28 january 2010

Hot dates –
Pub (business) Meeting in the spa, Tuesday 9 February 7.30
The best of Dorset, Sunday 21 March

And look -http://www.youtube.com/dorsetforsinging - here is the link to the super-duper-all-in-one place youtube channel, and there’s a hot link over on the right along with one for this year’s charity. If you have the picture of Ed posing with the link on the screen, I want it for this blog, so drop me a line, quick before he says no!

We were back in the music room last night, which makes for a lovely intimate practice but the computer is old and chuggy compared to the one in the hall. Mind you I hope we don’t have to watch One Voice lyrics shooting up the screen again, I felt quite sick after that, and much prefer the lovely PowerPoint presentations Michael always makes us! How about you? And from here on it is to be known as Ron Voice, unless he backs down from his solo intro. The del boy version was a treat, thanks for that!

Does anyone have any stuffed and cuddly tigers? From one voice to one-brow, we tackled the ‘Susan Boyle’ number, I Dreamed a Dream, and quite nicely too I think, Ed certainly looked pleased with us. I am happy with this one, as I often sing it while scrubbing potatoes.

Anyway, its time I put clothes on myself, don’t forget if you want to have a say on what the choir does, drop us a line, use the forum or turn up to the pub meeting detailed above. Mines a half.

21 january 2010


Having wasted some time this morning trying to locate a fictitious youtube channel called known as Dorset for Singing, and verifying that I was searching properly by finding my own channel, I have given up and will leave you in the busy hands of Michael and Ed to enlighten you as to the whereabouts of our one-stop-shop for choir music. I hope it hasn’t gone the way of the solos from the summer concert.

Other choir info can still be found back on our ‘proper’ choir website. I’m just the blogger, after all. Look there’s a link over on the right there, and when we have the youtube info, ill pop on a link to that too.

I am not posting 5 videos this week, other wise we will never get any work done. We sang quite a few high energy songs, and I felt as if I had been jogging, mind you I still had enough puff to sing very loudly in the car on the way home. Marie was behind me in the queue, looking in her glove box for her ‘80s leotard dance greats – the electric blue edition’. And maybe some gloves.

When Ed stuck a microphone in my face I had no choice but to make like the karaoke queen I am, so very sorry about that. Anyone fancy any karaoke in half term? We could empty a pub and have lots of room for doing the YMCA actions, and some arc welding in legwarmers.

I don’t think I have any very sensible advice for you today. That choir practice was bonkers. Stand by for more information on videos and some word documents too. Lets hope they are the right ones. I don’t think F# is the right key for me …

14 January 2010

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll ….
And Happy Bloggiversary!

Hello Dorset for Singing, and welcome back to choir for 2010. We all squeezed into the music room as the hall as being used for an interesting talk! Jenny was particularly pleased to see some new faces again too, and most of us had a peep at Michael’ and Catherine’s new baby Ruby.

Time warp time tonight as we slipped into some Eighties numbers and an interesting selection it was too! You know how I am always telling you to sit and listen to the songs on repeat? Well here is the first one, by the magic of new bloggery blogs! Soon all those jumbly-up words will fit into the right places just like we did with ‘river of dreams’.

Video number two gave us such a giggle, especially as they kept singing ‘we are happy now,’ but they were very plainly not! And I remembered how when aged about 12 I had written some new lyrics for this song about dinner ladies!
There are some odd words that don’t make sense at all, but again, sit with you tube for a while and get your head around the phrasing.

Most people know bonnie Tyler’s songs; we are that kind of choir! I know a Welsh Mountain pony we can borrow for the concert, and we can scour the charity shops for lots of white nighties to wear!

Sorry if you were a bit squashed in the music room, our default setting is now the school hall, unless there are things going on there …see you next week choir, and ooh look, you can leave comments on this blog! I do hope you like it, and enjoy a poke around in the archives too. The Choir Blog is 1 year old…