't know at all. 

Then it was time to sing Somewhere properly, so I thought about finally starting to play Candy Crush but I didn't. This is going to be a start gently and build song, and I don't mean when I learn it and join in. This is going to be a challenge to sing, and I find myself quite unable to say why at the moment without the blog hitting an all time low. Rock bottom. 

Choir were split into two lady parts, to share the first verse. Be careful with the long Uuuuuus they need an Aaaah sound   and only one tiny 's' at the end. Then after a run through we stood to perform, with a note first from Ed requesting clear notes, no sliding or vibrato at all ...

And I didn't even know it was from West Side Story. Shall I get my coat?

Karen carpenter time now, yippee! Oh such fun blogging live! This is def for you if you like low notes. We start with the low voices and harmony parts come in later ... Ed thought we were sounding grand. 

Then it was time for our Mowtown Medley, something of a singing marathon to clear those lungs. Or clear the room. I think this little number had a few exposed parts. 

Total Eclipse of the Heart next. So epic. Well, potentially. We edited the lyrics some more too so the song wouldn't last over 10 minutes. 

In Video Killed The Radio Star Ed picked me to be the final lady. Eeep. This turns out to be the arty fade that we can do and sounds way better than Karen Carpenter disappearing down the sliders. 

Make You Feel My Love was our final song. That was nice and flowed nicely, and we had time to squeeze in Do you hear the people sing and it was eveyone on their feet again! 

Well done everyone see you next well xxxx

10 March 2016

Back in the common room again, and I was back again too. 

Ed gave everyone good feedback for their singing at The Music Festival. Someone had complained that a more proffessional shouldn't be taking part in the event and the gossip was quickly put to bed because we are nice. 

The adjudicator complemented that super high note from Life On Mars, we were called disciplined, but we are always being told that out folders are a distraction. Choir fed back that they missed seeing Ed conducting as he plays live at the festival as a rule .. I offered to conduct but I don't suppose you would see me very well either!

We will have a 4 week break from choir at Easter returning on April 28th. Dorch get three weeks off as Ed owes them a week. We can slip in too if we want? 

First song, Adele singing Make You Feel My Love. Well us actually. Ed laid out some of the timings and the size of our Ss. And there were some nice harmonies apearing. Then after a second run through Ed declared it In The Bag, which is nice ... We sang it in C btw...

Time for a medley, Forever Motown which kicks off with Dancing in the Street, something we have grappled with before, mostly the timings! I Cant Help Myself made me think of honey-nut type cerial commercials. Reach Out we have sung recently. Ha. I Heard It Through The Grapevine sounded like previous choir material too, we had to change a miss typed line due to Ed multitasking earlier today. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. And the finale, Ain't No Mountain High Enough. The latter goes up really high so some of us should not try to get up there and we were in need of a ladies lower part. Can I blog that? Ed's discovery of a stray flat really helped matters, then it was time for another full run through! Ed liked that and said it was rather, rather good. We gave it some welly. 

Finally for a treat we sang the rousing Les Mis number, Do You Hear The People Sing? Just for Fulvia. Yes. 

Next week we should be back in the hall again but until then, keep singing. Lots of love, Cat xxx

25 February 2016

The one with Jenny again ... Jack was off lighting up some snow for drama ...

Numbers were down wth a particular lack of men, none present apart from Michael and Big Ron ... Lalala-lalala-lalala-lalalah, we all went. Followed by The Grand Old Duke Of York with claps and stamps! Such Fun!

In bad news, we won't be singing with a famous person in June, but The Best of Dorset will be in June this year and that may be a possible concert, or not. 

Used stamps can be collected for The
MS Society at choir everyweek. 

Then it was time to rehearse both of our Weymouth Music Festival songs, starting with Life On Mars. The final long note type ending is still rather scary for many people. Ron won the prize of Largest Cavern. Nice. Wide mouths everyone and lots of confidence! 'Remember, sensual won't cut it! Louder and bigger!' Said Ed roughly. 

Starting over again we practiced the perfect intro and found we had lost the harmony! Breaking it down worked a treat and it was all lovely. 

And we gave that the elbow, and dug out the music for - Elbow! One word - Believe! Convince me its your song and dog deep to get back that sparkle. Happiness injected fish we shall be. We had lost our synchopation and it really makes a HUGE difference! 

