23 June 2011

Lost notes, Sutton Poyntz Area...

Happy last night we rediscovered some lost notes, as we worked very hard singing the songs for our next concert and St Oswald's, where we only have 15 minutes to make a good impression. Rosé was dropped from the set, as the people at these open air concerts want songs they can sing along to, but Falling in Love was dropped too, so some of us are a bit puzzled.

No Polo shirts yet, apparently the silk worms can't spin them fast enough, but hopefully by next week ... apart from mine which is extra very small, so I will just have to use a bigger folder. Or keep my furry animal costume on ...

We did work very hard last night, and Keeping the Dream Alive was a bit flat - perhaps we were just tired, but some arrows in the text would help, like we used to have in the olden days when Michael sat at the PC! See you next week and try not to lose those rediscovered notes again ... Cat XXX

18 june 2011 - Guest Blogger Again!

Hello The Cat,

I noticed that the Saturday concert hasn't had a blog so will write a brief one as I do like briefs.

Preston Garden Party Concert

'I'm with the Choir' I said proudly, as I got into the Rectory gardens without paying. The lovely lady who was in charge of security smiled at me. It was a smile of knowing adoration. Indeed, the look on her excited face clearly showed that she had experienced one of her main aims in life, to have a brief acknowledgment from one of Weymouth's largest musicians.

Once inside the grounds, I walked around each stall, teasing the holders with my 50p. Yes, someone was going to take this life-changing amount from me, almost like a non-secret millionaire, I held the coin tightly, aware that at any moment Lady-in-charge-of-security may be called if a scuffle occurred. Eventually, the tombola got my investment, and my goodness, what an invenstment! Three ladies handerchiefs, some handwash, some more handwash, two gottles of geer, a Maeve Binchy audio CD and some sweeties. Yes, it is obvious that I spent a lot more than 50p on this stall, but that's me, generous and handsome all in one.

After indulging in a lovely cup of Pimms, I staggered (half-jokingly) into the limelight, and the crowd fell silent. In front of me were 60 odd people, some more odd than others. The concert began. Then stopped, while we adjusted the sound levels. Then started again, this time with less gain on the microphones as the wind was playing havoc with them. 'I Can't Help Falling in Love with You' sang the Choir and the audience warmed, as the breezes blew. If you closed your eyes, it was just like a group of singers singing in a garden. If you opened your eyes, it was just the same sort of thing, only in colour.

We then sang 'Keeping' (showbiz people always shorten names of songs so they sound cool), which sounded splendid, followed by 'What' which made my hairy back tingle (hold that image), then 'Rose' (in the correct key rather than the crazy one we did in rehearsals), 'Build' was next which was a lovely mix of great singing with appaulingly uncoordinated dance moves. Finally, 'Sloop', which came together rather well. The crowd were not happy. Not happy that we had finished and we were quite literally forced to perform another. Plucked out of the hat, we nailed 'I' and He saw that it was good.

So, another show, another shed load of pleasure given to the 1000 strong audience(*).

* actual figures may vary

Thank you DFS, you are comfortable and easy to recline upon, and I love you all.

Ed x

Photo by Linda Marshall.

16 June 2011

Let's Play Squares...

Tonight's practice, the blogger, who sadly will not make it on Saturday, had a rare treat - 'Being On The Other Side' and hearing the choir sing their hearts out as they ran through the garden party set, with song held back for and encore (we can only hope). I shouted more, and I got my reward, Dorset for Singing does belt out a rather good hymn, and i am not just saying that because I love you!

BTW, I was looking for big smiles and i got a few, in fact I think one choir member was flirting with me, but I'll have a word with her later..!

I will be looking for a guest blogger next for saturday's concert, so if you fancy your name in lights drop me a line with your efforts, otherwise we may have to suffer the results of the surrealist wofflings of Ed, again. Many grave apologies for crying off, but I need to look after those three pixies (see last week). I do hope it is only a temporary set back, with love, cathy@raggyrat.co.uk XXX

9 June 2011

We are going to need Considerably Bigger Folders!

Although the last practices before half term seem very far away, we do remember that they were filled with pixies-in-tutus, drugs from asda, and a very grumpy Ed who could not sing! So he appologised for that tonight. Especially the pixies!

We worked hard tonight and sung lots of songs - it will soon be time to chose the ones for our next concert, Preston Garden Party - and just hoping that these polo shirts turn up in time! Otherwise, turn up naked, and hold your folder sideways! This will raise a record amount of funds and get us all as internationally famous as Ed! To discuss naked singing, and song choices, turn up at the PUB MEETING on Tuesday.

And because I miss the Pixies, here are three of my little Imps bouncing along on the 'land train', enjoying the potholes as we go! Daisy almost bounced out of the frame!