19 July 2012

The Last Practice, of year-4 ...

If this was the olden days, we might be coming back to do O'levels next term, buts its not the olden days its just our awesome, feel good, all inclusive choir  .... Summer Holidays are all around us as i sit here writing a blog post in my pyjamas, watching the Fuzzies traipse sand through the house and thinking about what's for lunch ...

But we can't fully relax yet as we are professionals and must visit you tube for our homework, work on the most-up-and-downy hymn ever, and wash our polo-shirts ready for Wey-Bay on the 6th August. But give your selves a warm hand, as this year you rally have worked hard, learned thousands of new songs and proved just how strong and versatile your collective voice is.

I am going to miss you, but look forward to slipping into the school again at the end of September, for YEAR FIVE! and i shall verily go and ordereth myself a passport ready for our European tour next spring. ├ža alors! Keep Singing xxx

14 July 2012

The One at St Edmund's

With Grey clouds gathering over their collective shoulders, Dorset for Singing gathered together at one end of the prize-sheep competition pen, smiled bravely at their audience seated on straw, and launched into their 20 minutes of pure pleasure.

Doing it al fresco is always challenging at the best of times, but Harry H did a fine job with the Mobile phone (backing tracks) and the wind of course. Afterwards folk politely said it was lovely, and we mingled with torch bearers still in their pyjamas, and drank tea and did all the tombola type things!

Well done choir, and see you on Thursday for our last practice before the summer hols, and our Wey-Bay concert too XXXX