31 January 2013

The one without the choreography please!

Tonight the Cat and Kittens returned, some said they were missed and some were given dirty looks by Mary, who didn't want to be acknowledged at all! Welcome back Adrian, who may have been around last week of course...

New songs tonight, including a dancing queen with some very large gaps and that lovely Adele number, only in a very in-Adele key!

House keeping included chatting about out European tour, which we must pay for when choir starts back on Thursday 28th February, after half term break. Also since we lost Michael's tech input, Ed has moved the DFS website so if you are reading this you must be a detective.

Common room next week, please bring folding car or walk/run ...

17 January 2013

The one were Ed turned 40, and nothing of any really proper singing work got done ...

It was nuttier than Christmas in the hall tonight, as Jack and Jenny worked the room with fizzy wine and only Harry stayed sober to press the buttons and slide the slider things to keep feedback at a minimum. While the buzz from the keyboard connections was mostly kept under check, the cheek given to the hour master reached new heights of annoying, and I'm very sorry about that indeed.

Am blogging from the sofa, in keeping with tonight's relaxed atmosphere, and with a nice glass of rosé! We had four new songs to have a go at including one which Ron sang at Wey-bay during one of our appearances there! We had a really good go at that as everyone seems to know the chorus of 'oh what a beautiful morning', and has sun it in the shower at least once.

Concert announced for the 10th may, at all saints church on Portland, so I pencilled it in on my iPhone at the same time as chatting with Jenny and Anna on a fresh photo of Ed. shared here for your enjoyment. Have a good weekend, In bed with the snow. Keep singing xxxx

10 January 2013 ...

The one where Michael got his tankard ...

Happy new year Dorset for singing, a bit of a croaky start for us all after all the seasonal indulgence, even yours truly had succumbed to the love that is Baileys, this Christmas! We had lots of lovely new songs to trial, and some of them were immediate hits and most of them were 'too low', but we got there in the end. As ever, we get a feel of new songs, sometimes in more than one practice, then sometimes kiss them goodbye and more on!

Some odd buzzes and crackles tonight, not from out throats but from Ed' and Jack's struggles with some dodgy leads and dusty projector filters, long overdue a good cleaning!

Really good feedback about of Christmas concert has come to me from a couple of sources, so just passing it onto share the love, we just get bigger and better every time. So well done DFS, pour your selves another!

Someone suggested a choir social to see Les Mis, and I think that would be a marvellous idea, esp as our other socials involve food, alcohol or too much coffee! But don't talk to Michael about organising that, as tonight he stepped down as choir manager and had to try very hard to unwrap his groovy tankard! He can bring that next week when Ed celebrates becoming 40. Don't knock it till you have tried it. 40 is fun! Turn up next week in your best dress, and find out! Please drink responsibly! Now get your you-tube out, and get singing! love you, Cat XXXX