8 December 2011

The One Where Linda Mary Marshall posted on your Wall.

"Hi Cat, Update on our `Sparkle` We did ! But the rain and wind tried to stop our wonderful voices! It didn`t ! Just before we went on stage the heavens opened.... and some more! Our mighty leader Ed escorted us ( in our masses) onto a stage fit for only a hand full of healthly built humans. We busied ourselves into an order of... `can you fit this microphone into the space next to your face`? After a bit of jiggling about we all managed to move into a space one can only describe as `personal`

As we got going with the repertoire, Ed was conducting us with the great professional enthusiasm as he always gives, but getting a little bit wet under the nasty Weymouth rain! He`s a trouper ! (We were dry, Oh Yes !) As I was stood next to the side awnning of the `stage`tent the wind kept trying to hit me off kilter, thus making my concentration a little `off key` I don`t think anyone noticed!

I think the onlookers enjoyed our concert, and everyone I spoke to (choir too ) had a good time despite of the awful weather conditions. To end our evening we all gathered in the pub for a `swift `alf`! We thanked Ed and made some new friends too, which is what it`s all about, isn`t it ? As Big Ron shouted out `ITS CHRISTMASSSS`Happy Christmas Everyone. "

24 November 2011

The one where we went back to our old room!

WELL I didn't have to bring my fuzzy-kids tonight as an amazing friend sent a text, asking if she could babysit, and I bit her hand off! This was especially helpful as Daisy was on the Calpol, and retired early, leaving me to jump into Jigsaw-Jenny's car and try and find out practice room for the night.

Ed had another go at making out tummies sore, with a bit of 'UGH UGH UGH', and other lovely sounds, and we worked on a couple of niggly-bits of songs and then a full run through, including the extra special and wonderfully Christmassy Slade number, which is Big-Rons favourite, and as a treat he gets to shout 'IT'S CHRIIIIIIIIST-MAAAAAAAASSSS!' at the end!

Mrs Big-Ron handed out some handmade puddings, and everyone had to sit a little closer than usual which is good news of you are a cold virus looking to make friends, but bad news for lovers of personal space! And we also enjoyed computers that wouldn't talk to screens, no internets for listening to 'walking on sunshine' via you-tube, and memory sticks that would not divulge their files!

And so we next meet again on the streets just before 7.30pm and I have my baby sitter booked already so that will be nice. Dress code - thermal underwear in-case it snows, but not worn onthe outside please! Now dont forget everything we did tonight and remember i love you, no matter how grumpy you are! Cat XXXX

17 November 2011

The one where Catherine turned 30 - Happy Birthday!

And we learned that 'happy birthday' can sort out the real singers at any audition, so why don't they do that one on X-Factor? That would get the thing over and done with! And i dont know about you but my belly hurt after all that jolly laughter, who knew that Ed would find fresh material to amuse us all! Bless him!

Our tone was praised tonight as we tackled 3 songs in great depth, and then were frightened by the fact that we have only one more rehearsal until out street concert on the 8th, so next week is a practice performance, and I might bring my little Fuzzies to watch so make sure you smile :-)And even if out tone was superb, some of out rhythms were shamballick, and it looks like the spell checker can't cope with that one so maybe Ed would like to chose another word?

So happy that we wont be doing carols this year, well maybe a Shakin' Stevens' Christmas number, so I just hope the punters don't throw hot chestnuts at us! Just remember if they do - i love you lots! keep singing, Cat XXXXXXXXXXXX

10 November 2011

The one were Ruth stayed in her pyjamas all day ...

The good news was, our concert may be held in the Pavvy this year, in January. The Bad news is there is no concert on the 1st December after all, nor is there any practice that night as Ed has to be at Parents Evening again.

In Other News, no one picked up Ed's keys, which could be either good or bad, depending on where you stand on that sort of thing! And as unlikely as it sounds while hanging out in the common room with soggy acoustics, some lovely singing got done, my favourite being the erasure song which was rather well done by our own Ed at my 40th :-) It makes us all sound very young and bouncy!

There were some lovely auditions at the end, for the Solo parts in Seasons of love (known in my house as 500 minutes) but I don't know who won yet, as Ed wont text me back, but I'll post it later after pony riding!

Advice from Ed again included, 'if you are not tired, you are doing it wrong', and, 'If it hurts Jenny, you are doing it wrong' - so don't forget that all important deep-down support, and remember to bring it with you. Keep singing, songsters, and see you back in the hall next week. Maybe. Cat XXXX

3 November 2011

Gap (Gap) Year ...

