13 December 2012

The Christmas concert ...

It is with great pride, and a glass of red wine that I sit to blog the blog about our enormously fun and successful concert, where we raised a healthy amount of cash for Motor Neurone Disease sufferers and families.Some of it while putting our hands on our bottoms, but I'll get to that in a minute! Thanks to Mary for  getting on the mic and telling us about the charity and her son Spencer xxx

It seems an age since we stood on stage at all saints school, and in fact we must have 'grown' as some of us were down on the floor again! And although the Christmas tree was not a patch on previous years' Christmas trees, it did mean that only the odd word was missing behind both it and one of the speakers used by the school. Of course, its no secret at all that we are all inclusive and make groovy power points so that the words can be seen at all. It sounds like many members have stopped staring at the screen now like rabbits-in-headlights, as I was asked by a member of the audience why the choir all stared at Ed. Well he was managing to conduct without his hands, rather clever id you ask me. MY favourite bit is when he mouths 'perfect' after a song finishes, while looking with relief at the notes on his keyboard ...

Well done from me to all soloists, I know what that feels like!

What fun we had playing heads and tails trying to win a Jeremy Bowen of champers, I esp had a giggle because of getting so close. Still not sure if I should stay Facebook friends with Richard now!

And after all our hard work, the treat of listening to Ed perform as his Alter Ego, during which I slipped away to relieve my lovely baby sitters and unwind from all that laughing at Ed's jokes.Well done DFS, love you so much, I cant wait to see you in 2013! Keep singing!

6th December 2012

The where the blogging was live...

Taking no chances this week against bad weather, sick children or forgetfulness, so blogging is taking place as we sing. Or not, as we haven't started yet!

All set up, and immersed in general chit chat, Ed and I worked out that the key for my solo is E minor.

Penultimate practice means a full concert run through, followed by a break, and some analysis. EEEEE-OOOOOR! The non-synchopators will be named and shamed again...The break was 4 minutes of speed-dating. Someone I didn't know did smile at me!

Next week, it's our concert and we will be back in the hall. The dress code is polo shirts and black bottoms, because we are indoors and do not need to wear our coats.

But for now it's back to the sofa for a hot drink, a bit of blogging, oh blogger me, I have already done it. Who wants to see a really funny pic of Michael and Ed?

The one where the blog was late ...

Hello nose-pickets, it's that time of year for coughs, sneezes and tummy rumblings to rattle round the hall as we dum-dum-diddly, and the like!

Have been having a very fat-head, so am stocking up on honey and lemon for our big concert, which is now rather less than two weeks away! Suggest you so same. Only coz I love you! Rather think though that a cash bar would be better.

Practice was filled with excited (paper) flutterings as charitable print outs of carols were handed out and my children tried to get one copy each because sharing sucks when you are KS1!

But we did get to Sing a good few of our all saints concert songs, and I hope you are all doing your homework this week. Keep singing/gargling and remember Maria Callas always used to eat tomatoes. Love you. The Cat xxxx