28 June 2012

Feeling strangely tired this week, i have no idea where that most-outstanding-choir cup has gone, so he must be up to no good somewhere. If you fancy hosting him on your dusty mantel, do let the management know. I think Linda wants a shot? Come and get him!

We got some lovely feedback following our Sutton Poyntz concert, and polished some of those songs ready for the next open-air event! Banana whats-her-face is getting dropped from that line up, as well as the keene song. 

New songs included a Paul McCartney classic - watch the official video of you tube for a giggle (these  days he would have had an iphone buzzing in his pocket), and a Hymn, which sounds like all the other Hymns and which's name also escapes me. In fact, as if to prove they all sound completely the same (odd note-changes, swelling organ parts) I started singing 'great is your faithfulness' by mistake as I drove the Dum-dum-dibbley kittens home to bed ...

See you next week and keep that Fire Ay-burning! Love you XXXX

21 June 2012

From the 'Most Outstanding Choir' Cup ...

My wasn't yesterday and awfully long day? I Decided to try a spot of sunbathing, but that was a silly idea and all i did was get my lovely silver-self wet on the grass. I'm Still staying with the blogger, Cat, and Kittens, as no one else has invited me round, but you never know. The year is yet young.

Meanwhile, back in the school hall, DFS get lively with a concert rehearsal ready for SP on Sunday - weather permitting, of course. I stayed at home on the mantel, but according to the humans, its going to be a corker, a great mix of songs there. So long as DFS remember not to sulk at any point, and how to liven up again after soothing-down.

Good news is that our Normandy tour should be full steam ahead now, yippeee - that should make for some hot blogging. Sadly, as a Weymouth Music festival cup, i may have moved on by then but i'll be sure to pop by and see what's cooking. Banana Mouskouri, any one?

16 June 2012

The One with the microphone ... Back after half term, and back in the school hall, but so far from Ed that he whipped out a microphone, were Dorset for Singing, raring to go and strong of voice, with a new soloist for SING and their winter boots on.

Our foreign tour might yet not happen as we have only half the numbers required for those oh-so-reasonable costs! But I'm still not bringing my 'fuzzies' (children) to make up the numbers as I have never yet experimented with sitting them in a coach for a long time. We will just have to don some Red Coats and entertain some holiday camp veterans somewhere nice ....

Sutton Poyntz Street Fayre looms, but we were still having a look at some brand new songs, and rehearsing some recent new ones, with Another You and Run Away sounded really good, so good that we even got complements off Ed, and you know he doesn't give THOSE out lightly!


But what's this? No I am not making some hot chocolate, I am having my turn at hosting the Cup we won for Most Outstanding Choir at this years music festival, Just have a work with our choir management if you would like to fondle it next! Don't whatever you do photograph it in the buff, and post on the intnernet ...

Love you Lots, keep SINGing xxxx

31 May 2012

Back to the Future

Tonight, tonight we found ourselves stuck in the middle with you back in the old music room, where passions temperatures soared, but the singing was good. The tambourine playing was even better.

Tonight was almost unplugged, with Ed squeezed into the corner with the battered grand piano, and although Dave and Michael blew the dust off the computers, there was not an internet connection to be had, until Michael plugged in his android and we listened to some lovely layered harmonies.

Prize for funniest warm up of the night went to our attempt to sing twinkle twinkle little star, in a different key to the one Ed was playing at the same time. This just happened to be the bit where Fulvia and Jenny walked in to the room after door duty, and wore theatrical matching frowns at the awful singing!

Still time for some last minute deposits to be made, so get yours in, i wont be bringing my well behaved kittens, because I don't want you to see them when they get really grumpy, and spoil that lovely image in your collective head. Enjoy half-term folks, and keep singing xxxx