And so, Gathering momentum for our maybe Christmas-concert-come-Christmas-market, its time to pin down the songs we will be singing and tackle them in a big way, just like we did tonight with 'seasons of love'. Soon the full list of those will be on the web site so come back later to find out what's in your DFS stocking!

The timings in Seasons of Love is all very crucial, so do work on those so that Ed will not be cross next time. I do it by playing the song on you-tube a few times while ironing my big pants, but you might have other, preferred ways of learning!

Sorry for being on the 'winning' side again last night, can't be helped I am afraid, being so amazing, and talented as we are. Oh dear, I appear to be turning into Ed. Good advice again from the big man, on looking after one's throat, because we only have one of those each. If it hurts, stop (and I had to last night), and the same goes for singing too of course...

Next week, back in the common room again, unless there is a sign in the car park places to be knocked over and advising otherwise! LOVE you all, keep singing and don't forget to read this blog! xxx

20 October 2011


Lovely, swanky new surroundings for tonight's practice, Purple carpet wall-to-wall (so no re-verb to be had)shiny aqua coloured wall beams and chairs that can't be slouched in. Must buy a handbag just so I can 'plant' my feet firmly! But not till 2 weeks time anyway, as of course next week is half term! Don't turn up then, but the week after, back in the common room again.

We have fun today with the karaoke machine that is Ed's Tyros 3, and some awesome songs, all picked from our requests and some well known songs for a good sing-a-long. When we arrived at choir, Jack played that old carpenters number, 'sing a song', and I warned him, saying I would tell his Dad! Imagine my surprised when Jack told me it was on our play list! It has only taken me three and a bit years to wear Ed down then!

A date has been set for our end-of-term-concert, singing carols in the cold streets, and having a drink together after, just for fun! Shall I dig out that mangy old rat again? He does know all the words of course! Have a lovely half term folks, and don't forget to sing 'dum-dum-diddley' in a mysterious way, while pushing your trolleys around ASDA XXX

13 October 2011

We ARE the Champions ...

This week we rattled some of the 'best-ofs' from year three, and that was good fun. Amazing how well we can sing things we haven't sung for a while, and we even got some lovely X-factor style feedback, and it wasn't a rejection! YAY!

No further updates on coastal voices yet, it all seems a bit surreal and far away, but I know some people couldn't make the password work for them! The songs on the web site are 'interesting'...

Good news for all Bryan Husband fans, as he will be making an appearance again at this years Music festival, and on that day, I am sure we will all know our words! We remembered him as we sang 'breaking up is hard to do', and we have him to thank for our awesome choreography! Sorry Ed, I will stop there!

Get off your sofa on Tuesday and come to the pub, its time for a meeting and a bit of drinking, while we plan what to do next and complain about the song choices! And a week on Firday go and see Ed at The Spice Ship, where he will be half elton john and half some other bloke who sings ... keep singing your selves and remember to read this blog xxxxxxx

6th october 2011

Back to the Future - Year two!

Following on from last weeks re-sing of 'year one' ditties, this week we tackled hot numbers from our second year of wowing local audiences (That was when we really started to get popular, I believe! I BELIEVE!).

Anyway, such a lot of hard work was done trying to remember the gaps, harmonies and funny bits, that I was so tired this morning and overslept, leaving no time to blog before rushing off into my day, when I found out my GP was pleased with my 3Kg weight gain and I got a gold star. 2Kg I stole from Ed, but I don't think he noticed so don't tell him...

So here we are, with a blog to read at last, although I know some of you save it'e delights for the weekend, and if you are 'new' you may not even know it is here, as it's got a tab under a tab these days! Talking of new, nice to see some new men, I do hope they do not run away frightened so fast, this time! Of course you have all read too about COASTAL VOICES by clicking on that tab, and we know that is on Ed's 'to-do' list before his next kebab, and it's on mine too, as I want to be on telly singing in 20-12 while some one runs around with a torch.

There's just one thing I would like to know, with all this reminiscing going on, after our dive into 'year two' - whatever happened to BLOG READER? I always reckoned he was very attractive, and male :-) Keep singing DFS, BIG HUGS XXXXXX

29 September 2011

Boagies ...

