22 Movember 2012


One for the Echo there. And please accept this note from me best mate, who told me to stay home and stay safe. Linda sent me the low down on last night practice, as she and Jackie manned the doors and watched the choir folk arriving, wind swept and breathless before tackling the stairs to the common room. All the chairs facing the door, so anyone coming in late had the shock of everyone staring at them!

After the warm ups Ed decided that we needed a more intimate mood, so he turned most of the lights off. It was actually better to see the screen, which was right in front of the toilet door, so am Linda was glad everyone had `been` before practice, phew!

Then, the spooky bit! The lights in the staircase kept coming on and going off, so Harry was sent to investigate.... but he couldn`t find a light switch, like something from a bad dream. Every time Ed went to play on the keyboard the lights went off and on again several times. Perhaps he should have that organ looked at?

As the evening went on the room got very warm, but everyone refrained from stripping off. Choir sang all the songs quite well with some Dorset variations (laugh,passed etc), and we were reminded to be more American, esp since when we sang `Sing` it sounded Chinese! Nice. Keep singing folks, i missed you all. Thanks Linda see you for coffee sometime xxx

15 November 2012

The one where long ARMS can become a problem!

Ed does seem really pleased with us these days, told us off as usual, but we seem to be doing a lot of good singing. Sorry about the arms, its just that if you do sing a reeeaaally long one, and you are not careful about sounding that little 'M' sound in the middle, then you really are singing about lying in a very different place. and it wasn't the children that pointed it out, it was really me!

After a brief return of the Lobstickles, we belted out a good number of our new songs and felt very positive about our up and coming Christmas concert, on the 13 Dec. And were reminded that next week we are playing singing-sardines in the music block, so arrive at 5pm to ensure a parking space, and park near to the actual music block.

After practice, there was a wee chat about our Normandy tour, covering the possibly of exclusive tour t-shirts and whether frogs legs and snails could be served to vegetarians EVER. Fun. Still not sure who im sleeping with, but they had better snore more quietly than I do! Make sure you have passports as well as pyjamas, folks! Keep singing, I love you! XXXX

PS Ed is not really god, not even Buddha ...

8th November 2012

The one with the saucy wink!

Cracking on with this terms songs and not a feather boah or basque in sight! But Ed was seduced by our attitude anyway. He spoke about performing the song, as opposed to just saying the words in tune, and that if we are not affected by the songs contents with a shiver or a tear of emotion, then we are not really performing.

Our Christmas concert may clash with sparkle night but we won't let that put us off, everyone will need somewhere to come put of the rain anyway!

There will be a quick meeting at the end of next weeks practice, all about our up and coming European tour, and anyone who hasn't paid part two of their deposit will be sat on by Ed. just sayin'.

Keep singing, we are sounding ver pro these days, but that's not why I love you! Xxx