29 April 2010

Summer Term - Hot News!

We are back, We are keen, Raring to go, but we have a bad cough. Its amazing just how much vibration can be generated by humming with a blocked nose. But Hum we did, and then then 5 Super Songs made the evening Disappear!

There will be three uplifting performances this term, June 12th, 19th and of course our concert which may be around the time of spirit of the sea again. We need to have a meeting soon, but 'The Spa' think we are too noisy, so when we have found another venue which can cope with us we will post the details... There will be beer, civilized talk, and heated arguments about the merits of brown trousers, OK if you get very nervous i suppose...

SOS time again, Ed announced that we would sing our very first choir song, and expected wee Dave to know what that was, but that was in the olden days and well before his time with Dorset for Singing. We knocked that one back into shape, somewhat then also revisited Let the River Run, but only because some Wey Valley pupils rejected the song on lyrical grounds... Nice backing track, and Ed got going with his baton, which helps us nod our heads in time...

We do have a nice large repertoire now, so we will have a more relaxed term working on songs we know, but we also listened to a GLEE version of Lean on Me, and the last choir standing version of I'll be There, but your home work this week is to listen to the Jackson 5 version, and Ed and Dave will sort out some proper lyrics.

And while I try to think of the 5th song we did, I hope you like our new format, the standing up for the final sing of each number, even if we do look like a sea of nodding dogs!