Why on earth would one turn up at choir with a head full of snot, and watery eyes? Would it be to share it with everyone else? Quite possibly, but in my case it is because I is the very faithful Blogger! I did tackle some of last nights GREAT songs, but very soon felt my throat getting scratchy and so I listened to everyone else and picked up on a few pertinent points - sorry about that!

It is important to look after those vocal folds, so if you find your self with a share of my lurgey next week, Make sure you stop singing when it hurts, as our dear old Ed always tells us!

Last night we were treated to some delicious nostalgia, all the hits from our first three years together! I still can't believe we made it to year 4, I thought someone would have broken it by now! Ah, so much we remember, and so much we have forgotten, and yet again so much Ed has decided to change (because it's his choir)!

Thanks to everyone who has offered to come early and be door men. Which reminds me, we do need more men, so if you see any spare ones, bring 'em along. And i am going to pick up my GOLD card soon if it kills me. Hugs to all!

22 September 2011


Is't it great to be with all the old choir members again, ready to sing out hearts out for DFS's 4th year! We look forward to adding our voices to the Olympic hoo-har this coming year, as well as pretending to laugh at Ed's jokes every Thursday night that we meet!

Considering the choir has been mostly sitting around in cafes drinking hot chocolate and grumbling about how much polo-shirts don't flatter the female form, We sounded really good and the blogger was extremely impressed! Lots of new songs thrown our way, mixed response to those, but lots of enthusiasm for one of our favourites, 'chasing cars', and the bouncy erasure number we did last! Just to show how much we really enjoy a good sing along, for its own sake really!

For revision purposes, don't forget to pop to 'Dorset for Singing' on you tube (link in the side bar) and look up this terms song videos, which apparently Ed has put in a lovely folder all tidy. Isn't that a pip? and if you can get here early, why not help out on the door. If everyone is on the door and nobody comes in, that would be really funny. Remember I love you, and keep singing, Cat XXX

Re-Launch...TIME ADDED!

We have been asked to perform at Weymouth Asda's relaunch day on Monday 15th August in the morning (time to be finalised).

It will be our Beach Live set. If you can spread the word and let Ed know if you can make it, We will be most grateful! Use the Forum, HERE!

ASDA time comfirmed as 10-10:30, arrive 9:45!

14 July 2011

The Last Post ...

And so, all sorts of concerts under out belt for our third year, Dorset for Singing met under the watchful eye of The Dinner Ladies, Slurped down Ed's barely legal punch, and sang, oh how those people sang! I think even late comers settled in fast and had a good time, and when you tube gave up for the night, they still kept singing. In fact, some of them may still be there!

Some of the events of the night must remain unblogged, at least until i have taken legal advice, and the words of Rachel's last song will not be published at all!

Have a good summer dear choir, remember I love you, and try to be good. Might see some of you at the oasis, for a frothy one XXX

10 July 2011

Beach Live, Spirit of the sea 2011

Nice stage this year, nice bouncy walls, but we didn't mess about bouncing off them, indeed we were very professional and well behaved at all times, esp when our bottom was poked, isn't that right Ed? I am sure it's the intimacy of such a tiny stage that gets those ladies of the front row all excited and cheeky!

This was the first time I had seen all the 'colours' and that was very cheerful indeed, must have looked brilliant coupled with our clever choreography. The audience were very kind to us, except those that shuffled off before the end, mind you, at least they waved goodbye. Perhaps they needed some paella!

Choir social next week folks, get practising for some karaoke, bagsy all the Fleetwood Mac numbers ... just kidding! Hugs and kisses, THE CAT XXXX

9 July 2011

St Edmund's concert ...

7 July 2011

The Day Ed Said Something Was Perfect ...

Slipping into the music room again was fun, with Ed warming up on the jangly piano, and Michael back in the hot seat pressing buttons. Nice to have Ed up close and personal, conducting with great passion and energy, new pointy fingers to tell us to keep going, and covering the front row in copious amounts of sweat.

Still a few bum-notes faithfully remembered and rendered, so looking forward to hearing those as we brave the storms on the beach on Sunday ... If some one would like to send me a blog about Saturday that would be lovely. I really can't be spreading myself too thinly these days. And I need to spend time on Saturday dressed as a creature in support of Artwey again!

Some polo shirts have not arrived so Ed said we could wear some other kind of polo shirt, but both of mine are really rather striped and wearing my husband's will just make me look silly! I might just wear the animal costume I think ... See you at the Weekend folks, have fun! Cat XXX

1st July 2011

Rainbow Bright...

