22 October 2015

The Lovely Jenny was Jacks stand in, and and she promised not to play solitaire all night. 

Before any warm ups we heard from Richard from The MS Society without his official shirt. The branch we support covers Bridport, Lyme Regis Portland and some other bits. The oldest member is 104. All commitie members are volunteers, and have usually been affected by MS in some way. Richard himself has been diagnosed with the condition. All money raised goes to support anyone affected by MS. Home adaptations, FES machines to aid mobility, social outings and respite care are among supports provided by the charity. 

The disability is caused by nerve damage, and scarring in the brain. Treatments are improving with changes now that we didn't have 5 years ago. No one had any questions for Richard so he thanked us and left us to sing!

Then Ed plugged the keyboard back in so that we could warm up. Notices first. Don't come next week. That leaves 5 sessions to our concert! Ed also thanked everyone for coming to the meeting on Monday. 

Jenny shared the running order of the wedding then we all had a go of sounding like Karen. It was easier for most when Ed changed the key. He changed the key again for the middle eight without telling us but we forgave him. D+4. Oh yes indeedy. 

Next we revisited So Happy Together. Just a run through before another new song. Yes, a Christmas song! Jenny downloaded Stop The Cavalry. Luckily Julie knew how to fit many of these words in as many of us didn't. 

Time to impress Jenny with our sound effects - would be better without the giggles but still, I think Jenny felt it. Well she felt something. 

A wedding song, True Love Ways had only a link instead of a set of words. So we left that for The Sound Of Music Medley! Which we know quite well now. Jenny liked it so much she gave us the clap. And Ed gave us a bum-note warning! And mentally ordered a take away for his tea ...

And finally, Rosé, voted by us, to finish. 
I love ya! Keep singing XXXX

15 October 2015

The one with the sticky silver ball that smelled toxic ...

Thanks to Mike for stepping in to work the computer again today! And thanks to a special Wey Valley account, Ed is selling photocopied words for £20 a sheet (a voluntary contribution really, and copies are really 4p a page).

Hopefully next week all concerts will be confirmed and we will here from Richard talking about this years charity and saying thank you to us! 

And a dum-dum-diddle and we were away! And after a rich and varied warm-up we listened to a very clever a Capella choir performing Africa with some marvellous rain and thunder sound effects. Then it was our turn. Turned out so impressive I wish I had recorded it! The thunder was especially fun to do and rolled around the school hall ending in an involuntary Oooooh! It's gonna take a lot to learn this song but it's gonna be a real show stealer. 

We worked on the harmonies then stood to perform both the weather and the song! And yes I recorded it. Hehe. 

Dusty time next, 'cause we Only Want To Be With You! After a kareoke track and a quick cigar break, we had some words for a sing-along-with-Ed. Ed said it was suspicious good!

And next our Sound of Music Medley, just watch those schnitzels! I have to report that Edelweiss makes my family groan. Maybe I'm not doing so well with that one... So I promise not to blog the bum-note you did at the end. Hehe. But it needs sorting out to give us that fabulous show style ending, so Ed broke it down before we did. 

Quirky as the clock was ticking, True Love Ways ready for Wendy's Wedding. Original key to start with ...

And to finish, Ed's number, The Song Of The Sea in Bb - which is supposed to be the flat symbol. And the high notes kinda went off the scale! Well remembered everyone. Love you XXXX

8 October 2015

Are you listening? 

Sorry about the lack of blog last week folks, I have a sick note somewhere ....

Our first performance of the season will be at Wendy and peters wedding 6pm at The Riviera 7th November. Tonight we will learn True Love Ways. 

An Isle of White meeting in the skittle alley of The Admiral Hardy on Monday 19th October just after 7pm, to discuss logistics for our next choir adventure. 

This year we will be supporting multiple sclerosis, our local region of course! Voting was close last week

DFS Dorch are inviing US to support their first concert, on Wednesday 9th December 7.30 United Reform Church. On the 10th it's our concert here in the school hall (All Saints)

Then with just the piano we attempted True Love Ways. Ed sang like a girl, just for the ladies. Nice. Then we all stood for a sing through, with more reminders to sing the right notes, and to put some gaps in the words so they don't all go together like pasta bake. It's not reccomended to go on you tube and listen to Buddy Holly at all so there you go!

And on out greatest hits list is Run so let's run with that... Halfway through the harmonies reappeared as people remembered them. I felt like a tenor, but Elaine said I was only a fiver. So we stood to perform. 

Next up, The Sound Of Music Medley. Ed wanted to see who had been doing repor homework. I don't think it was me. We said the end was alright. He decided we needed more people on the melody at the start than the whole choir split so we tried that. 

Finally - Africa! And time to go home - keep singing xxxxx