25 february 2010

It's got to be ... Perfect!

Back from our half term holiday were a eager bunch of choir members, seemingly a bit low on numbers. Was something else on, or did Ed’s nuttiness at the last session put some members off? He behaved himself very well this week, which is more than I can say for me and Marie.

We have hit the revision section of our practices now, having had all kinds of songs and hilarity hurled at us in the last few weeks. Time to stick with the ones we love, and sweep the others under the proverbial, including, and let’s all cheer, YMCA!

So we worked hard on ‘the Susan Boyle number’, the ‘kids from fame’ song, Rent, and ‘Winner takes it all‘, featuring new voices to us all, which all choir members agreed was a lovely thing. Nikki had a go at the solo in rent, and we had a new man for the second part, (yes we do have the odd man at choir), and a new female vocal for the Abba song!

New voices were also aired at the end, when Ed presented us with our mystery song, a fun way to get more choir members singing a solo part. We were given two radio mics to circulate, and murmurs of approval rumbled around as the lyrics of ‘Perfect Day’ hit the over-head screen. Those that knew this song got stuck in, and whoever had the idea to try this is a genius, we might even got audience participation for a bit of fun with this one!

Now Ed wants your help, to come up with a set of songs we can sing as a medley, ones which everyone will know, as we think of other ways to support this years chosen charity, and their ‘singing for the brain’ project. Marie thins we should do the birdie song, and now she wont sit next to me any more! But older songs would be better, even as far back as 1920 or so…my mind has gone black at the moment, and all I can think of is getting my cerial.

Thanks ‘Dorset for singing‘. I do love you all xxx

11 Feb 2010

Going Out With A Bang!

Well its half term next week so don’t turn up at choir. But do turn up here next week when I’ll have a special treat for you … or maybe not.

Ed certainly acted like the world - or half term - was about to end, as he plunged us into a vigorous warm up and threatened to march us through all ten new songs. It didn’t happen of course. Seasons of love is so very layered and complicated that we had to work on it for several hours, until offered some light relief provided by ‘Star Maker‘. This is a song for BIG EGOS, and yes, its one of Ed’s choir choices! So just think yourself into the shoes of those American kids, dreaming their dreams, and paying in sweat, everyone should imagine that this is their solo, to get that very special powerful sound. Heck, I do that all the time.

The Glee cover is certainly starting to sound like it belongs to us now. Its very upbeat and just right for a cold dark night, so no more grumpy faces folks. Incidentally, I found This Link which is well sung and shows the different parts of the song. We seem to be missing some bah-da-dahs …

Actually this choir practice was so busy that I did feel as though all has merged into one big song. But I must add that Ed gave up the biggest thrill of all when he said we had sounded at our best ever. Wow. I wiped a little tear from my eye. This is what its about folks.

Anyway, I’m sure you have some work to do. Look back next week when I will show some edited candid-camera footage of some of the grumpiest faces at choir. But you will all be very happy now, as there is no more YMCA song! Have a good half-term break, and thanks to Dave, for following the blog and leaving our second comment xxx

more ticket outlets via local business ...

Concert tickets will now also be available via The Phoenix Bakery and Jezebel's Jewels, just click through to their web links to see their phone numbers and addresses.

Ticket Sales ... Portland Arts Centre

the lovely people who run the portland arts centre have agreed to sell our tickets during their fire and ice exhibition from 28 february ...
i will be showing some work there too :-)

SPICE by Catherine L Owen
(Mary not included)

9 february 2010

The Pub-Party
Agenda, and (525,600) minutes …

1 Easter Concert

The format of the last concert was deemed very successful, with perhaps a few more soloists next time, but it is interesting how differently we have done things each time. There will definitely be no YMCA so you can stop learning it now and put your feet up. This leaves us with 10 new choir songs … and we will have a live band too, with nothing taken from our charity kitty to pay for them.

We will have tables seating as well, but no bar, only tea coffee and soft drinks, and this will be ongoing so as to avoid half-time queues and hopefully sell a few more drinks and raise a few more pennies. We talked about bringing you won bottle, but I’ve crossed it out again, this is to stop people laughing throwing things at Ed’s bottom.

We will look into three possible ticket outlets, I will approach the new Portland Arts Centre, and we will also try the new bakery in town and Jezebels Jewels.

Dress code will still be blue, with perhaps the chance of red clothes for Christmas time, for a festive flavour. Yummy!

To help raise more money we want members tins of caviar and chocolate eggs, so that we can group donations into baskets and have a raffle which will be drawn discreetly and displayed for folk to collect on the way out, at home time. Can anyone make those chicks that are knitted around crème eggs?

Of course we can still have our words on the screen. Just please, don’t stare at it like you will be shot of you look away. And we have seen the DVD so we know who you are. Glance around the room, smiling as you sing, and the audience will never know!

2 General Choir Stuff

We generally sing, and keep, songs that work with us as a group. There were requests for carpenters, show tunes, and Morning Has Broken, which isn’t a hymn but gets used as one. We still keep brainwashing Ed to let me sing la-la-la-la-laaaaaa … or I’ll settle for “honey honey” in my mellifluous tones!

Choir will still start at 7, with the FREE warm up from 6.45, and notices at 7 to be fair to those getting here then. Any thoughts on getting Dave to take some nice smiley photos for our publicity? Using a proper camera of course. And do let us know if you enjoy the blog.

4 Feb 2010

Soloist, Left and Right …

Good evening choir and welcome to another blog, this time it’s fresher than usual rather than the morning after. Ed had lots of news this week to start us off, the most important being out 2 fast approaching concerts and our pub meeting next Tuesday at 7.30.

We are taking part in the best of Dorset again this year, on stage at 1.30, so please don’t arrive any later then 1.23. See I told you I would write down just what Ed said! that’s on Sunday 21 march, just before our usual termly concert on Thursday 25 march and guess what - we will have a live band, at no cost to our fund raising so lets give them a very big hand when we meet them. Are you going to join us this time Malcolm?

We ran through ‘you got a friend’ which everybody likes, and also the glee cover, ‘don’t stop believing’ which some people love and some folk, well … can you see anyone that is not enjoying it?

look, the lefties are singing their litle hearts out !

I have decided to spice the blog up with more pics, and if no one else takes any for me then I will pop up with my camera now and then. So make sure you keep smiling, you know its bad to frown.

Well done ruth for singing our solo part for ‘winner takes it all’ I was so glad I finally watched mama mia just the other week, now abba makes much more sense to me. I’m looking forward to more choir with front-men and choir backing. Who knows, Ed my let me do that cheesy Karen carpenter number I keep harping on about. I do like cheese.

ps - i put a question on the blog forum ... :-)