And so the DFS members were treated to a rainbow of colours as they arrived at choir, to form an orderly queue at Michael' and Carol's Polo Shirt stall. Ed's is not a colour at all, but slimming black, as he is Da Choir Master...

And because he is so masterful, back came the axed songs (booted out last week) for our beach live set, but because we are so rebellious and fear to be criticised for singing all flatly and scrunched up, we began to stand for every song, whether HE said we could or not. And we sounded good. If a bit strained during parts of What I Did For Love which is much too high, and causes muttering and mumblings in the ranks...

And when my extra-extra-specially-made-micro-polo-shirt has finally arrives, Michael can sleep at long last! See you next week in the music room, bring pop and crisps. One more thing - you know how much I love you right? Would you please vote for my circus horse? I made it myself and its up against a plush ring-master. No need to register just click inside the DOT! Big hugs and thank yous, till next time, Cat XXXX

23 June 2011

Lost notes, Sutton Poyntz Area...

Happy last night we rediscovered some lost notes, as we worked very hard singing the songs for our next concert and St Oswald's, where we only have 15 minutes to make a good impression. Rosé was dropped from the set, as the people at these open air concerts want songs they can sing along to, but Falling in Love was dropped too, so some of us are a bit puzzled.

No Polo shirts yet, apparently the silk worms can't spin them fast enough, but hopefully by next week ... apart from mine which is extra very small, so I will just have to use a bigger folder. Or keep my furry animal costume on ...

We did work very hard last night, and Keeping the Dream Alive was a bit flat - perhaps we were just tired, but some arrows in the text would help, like we used to have in the olden days when Michael sat at the PC! See you next week and try not to lose those rediscovered notes again ... Cat XXX

18 june 2011 - Guest Blogger Again!

Hello The Cat,

I noticed that the Saturday concert hasn't had a blog so will write a brief one as I do like briefs.

Preston Garden Party Concert

'I'm with the Choir' I said proudly, as I got into the Rectory gardens without paying. The lovely lady who was in charge of security smiled at me. It was a smile of knowing adoration. Indeed, the look on her excited face clearly showed that she had experienced one of her main aims in life, to have a brief acknowledgment from one of Weymouth's largest musicians.

Once inside the grounds, I walked around each stall, teasing the holders with my 50p. Yes, someone was going to take this life-changing amount from me, almost like a non-secret millionaire, I held the coin tightly, aware that at any moment Lady-in-charge-of-security may be called if a scuffle occurred. Eventually, the tombola got my investment, and my goodness, what an invenstment! Three ladies handerchiefs, some handwash, some more handwash, two gottles of geer, a Maeve Binchy audio CD and some sweeties. Yes, it is obvious that I spent a lot more than 50p on this stall, but that's me, generous and handsome all in one.

After indulging in a lovely cup of Pimms, I staggered (half-jokingly) into the limelight, and the crowd fell silent. In front of me were 60 odd people, some more odd than others. The concert began. Then stopped, while we adjusted the sound levels. Then started again, this time with less gain on the microphones as the wind was playing havoc with them. 'I Can't Help Falling in Love with You' sang the Choir and the audience warmed, as the breezes blew. If you closed your eyes, it was just like a group of singers singing in a garden. If you opened your eyes, it was just the same sort of thing, only in colour.

We then sang 'Keeping' (showbiz people always shorten names of songs so they sound cool), which sounded splendid, followed by 'What' which made my hairy back tingle (hold that image), then 'Rose' (in the correct key rather than the crazy one we did in rehearsals), 'Build' was next which was a lovely mix of great singing with appaulingly uncoordinated dance moves. Finally, 'Sloop', which came together rather well. The crowd were not happy. Not happy that we had finished and we were quite literally forced to perform another. Plucked out of the hat, we nailed 'I' and He saw that it was good.

So, another show, another shed load of pleasure given to the 1000 strong audience(*).

* actual figures may vary

Thank you DFS, you are comfortable and easy to recline upon, and I love you all.

Ed x

Photo by Linda Marshall.

16 June 2011

Let's Play Squares...

Tonight's practice, the blogger, who sadly will not make it on Saturday, had a rare treat - 'Being On The Other Side' and hearing the choir sing their hearts out as they ran through the garden party set, with song held back for and encore (we can only hope). I shouted more, and I got my reward, Dorset for Singing does belt out a rather good hymn, and i am not just saying that because I love you!

