10 December 2015

The Most Wonderful Night Of The Year

DFS performed two Christmassy concerts this year, the first in Dorch and the second in our old haunt, at All Saints School, where it felt like we had not been for some time!

I as Carnival Queen got the greatest honour of Launching the Weymouth event, announcing Ed in true unrehearsed woffly fashion. Such fun. Another one for my bucket-list this year!

And there was some singing too. Choir sang their socks off to a packed hall, saving the seasonal jollities until the second half, if you don't count the harming solo rendition of Silver Bells in our middle section!

Fabulous raffle prizes, fun games and an auction all helped to fill our charity buckets. It was also a pleasure to don sash and crown again and help Jim with the Heads and Tails game, I know I wasn't picked for my tossing skills. I'm one-eye-sighted, so please don't throw coins at me ever! Both concerts together raised over 800 of your British pounds for our chosen charities.

A fabulous solo section this year with lots of brave and confident performers, from 7 to ... as tall as Big Ron. I pushed myself by being Sam Smith/James Bond and proved I listen when my choir master is sharing wisdom by being more careful with diction than Mr Smith. DFS has had many reminders about running words together and missing ends, over the years!

The Christmas section saw the appearance of Ben, the pesky rat. He hadn't shown up since a carol concert we performed once outside debenhams in the square. He lost his had twice but at least he knew all the words!

An equally festive encore finished the night off good and properly and I took my tired happy Fuzzies off home to bedlam. 

See you next week for carols organised by Julia and Ron, followed by Kareoke in The Golden Lion at 8pm. What to sing? I'll drop you a line then to wish you A Happy Christmas, Lots Of Love, Cat xxx

3 December 2015

The one where naughty people stay behind, and we overheated in the dining room. 

Concerts next week folks, please arrive at 6.45pm if Ed likes you and everyone else at 6.55pm please. The stage is dark and the steps are steep so it's a little hard to be seen. Everyone wants Ed to be on a step ladder so we can see him!

 Please don't come topless if your polo shirt hasn't arrived yet, and you are hoping it will be waiting for you. Did he really say that? 

Tonight's format is another complete run through, in two halves and minus the solo section. All solos are being practiced secretly, some in little rooms at Wey Valley School. 

I sat next to Jack who was juggling two lap tops and the speaker which stopped playing for reasons of its own, and lead to a lovely a Capella version of So Happy Together. 

It got its act together for Song of the Sea. Ed went over the descant part again as we had a bit of a mind-the-gap moment. 

Rosé next. Don't forget these long notes need a lot of support. Ed suggested some of us could mine and leave a gap if the air is running out. Let's hope we don't all do that. Although that would be very impressive in itself!

Medley time, we got slightly out of order but we promise we won't do that on the night! Sound Of Music precceded a break, which will of course wil happen on the night too. 

And after more waffle from Ed we dived into the second half, giving anyone who had to permission to leave at 8pm. And following Dusty we had a good talking to about not talking and laughing in between songs, even if we really are utterly-butterly surprised that we sounded half decent. So there. We have been told. 

Xmas medley next. Followed by a quick chorus of fairy tale of New York so see you all next week. Lots of love xxx