We seperated out The Holy Cows because some bum notes and creeped in, and we can't have that. Got to stay true to the root chord. 

Then we stood to perform it, then stayed on our feet to perform Life On Mars. Only two songs this week to really get these songs right! 

Well done DFS now sing those all the way home in the car, (can you tell I blog live?), and Lots of Love to you all, keep singing Xxx

11 February 2016

The where we weren't sure which room we were going to be in .... 

Ed threw a notice at us because Jenny had sent a reminder text about Fayre in the Square being the 30th May, and might well be at 11am. We will be willing to fit on the postage stamp stage. Then we warmed up while Ed waited for an update from his wife ...

Jack tried to cure the snap crackle and pop that popped out of the left speaker and was vaguely related to the position of the d.i. Box and the leg of the keyboard on the cables. Well done Jack. 

5th match at 3.30pm is our slot among the choir section, at Budmouth School for this years Music Festival. We need to pick two songs to perform at this event.  

We are nearing 30 people for the trip, keep your deposits coming and it may well be going ahead. 

Life On Mars was our first song, followed by Only Yesterday, singing from our boots! For those who want to up-the-Octave Ed had a lovely harmony ready! 

One Day Like This came next with all those nice overlaps! Ed liked it but warned us against going to high too soon with the curtains ... Four parts we covered! We have been approached possibly a tiny bit to sing with someone almost as famous as Ed. He's looking for a choir who can sing four part harmonies, and it looks like we now can! If it happens it will be in June. But for now, Mum's The Word. 

Right By Your Side next. Hmmm. Someone laughed and others muttered ... It should have been in Bb-3. So I thought I had better blog that. 

Then we had to choose two songs for the festival. We felt Mars was ok, and One Day Like This was also felt to be a good choice. Job done. 

Monday Monday was run through, and our choir master was pleased. Video Killed The Radio Star features more lovely overlaps, and Ruth at the end and I was well impressed because I missed last week. 

Finally everyone standing to sing Total Eclipse Of The Heart. Life is good. 

Keep singing and don't turn up next week. Enjoy half term especially if you are a teacher. Lots of Love, Cat xxx

4th February 2016

This week, as Cat was away, Dear Leader has written a blog poem:

This week as Cat was poorly
I thought I'd do the blog
To make it slightly different
I'd rhyme the words I log

We started with a warm-up
Extending vowels again
Some ta ta tas, and ooha and ahs
And finished with  'Amen'

Then onto our first number
We harmonised some bars
And did the song great justice
A classic 'Life on Mars'

Then came a little story
That choir needed to know
About 'Absolute 80's'
On my new DAB radio

So with this inspiration
We sorted out two parts
And all were Bonnie Tyler
With a Total Eclipse of the Heart

We scrubbed out a whole paragraph
And sang 'I'm in the dark'
Then got really excited
And screeched 'giving off sparks'

Onto our song number 3
About a Radio Star
And Video that killed him
And went a bit too far

Then Elbow had an airing
It's sounding quite high-brow
With lots of lovely harmonies
And several holy cows

We finished with a song request
The choice of two great songs
The Floral Dance for Terry
Or Something Inside So Strong

Labi Siffre was the choice
Your singing did impress
As we closed another practice
I love you DfS 

by Ed hintze aged 42-ish

28th January 2016

Back in the common room again! And jack opened all the windows because the computer didn't work ...

Ed announced the return of the PayPal machine so card payments for memberships can be resumed! Then after some menopausal type jokes, it was time to warm up!

And the real joke, if you missed it - What does Dr Who have as a side order? Daleck Bread. Thank you Ed. 

There are 50 letters to take home with Isle of Whyte information, as our trip will probably be between 40 and 50 members.

Then straight in to Life On Mars. Singing in the common room, as we know, eats our sound having no ceiling. All mistakes show up very clearly. What do you do if you see a space man? Park in it, man!
Mars bars. That means three bars for the word Mars, not that we had broken out the snacks. And please lose the nice sound in favour of something rougher! Ever get the feeling we here that a lot? 

From Ibeza to the Norfolk Broads also has a different tune to the same-ish line in the first verse. You know what I mean. Then Ed demonstrated a wrong note, and invited us to pick our own three for the big ending! Then a final run through. No standing as this is the common room! 