BTW, I was looking for big smiles and i got a few, in fact I think one choir member was flirting with me, but I'll have a word with her later..!

I will be looking for a guest blogger next for saturday's concert, so if you fancy your name in lights drop me a line with your efforts, otherwise we may have to suffer the results of the surrealist wofflings of Ed, again. Many grave apologies for crying off, but I need to look after those three pixies (see last week). I do hope it is only a temporary set back, with love, cathy@raggyrat.co.uk XXX

9 June 2011

We are going to need Considerably Bigger Folders!

Although the last practices before half term seem very far away, we do remember that they were filled with pixies-in-tutus, drugs from asda, and a very grumpy Ed who could not sing! So he appologised for that tonight. Especially the pixies!

We worked hard tonight and sung lots of songs - it will soon be time to chose the ones for our next concert, Preston Garden Party - and just hoping that these polo shirts turn up in time! Otherwise, turn up naked, and hold your folder sideways! This will raise a record amount of funds and get us all as internationally famous as Ed! To discuss naked singing, and song choices, turn up at the PUB MEETING on Tuesday.

And because I miss the Pixies, here are three of my little Imps bouncing along on the 'land train', enjoying the potholes as we go! Daisy almost bounced out of the frame!

26 may 2011

Little Pixies, in Tutus!

Or what romps through the head of Ed as he leads another choir practice from the depths of his terrible cold! Little pixes danced mockingly through my head, as we tried to sing 'Sumer Is Icumen In' but instead sounded like the mice in bagpuss, cleaning a broken ship in a bottle.

Madrigals over, we tackled Sloop John B, which was great fun, and is perfect to add to our repertoire.

What we all did for love was a bit flat, until Ed helped us spice it up, using the Bryan Husbandmethod, placing a 'person' in mind, that you are singing to or about. So I stared at the cross on the curtains and felt a bit silly, but the second time we sang it, Ed was very happy, and we had put so much real feeling into the song that we drove away the cheeky pixies in tutus (that always go too far). So that's the answer DFS, make like a soloist, everytime! Well, maybe apart from madrigals, which always sound a bit bonkers!

Have a lovely half term, keep singing, and don't forget my Mam is coming down from Lancashire on the 9th June, Pub meeting on the 14th June and Preston garden party concert on the 18th. No madrigals will be sung. Love You! XXX

19 May 2011

And there was pie...

Poor old Ed wore a radio mic tonight, and wasn't singing at all, as he had the worst man-cold EVER and we had to hear about it repeatedly in between songs. Adrian had a special request for choir, but he made poor croaky Ed ask, and so a willing and generous contingency are going to the church on Saturday to see Adrian's mum wedded (and will sing beautifully). Take some pictures, for the blog, folks!

A bit of a relaxed practice tonight, what with Ed running at half mast, or some other better metaphor, and some choices at the end of songs from our recent back list. Which is always fun, finding out how much we have forgotten!

It wasn't a very tasty pie though, but one composed of the colours of polo-shirts requested thus far. Not enough yellow and orange, it would seem. See you next week, DFS, for the last practice before half term. Cat XXX

A Fish Supper with Ed and Elton - gig review! (and blatant plug)

Yesterday I had a really enjoyable night out, Talking, giggling, dancing and eating fish and chips, down in the hall at Wey Valley School...It was probably the tail end of my 40th Birthday celebrations, but what a lovely ending it was too!

The school hall has a really good stage, and at just the right moment Ed's son Jack tugged on the curtains to reveal Mr Hintze in his signature red jacket and straw hat. All held their breath at the curtains momentarily paused, then squeaked the rest of the way open. Ed played the grand piano, alongside his trusty TYROS3, perched on top,and did what he always does so well, entertained his varied audience with top performing and a smattering of tasteful jokes ...Ed chose real audience pleasers from his HUGE repertoire of Elton songs and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Then the awesome school dinner lady brought out chip-suppers for all, you could have a sausage or a veggie burger, if you wanted, and some tartare sauce was dug out for the birthday girl too. With lights up, there was an opportunity to chat with friends and family, and some thing nice and comforting to soak up the rosé drank by members of Dorset for Singing.

In the second half, fuelled with fishies and encouraged by Ed's lovely wife Jenny, the dancing began, as Ed appeared on stage in Gold Lamé and rocked the school hall. I simply cant say enough how impressed I am with the size of Mr Hinze's repertoire, although his enthusiasm for playing got the better of him when his G-string snapped, mid song! After that he let it hang out so it wouldn't make funny noises.

