17 October 2013

The one with the brand new warm up that lasted rather a long time and ended up in the jungle (breathe now).

In news, Downton abbey are looking rather full, but Blenheim Palace have booked us... Downton abbey might squeeze us in next summer, wait and see!

Keeping the dream alive might still need some arrows, but I used my finger in the interim. Hmmm. You really have to be there to know what I'm on about, don't you? What ever would 'Blog Reader' say?

'I love it when you call' causes us a few problems again when we tried to add in extra letters all of our own. We should have it all! We really do because we are the best choir in Dorset.

We had a listen to Babs singing that King And I number, following the words as we went along, and as the choir joined in all hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I promise it wasn't the thought of Yul Brenners shiny head .... All new to me! But I still just want to sing 'if I loved you' during this song! My bad ...

In the original key we were in the mood for dancing! The YouTube seemed to be sung by a 5 year old Michael Jackson. So key from B down 4. Phew. Then back up 2! The words will have an update.

We finished with a groovy kind of love, them went home to our night caps! Keep singing, and keep listening to our songs on you tube, paying attention to the bit you know you really don't know. Love you, Cat xxx

10 October 2013

The one with the photographer!

The photographer smiled with satisfaction after each shot, zooming here and there and swinging from the rafter to get that perfect composition. And then demonstrated how to navigate Youtube on the big screen in order to facilitate your homework! Thank you Jack. Please remember not to get too excited that you don't change the words! you know how much we are all addicted to staring at them!

We kicked off with uptown girl, key-original again, and some work on some harmonies. And the knows, noz and knooooowz! Ouch!

Ladies only for the start of a song I don't know from the king and I am very sorry for not knowing it. Some parts were very high even for the ladies! And sorry also for attempting to sing 'if I loved you' over the top, and it's performed in the original key. On YouTube look up the Barbra Streisand version (king and I medley)She sings both parts herself. 

We tackled the feeling number, no not the wine one! And it's in the key of F. Vava voom needed! Drop me a line if you like this fun song, 'cause I love it when you call!

Dropping down again (see last blog post - back down a key) we sang 'groovy kind of love' and thought of Jenny. Well I did. But please sing it from the boots everyone, as we need more volume, especially the last chorus! Julie's high harmony is lovely :-) Well done Julie and Ed on the duet, getting to be a habit ...

In other important news, DFS needs an admin and PR body, which could be me if i have a bit of training, and also know how to chat up the folk at The Echo, and at Wessex FM already ... Better offers apply through Ed or Jenny please! Love you, Cat XXXX