Maracas were in the room next, Right By Your Side. Also shaky-eggs made an appearance. And not always on the beat, which is fun. We won't mention the squeaky chicken, it's just not Rio De Genero. And it's definitely not Isle of whighte. 

Ed reminded us of a) some tunings b) a gap c) syncopation and d) e) f) and more tunings and timings! Everyone needed to have their pencils out and their chickens under control. Jack from the back added a few annotations like Up Arrows and dashes for gaps! Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! Limb-to-limb was still going UP so maybe next time Ed will do a repeater for us, or you could do it at home for free. Have fun!

Monday, monday next. Too many words in this baby if you ask me. And I like the mamas and papas. Also too many bah-dah-dahs drowned out the three of us who came in with the melody. We sang it again and it was much better. 

My ear worm of the week to finish. Ed went through the ending, which is fun. Gentlemen, split yourselves between cows and curtains. Cows are mostly stage left. Careful now. 

Well done everyone for working so hard in the hardest room. Keep singing, enjoy this weeks ear-worm and remember I Love Ya! XXXX 


21st January 2015

The one where the Isle Of Wight went ahead at the original date but to be confirmed ... This could also be the one where Ed spelled it wrong!

Ed gave a break down of the trip itinerary but I was sulking so I didn't make notes. But please pay £50 deposit by 5th February, and pay the balance 

We have now been asked to sing at Fayre in the Square next 30th May at 11.30, and also on 13th May we could possibly be singing at  All Saints on Portland. Or maybe the week before. 

Saturday 5th March is Weymouth Music Festival if we are interested and it will take place at Budmouth school. 

Kareoke Annie Lennox first up, Right By Your Side. That woke them up. Everyone wished they had brought their maracas but instead made like a farm yard in search of that Brazilian flavour. 

We nailed it. Oh yea. Yeah yeah yeah....

Elbowing that aside, we turned out attentions to One Day Like This. Ed ran the different parts and we tried to remember. I got lost somewhere in the holy cows. Sounds like the farmyard again! We also tried it A Capella! We have gone up a level, and achieved 4 part singing! 

Everyone on their feet for a run through including some acompanyment and some A Capella for the 4-part singing. Ed said this was a building up song and it needs a good poke. But not til next time. 

Life On Mars has such a short intro, we had a few goes at that until Beryl stopped getting it wrong! Perfect. Said Ed. 

Monday Momday to fit in before its time. But-whenever-Monday-comes only faster please! And it was better than last week. 

You are so fab DFS. I Love you keep singing XXXXX


14 January 2016

The one where it was still Happy New Year Until Februay...

Welcome back, so good of you to remember to come. The school had forgotten, but luckily we did get in. Jack was in with his post-charity hair (£175 well done Jack) and lovely Jenny was on the door again. 

Ed introduced some of our new songs and explained the words-and-music-for donations system and advised a change of date for the Isle of White trip which would otherwise clash with The Race For Life. I'm running as Queen. I'll be putting my fund raising page your way nearer the time. 

More breaking news is that Out Loud want us to squeeze onto their miniature sized stage again. Date to follow... Ed was pleased the we are still loved after not having much of Christmas presence in town this year!

A new song next, Elbow's One Day Like This, was played by Jack on the old YouTube. Throw those curtains wide!  It's one of those split up and overlap songs. It was completely new to me, I wonder where I've been? Ed found the response part too heavy so may well ask the men to switch parts and give the first part more beef. Nice. 

Plus 5 is the key for our next song, in remembrance of David Bowie, one we have sung before - Life On Mars. Ed played it on the piano to follow Rick Wakeman's fingers. After we sang it through Ed asked us to give it more tention. Grrr. Then he reminded us of the lovely harmonies. Some people might sing a big ah-ah-ahse at the end of Mars, but I might have to try not to laugh. 

Monday Monday on a Thursday! After an adventurous run-through a brave Ed decided to allocate three parts:- men, women, and everyone else. Or something like that. Things started to come together and we felt jolly pleased with ourselves. 

And finally we sang One Day Like This to finish after a quick and totally rigged vote. Everyone stood to give it some welly. 

So that's three songs and 7 days to practice them in. Have fun DFS, I love you. The blog has just entered it's 8th year. Grab a coffee sometime and read the wisdom contained therein. Love you xxxx