Ed thanked his supporters, and us for being fab fans, and we knew he really meant it. And we really were happy we came, especially some of us! The last encore was an Elton track, to dance to, and so we did! And I got my poster signed at half time, too!

12 May 2011

Breezes will blow endlessly...

To being with the hall was all set up wrongly, and in addition there was Michael selling polo-shirts off the stage, Dave fiddling with speakers and mics, and me giving out ARTWEY art-trail maps again. Our Warm up was also a sound check, as it was time to record our Choir Anthem competition entry, and then there was an especially nice warm up song, just to celebrate 40 years of me getting on peoples nerves a lot! Have to say, having heard it a few times now of course, that’s the best Happy Birthday chorus EVER so thank you all! Unlike some parties I have been to, Ed will always start it in a sensible key!

And then it was time to try a couple of takes, and Ed very carefully explained that there must be absolute silence for a few seconds before and after the actual song, as EVERY sound we made would be captured and sent off for the judges to frown at! Suddenly, there was a loud ‘parp’ sound from the direction of the stage and we had to wait for all the giggles to subside before trying to play/sing! Ed said it was just a chair. Of course it was.

We sang a few of our recent new songs, including the one about love, chosen by Adrian, and my choice – Heart, Alone ... I used to have big hair like those babes! A few things The Cat was asked tonight were, ‘these tops, are they compulsory, was there a vote?’, ‘aren’t we on the harmony side?’ and finally, ‘will you tell Ed it sounds like a dirge?’! Big hugs everyone, well done for making a good recording in two takes, and sorry you missed it Fulvia XXX

5 May 2011


A colourful evening was had, ignoring Jenny's language of course - I was referring to the options for polo shirts, and the impromptu trying on session at the end. But which green did you prefer? Wishy-washy; or the colour of healthy grass? Michael set up his lap top as the overhead screen didn't show them off very well!

Everyone whipped out their diaries as Jenny read out details of our three next events, including a return to Preston rectory garden party. We are going to look very nice if our new polo shirts arrive in time. There is a lot of interest in purple!

So How do I get you alone? A blast from the past has been firmly stuck in my head since last night, I just the right age to have enjoyed this song very much when it was fresh, watching the video with a young boyfriend and playing on my 'personal stereo'. How old am I? I will tell you next week, and I hope to see lots of you with your chips on the 14th May, too!

28 April 2011

Love, Love, Love...

Back in the saddle again, with news of a glorious 5 weeks of rehearsing, nope, not a single concert until after half term! There will be a double-what-sit on the 9th and 10th of July, but that's fine - DFS can handle it! One of those is Beach live, where we all have to squeeze up under eds armpits to fit on the tiny sea-side stage!

In news, Michael showed us a sample of the embroidered logo, for our new 'uniform', Ed invited us for fish and chips, and I gave out some ARTWEY art-trail maps (I will bring more next week).

Tonight's theme was love, including Elvis singing 'Can't Help Falling In Love' followed by a beat-up version, so have a think readers, about which one you would really like to perform to the masses, before next week. I was pleased to see Freiheit back, after we sung it at Preston Garden Party in our first year, I used to have theor whole album, on 'tape'...

31 March 2011

Karaoke, Crisps, and Coke ...

Yes we at DFS know how to party and so that's what we did, raising a good £100 for our chosen charities in the process and hearing from a few new talented singers who took a turn at grabbing our mike. And that's about it really. Things are much quieter for us when Ed has his mouth around his nosh!

If you are very good, I'll get you an Easter egg, otherwise have a lovely break and I will see you on the 28th!

Sunday 27th March, 2011 ...

Dors or Singing?

We are looking good as usual, through the lens of our very own Dave-the-sound man, who gets time off from mixing when we sing at the Pavilion, and points his camera at us instead! And of course we sing at the Pavilion every year, because we are of course, The Best of Dorset! And we had our lovely banner in place too, to hide all the brown trousers and any comedy duck-feet.

Well done again 'Dors or Singing', it was lovely to see folk rushing in to catch our songs as we were on stage, instead of leaving to watch big guns being fired like they did last year. We did very well with fame, and I even remembered to more my hands, Bryan Husband would be so proud!

I brought two up-and-coming reviewers with me this time, who also minded handbags and ate the free stuff the Dorset Echo were giving out, and didn't booh once. Asked when they really thought of the performance, they stated Fields of Gold as the best song, and added, 'We would come again, if it was in town.'

