23 feb 2012

The one with all the votes! Ed was back in the hot seat again after half term, and although a bit rusty was OK after a few slaps around the face with some old gloves. Self inflicted of course. Thanks for the reminder from Linda on where Eds brains actually are! A lesson to us all.

And its all this month, with a concert, a music festival and The Best of Dorset all happening before march is out! Make sure you are there a week tomorrow for a master-class with our old friend Bryan Husband, when we will sing the two songs that god tonight's votes, Let the River Run, and Run, or was it Run Rabbit Run? Might be nice with Easter on the way!

MMM Chocolate ... still we wont get into trouble for performing 'with or without you' in front of Bee!

Free on Saturday? Pop into the palm house for psalms/coffee/a lovely bit of social knitting, if you bring your knitting you might keep your hands warmer, as its pretty cold, and arrive at 2pm. Keep singing, and remember I love you lots! xxxxx

9 February 2012

The one with Hannah's Hire People!

Ed was busy with Joseph this week, and so it was time for another carefully structured Musical Master-class with Hannah. Why is it Ed never does a  Musical Master-class? With him its always 15 new songs, and merely a practice! Never mind, we all go for the bad jokes anyway!

You know, after tonight singsters, I might even deicide to like FLOOD by TAKE THAT, except I will never ever like the bit at the end with the odd notes. That someone's idea for a laugh and a deterrent from fine karaoke performance! And I don't even mind not being one of the Hire people, or the higher people, for that matter!

The harmonies in Annies song were superb, we really are a cracking choir, even Hannah said so ... we shall see  what Mr Ed has to see when he next returns, although our recent and wonderful concert will be but a distant memory by then!

Can anyone sing the 1-2-3-4-5 warm-up without going onto 6? No, me neither! Don't forget the coffee morning next Thursday afternoon at the Psalm House :-) and have a nice Half-term XXX

2 February 2012

The one were we performed well at our old venue again ...

How lovely and tingly to be singing live again, back in the bosom of All Saints School hall, adoring fans brandishing their lighters, and drinking beers! We looked great, all the colours of the rainbow and, with the daring among us perched on all manner of wobbly benches, made a beautiful tier of ever-smiley faces!

Feedback from adoring fans included how much stronger we had all become, and how seemingly professional at all time, never for one moment giving anything away to the audience!

The cabaret section included some new soloists, which is always nice, as well as Neil playing his guitar to accompany his lovely wife Carol. Huge thanks from me to all the soloists, because without you I would be the only one, and although I enjoy it hugely, I would need a lot longer with my hairbrush and CD collection to gather a full set, for half time! Thanks to the smashing audience for joining in with me and Ed for his bits ... not so sure about the evil laugh, I was thinking more along the lines of a fatherly chuckle, but hey, it's all live, and it's all good!

Well done choir, as ever, you sang your socks off, and I love you loads! Cat XXXX