15 December 2016

In a rare moment of generosity, I crossed the ridgeway with hubby to offer my limited services to DFS Dorch on the occasion of their fabulous Christmas concert. I took my African Nose Flute, my adjusted folder and my camcorder and bummed a lift with our Aussie contingent ahead of Michael and our car. 

DFS Dorchester is much smaller in number than DFS Weymouth but makes up in volume what it lacks in bodies, and I was impressed by the big, clear sound. In fact they almost drowned me out during parts of My Reckless
Love or so my recording would have it. I got most of the concert btw, and will be popping parts of it onto YouTube very soon, Christmas plans permitting. 

We had a smallish but happy audience and a few days later Ed posted to facebook, "Thank you to Dorset for Singing and friends for raising £245.15 for Diverse Abilities last night.  You rock to the core!" And I was impressed too. Everyone was very friendly and asked me to pop over again. Makes a change to blog for the other side. 

Have a great Christmas if I don't blog you sooner! Cat xxx

8 December 2016

As Ed proudly posted in our facebook group, "Really pleased to announce that Dorset for Singing's concert at All Saints School last Thursday raised a grand total of £713.90 for the Dorset County Hospital Cancer Appeal.  Thank you to everyone who sang, supported and gave so generously." DFS Dorch looked forward to their concert and gave us a huge well done too. 

I love the Christmas concert held in all saints school hall each year. There's a fabulous family atmosphere with the tables and chairs in clusters, games and the best raffle ever as well as choir songs and soloists! 

I personally want to thank everyone for singing My Reckless Love with me, I'm really amazed what Ed did with a few scribbled thoughts that I sent to him this summer. I might do that again! Thank you to everyone that works hard to make DFS what it is, and that includes thanks and good bye to the school caretaker who always gave me the time of day and a smile. 

DFS Dorch concert next, cannot wait. Well I can. I'm nervous and I've not sung there before! Love you lots, Happy Christmas, Cat xxx

1 December 2016

And one more time in the common room did DFS gather, one week before their fabulous concert, expectant and thronging. Last week was our bad dress rehearsal so we were looking forward to our good dress rehearsal this year. We had 13 tracks to run through and hoped for some Random-oke as well. 

Ed has another date for next year, and though the date is yet to be confirmed, we will be singing once again at All Saints Church Portland, probably in May. Steamy Christmas puddings were available at the back, thanks to Julia. Outfits for next week would be awesome if red, fun, festive and furry. But normal choir dress would still be awesome if you prefer. 

And off we went .... after a huge pause, following the running order I published last week. Nice. I'm posting it here incase clicking last week is too hard for you. It's not so easy, blogging away live on my phone, and I can write about our surprise flash mob. Haha. 

Hello, Goodbye
Love is All Around
My Reckless Love
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
I Only Wanna Be With You
Bridge Over Troubled Water


Is This the Way to Amarillo?
      Please guys, don't come in too early .....

When We Were Young
A Winter’s Tale
Christmas Medley

And this will be our final song, which will play us off the stage - 
Fairy Tale of New York

And off we will go in an orderly fashion. At the end of tonight some folk went off for a drink and discuss choir's trip next year. But before that there was just time for Any-oke but only just as Ed spent a lot of time cheeting so no ballads won. No Milk Today, I'm gonna grab a pint on the way home for my wheats-pops in the morning. 

Have fun at the pub and choose a good venue. See you next week in a ton of tinsel. Should I bring Ben the rat? Hmmmm .....  love you all, Cat xxz