See you in the music room for a knees-up next Thursday, lots of love, The Cat XXX

24 March 2011

The Chilli on my kebab!

I prefer cherries on cakes myself, but when Ed Throws us a complement like that, well, ya better not knock it! For most of the night our Big man was out in front, where he should be, not sitting behind his keyboard hiding his hands!

The were times tonight when the collective Dorset for Singing sounded very small and tired, and moments of sheer grandness, when we sang the roof off of the humble school hall! I am with Ed in that the practice before a concert is never without worries, I am sure it hits us with a kind of, 'yikes! last practice!' wobble, and if you think about it, the moment we open out mouths to please Weymouth, Portland and Dorset at large, we always make our Ed dead proud.

Don't be an hour late on Sunday, make sure you change your clocks and are at the stage door for about 1.15pm. For an extra treat, pop down and visit the Artwey stand and see a topical piece of soft sculpture created by me. It's not a seagull on a stick this time, although I suspect it should be. It's a bit of light relief, related to the relief road! (I get to be two-times the best of Dorset - and so does our lovely Carol!)

See you Sunday in Blue and Black, with smart folders, clean hankies and FAME hands, and remember I love ya! Especially Today! XXXX

17 March 2011

Ed may be very well behaved when being the compare of a very nice music festival final concert, but is very naughty indeed when let out from behind his piano, as witnessed last night, when he kept making jenny sing at the wrong time, and caught me once too!

Never mind. It will all come out in the wash, and we shall sound superb again at the Pavilion, and anyway we had some very grown up minutes from Michael in the key of F. Look out for chaos, polo shirts that don't fit your moobs very flatteringly, and a row of Nintendo DS thingies on the back row. Whatever they are. Michael's minutes don't have any made up stuff in them either, unlike my blogs!

We had a good go at 6 lovely songs tonight, and got a better grasp on most of those, with some careful harmony work too, that had me losing the melody in words, so good they were! And I loved the public toilet stories that choir members shared, too. Thanks DFS, i do love you lots xxxx

11 march 2011

Weymouth Music Festival, Proper!

And so DFS returned to Wey Valley School to raise the roof with our winning song - not that it was a competition. It was a very interesting night, my first time in the audience as well as DFS's first appearance at the Festival.

You will read this blog as soon as you possibly can, but with my broadband coming and going as it is, who knows when that would be! It's not late because I spent a long time trying to make it really witty. Just so you know.

I think we did really well, and our lessons in bott-rock stood us in very good stead, mind you I can't help feeling naughty after our flash-mob type behaviour during Wey Valley's lovely rendition of RUN. Adrian saw the audience turn their heads away from the stage in a wave! Sorry Wey Valley - it was Ed's idea!

Two Weeks until The Best of Dorset - don't forget to go to the pub on Tuesday, if you have ideas, hopes and dreams for Dorset for Singing. I would still like a lift, and I'll see the rest of you, Thursday! XXX

10 March 2011

A Bit of Bott-Rock!

At DFS we never hit rock bottom, well almost never. The problem - multitasking, the advice - awesome! The result? Quite a lot better!

So tonight songsters, after receiving the seal of approval from the Judges at the Music Festival (mentioning no other names here), we return, panting and excited, and with a surprise up our sleeve, to sing Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, at tonight's Music Festival Concert, where there will be joyous singing, high cheek bones, eye contact and what's more, a little bit of bott-rock!

Ed stayed centre-stage tonight, we never lost our Fat-Controller once, although we did make him sea-sick with some over swaying, and after that we worked on some of our recent songs, tried to express passion and a bit of raunchiness, and uncovered some new bum notes. Hope we get those ironed out by tonight. I am off to raise my chickens and sing in the shower. I will see you later at Wey Valley School, and at the pub
next Tuesday if someone can give me a lift? I promise to take good minutes if so. Bring your botts XXXXX

5 March 2011

Weymouth Music Festival 2011

The one where Bryan Husband came along and made us feel guilty for not doing all the things Ed tries to get us to do! The one where Jenny wore a dress and heels and looked very lovely all day. The one where we listened to a bunch of very talented other choirs, and managed without The Fat Controller at the front!

A very different experience for Dorset for Singing then, causing much more nerves than usual as we realised that we would have to sing two new songs, facing only an unknown audience, and something really scary called adjudicators! Members who have got used to performing as part of our friendly choir were feeling a few butterflies this time!

