28 April 2016

The one after we had been away for a very long Easter break ...

Ed had menus for Friday-night-in-the-isle-of-whyte-dinners and these were collected wth much enthusiasm from the front. 

Polo shirts have been having issues with sizing but that should be sorted out soon, with the careful use of pieces of paper. 

10 songs to sing tonight so with a quick warm up we will do our best, as our All Saints concert looms - the church on Portland not the school - in two weeks time on Friday 13 May. There's other stuff coming up but my blogging fingers got left waaaaay behind. 

Ed and Jack also showcased the brand new website and I got distracted by my name in lights. 

Make You Feel My Love - watch the sssssss as usual. 

Video Killed The Radio Star - Julie was volunteered to sing Ruth's part which was the one I had a go at before the Easter holidays. No problems there. 

Total Eclipse of The Heart - some of the words were scrubbed and Ed shouted out the changes. This song also got another run through at the end, and it takes some slick scrolling from Jack as it has 15 million thousand words in it, all sung at top-speed. When we finish I feel like I've been jogging (Race For Life training). 

Only Yesterday - coming along rather nicely, said Ed. 

Forever Motown - our choir master was amazed by the enegry levels we exhibited in this song. 

Life On Mars - more of the harmonies please. 

Right By Your Side - but no one did any stupid noises. So Ed made us do lots of them. For Extra. 

One Day Like This - needs some ironing 'next time' as some parts have been forgotten. At the end of our ten songs Ed wanted to work more on this one, so we did, trying to remember what he threw at us the first time. 

Do You Hear The People Sing - we know and love this one well! 

Somewhere - someday we will get this one! 

Then we had time to run through these songs again, so Ed decided to go back and blog under the same headings. So you already know what we did. Ho hum. 

Well done everyone you worked so hard I love you xxxx