Re-Launch...TIME ADDED!

We have been asked to perform at Weymouth Asda's relaunch day on Monday 15th August in the morning (time to be finalised).

It will be our Beach Live set. If you can spread the word and let Ed know if you can make it, We will be most grateful! Use the Forum, HERE!

ASDA time comfirmed as 10-10:30, arrive 9:45!

14 July 2011

The Last Post ...

And so, all sorts of concerts under out belt for our third year, Dorset for Singing met under the watchful eye of The Dinner Ladies, Slurped down Ed's barely legal punch, and sang, oh how those people sang! I think even late comers settled in fast and had a good time, and when you tube gave up for the night, they still kept singing. In fact, some of them may still be there!

Some of the events of the night must remain unblogged, at least until i have taken legal advice, and the words of Rachel's last song will not be published at all!

Have a good summer dear choir, remember I love you, and try to be good. Might see some of you at the oasis, for a frothy one XXX

10 July 2011

Beach Live, Spirit of the sea 2011

Nice stage this year, nice bouncy walls, but we didn't mess about bouncing off them, indeed we were very professional and well behaved at all times, esp when our bottom was poked, isn't that right Ed? I am sure it's the intimacy of such a tiny stage that gets those ladies of the front row all excited and cheeky!

This was the first time I had seen all the 'colours' and that was very cheerful indeed, must have looked brilliant coupled with our clever choreography. The audience were very kind to us, except those that shuffled off before the end, mind you, at least they waved goodbye. Perhaps they needed some paella!

Choir social next week folks, get practising for some karaoke, bagsy all the Fleetwood Mac numbers ... just kidding! Hugs and kisses, THE CAT XXXX

9 July 2011

St Edmund's concert ...

7 July 2011

The Day Ed Said Something Was Perfect ...

Slipping into the music room again was fun, with Ed warming up on the jangly piano, and Michael back in the hot seat pressing buttons. Nice to have Ed up close and personal, conducting with great passion and energy, new pointy fingers to tell us to keep going, and covering the front row in copious amounts of sweat.

Still a few bum-notes faithfully remembered and rendered, so looking forward to hearing those as we brave the storms on the beach on Sunday ... If some one would like to send me a blog about Saturday that would be lovely. I really can't be spreading myself too thinly these days. And I need to spend time on Saturday dressed as a creature in support of Artwey again!

Some polo shirts have not arrived so Ed said we could wear some other kind of polo shirt, but both of mine are really rather striped and wearing my husband's will just make me look silly! I might just wear the animal costume I think ... See you at the Weekend folks, have fun! Cat XXX

1st July 2011

Rainbow Bright...

And so the DFS members were treated to a rainbow of colours as they arrived at choir, to form an orderly queue at Michael' and Carol's Polo Shirt stall. Ed's is not a colour at all, but slimming black, as he is Da Choir Master...

And because he is so masterful, back came the axed songs (booted out last week) for our beach live set, but because we are so rebellious and fear to be criticised for singing all flatly and scrunched up, we began to stand for every song, whether HE said we could or not. And we sounded good. If a bit strained during parts of What I Did For Love which is much too high, and causes muttering and mumblings in the ranks...

And when my extra-extra-specially-made-micro-polo-shirt has finally arrives, Michael can sleep at long last! See you next week in the music room, bring pop and crisps. One more thing - you know how much I love you right? Would you please vote for my circus horse? I made it myself and its up against a plush ring-master. No need to register just click inside the DOT! Big hugs and thank yous, till next time, Cat XXXX