25 March 2012

The One That Drew a Large Crowd!

From deep within the collective souls of Weymouth's best-est community Choir, there came an awesome utterance of purest sounds, Great Big Cheesey American Grins, and a handful of sneaky snakes. But we wont mention the snakes!

I don't think I am just saying it because I am nice, but I do think our choir continues to get better and stronger, and sometimes even manages to erase the bum notes we have picked up! Ed Hintze and his lovely wife Jenny are extremely proud of their not-so-little choir, and who knows, with the new Kebab-related sponsorship, we may even get a tasty reward soon!

From the stage, the audience sits in almost darkness, but I could see at the back door, people continuing to be drawn in by the angelic and uplifting voices. For some of those in the front row, the singers were hidden by the banner, so perhaps we can get a few bricks and hang it off the front of the stage next year. Its lovely to have it though, and not just to hide my legs.

Well done Dorset for Singing. Have a lovely chocolatey filled Easter - see you in - May? That's far too long. I shall go nuts. Remember I Loves you, and keep singing. Cat XXX

22 March 2012

In association with ... KEBABS? What?

Well its seems as if Ed number one vice has lead to a bit of sponsorship, i can hear the voice-over man now, at all our concerts - And now, in association with Ed's Favourite Greasy Takeaway - Dorset for Singing! (crowd goes wild - Ed stage dives - emergency services are called).

Back to out last practice until May, we ran through a sweet little set chosen by the lovely Mrs Ed Hintze and will full approval of all members,and Ed gave us a demonstration on how to use words on sheets of paper, not talking in between songs at all, and remembering everyone is watching us. It seems even as a four year old choir, we still have much to learn. Cheesy grins at each other maybe allowed while Ed makes obligatory jokes between songs about no auditions, etc. No wry smiles allowed.

See you at the Pavvy for 1.15 on Sunday, I will be the one lining up my children in seats, and giving them food to sit still. Always half worried that the foldy-up seats will consume one of the small people while I'm trying to hold a long note. Sing Well, Songsters! Remember I love you, Cat xxx

16 March 2012

The Most Outstanding concert!

"Thank you all for another uplifting fantastic concert, £180 was raised for our 2 charities and £180 for the church. You all sound amazing together and made my spine tingle. x" Jenny H, the Choir-masters wife.

"I had an extra £5 given right at the end, so using my clever maths skills, make that £185. I'd like to add that in my humble opinion, that was by far the best performance Dorset for Singing has ever done, thank you all so much xxxx" Ed H, our proud Choir Master!

A princely sum indeed, the church may well need a new roof after we finished raising it! I think some of our great power came from deep within each of us, from knowing just how awesome and lovely we all are, and some of is came from trying to out-do the backing on that amazing wand of a speaker. The folk at the back who felt that they would not be heard can rest assured, the sound heard in the body of the church was a brilliant blend of well rehearsed and strong, clear young voices!

Father Fionn was very glad to welcome us back, for the third time now to All Saints Church, and I'm certain sure it wont be the last time! There will be much more tingling to be had. I think i was thr only one in the pew doing the backing for Ed, and people looked at me funny. Never mind. Love you, see you Thursday for our last practice xxx

15 march 2012

The one with the acoustics which were pants ...

Dorset for singing gathered in the school common room, place of non swing-able plastic chairs, one en-suite toilet and a great deal of gain. Faithfully we battled the soggy acoustics, lively preschoolers, and noticeable hum, to complete a run through of Friday nights Portland gig! All notes were perfect, all timings were just right.

The second half of the concert is Ed's slot, along with us flash mobbing with out backing tracks from the pews. Its going to be awesome.

Well done to Ed and Dave for coping with the change of room, lost backing tracks and no car. Big kisses to jenny for being a DFS roadie again! See you at church at 7.29pm, rainbow colours and black bottoms all around. Love you, Cat xxxx

8 March 2012

The Outstanding Choir!

Ed shared news of our Music festival success, perhaps we can all have the CUP for a week on our mantles until we have to give it back?

A new warm up inspired by Bryan husband includes trying not to wet the heads of choir members in front of you, while singing in consonants! And we ran through a few of our songs in the lead up to out Portland concert on the 16th.

Back in Way Valley school hall tonight, are Dorset for Singing, to give a tip-top rendition of 'let the river run' and with absolutely no words at all! We cam always pretend those humming parts were meant all along. I am a bit worried about the missing 'let' but after our closing rehearsal, Daisy-little-person said, 'It was good Mummy, I didn't think you had any troubles...' So there you go.

Smile! Cat XXX

3 march 2012

The one with the Most outstanding Choir!

A great gaggle of songsters gathered in Wey Valley School on Saturday, when they should have been battling the bargain hunters in ASDA, but there we were, Dorset for Singing, our name etched in everyone's mind bar the organisers, ready to do musical battle with the best quarter of Wey Valley School choir!

Another Fun day in the presence of Bryan Husband, giving us fresh tips and guidance and a musical master class to rival Hannah's - sorry Hannah. And not only were we lovingly encouraged but we also won a sexy prize, a cup for The Most outstanding Choir, which I am sure we can collect on Saturday. I will make sure Ed has a beautiful speech written for him, with no naughtiness in it, not like usual choir practice anyway.

so that means see you all on Friday, well hopefully, but at least if the best quarter turn up we will be OK!

1 March 2012

The one without the words ...

In preparation for the lovely music festival on Saturday (arrive at 1.30pm folks) we ran through our two 'run' songs in the right running order, and were not allowed any words! We got them back later of course, but not before we proved that most of choir knows most of these songs anyway!

We worked very hard, looking towards our next concert in Portland. but we didn't look at this one, and it's not on our song list. Ed wants a bit of flash-mob style backing singing from our pews, so do have a listen to the chorus and have a stab...

OOoooooh-AAAaaaaagh ... And the other part of your homework is learning the words for Satuday's music festival, or taping them to the back of your polo shirt. And we all know what Bryan Husband is going to say - Smile, and why aren't we all wearing the same colour this year? Probably. If you want to be advised and maybe even touched by Mr Husband, turn up with a solo act in your head for his master-class after our sing-off.

See you saturday folks, Big love, Cat xxxx