But all went went well, and most people waited nicely for all the right gaps in the songs, and then we got some lovely feedback from Mr Husband, who had us moving and smiling and generally feeling better about the whole thing. We didn't see very much of Ed at all, who nipped off for a kebab as soon as Bryan had finished with our critique, and didn't see the solo session that we had, when four soloists came forward from our own DFS, Me (egged on by many), Big Ron, Adrian and our expressive Alex, and got some very useful direction, and I am at this very moment sticking my bottom out, just a little!

I thought it a very enjoyable afternoon,and hope we can return next week, but we shall have to wait and see, thanks everyone for coming even if you were worried. We upheld Dorset for Singing's good name and very good sense of humour XXX

PS - Update - We got through! See News & Events ...

3rd March 2011

It's not a Competition!

Ed Promised us a lovely break tonight, as we were going to have to work very hard on only two songs. I was really looking forward to my kit-kat, but it didn't happen in the end because Ed spent too much time going up and down the stairs and doing ballet...

So for Saturday, when we sing at Weymouth Music Festival, we will perform two songs and Ed will be nowhere in view, tucked in the corner behind the piano. I just hope before he leaps off into Rosé that he remembers to do it in E ... and that we remember to go 'Raaaaaaaaaaw-zey!'(Think Geordie lions or something).

A very different experience it was, to work on only a couple of songs and really take them to bits. Not as different though as piling up in front of the stage and singing to the rest of choir (making up the audience). I am going to bring a mirror on a stick, so that I can see Ed, nodding his head and opening his mouth! More practical than seagull-on-a-stick, but much less cute!

See you 1.30 Saturday folks, at Wey Valley School Hall, and why not stay for the Master-class afterwords? That's like a vocal workshop but run by a famous person. BIG HUGS, Cat xxx

25 February 2011

This one’s for you...

Last night a nervous but extremely good Dorset for Singing played to a half-church packed with eager choir fans. I say only half a church, as we needed the other half to include choir members, a screen for the words, and a quiet corner for jack to eat chocolate brownies and for Jenny to play solitaire.

Our choir’s third year and good name means that we get asked back to venues, and so we are busy as ever, cramming new songs into our choir practices and honing our crowd pleasers to perfection. And churches may not have been built with acoustics in mind, but we really sang the roof off and made our audience smile, and sounded great. My favourite bit was Ed’s Cat-got-the-cream smile at the end of one of our brand new songs, when he looked genuinely pleased with our performance, and said, for his choir only, ‘perfect!’

Not so many soloists this time, just enough to break up the songs a bit. Someone asked me how i choose my solos and I couldn’t think of an easy answer, but then it hit me – I have to feel good singing it and prefer to have Ed play live for me too! I was a bit worried this time that he wouldn’t let me sing one of ‘his’ songs!

Thanks Dorset for Singing, yet again, I am filled with enormous love for you, and dead proud to be a small part of you, I love it when we get asked to do an encore, I am sure that didn’t happen in the old days! Thanks also to All Saints tea makers, who fuelled us at half time with drinks and biccies galore! See you Thursday xXXx

17 February 2011

The DFS VLE ...

Our attention was called, at the start of choir, to the huge screen, where our man Ed, dressed for school, loomed large and brought tears to our eyes! There was much less messing about during the warm ups, and some useful feedback from the video, proving that, despite the enormous ego that gets in the way at times, Ed really does know his choir, right down to who always turns up late!

I am not sure though, that he really knows the songs, after we had such a giggle trying to match up the words and the backing track. I am not sure Hannah wants to come again now. Never mind waiting for the little twiddle! So we gave up and did one of 'her' songs, I mean, who needs FAME anyway?

So sorry that you didn't get to see Cat' and Michael's comedy routine, only I am rather relieved as his costume was better than mine, much more thought gone into that one. I was only going to improvise in lederhosen and a Donald-duck head...

See you Friday at Seven DFS, those of you that will still come (please do), and be glad that Blog Reader is back among us, in the form of Fulvia's 'him-indoors'. He might start leaving comments next, like the good old days! Enjoy half term and remember I love you XXX

10 February 2011

Normal service has been removed. The cat is back, with most of her faculties and sincere apologies, from myself and from blogger-dot-com, for the self appraising, biblical waffle that you were forced to consume last week (Mmmm, waffles). That wont happen again.

How nice to be back at Dorset for singing, even if, as i realised at teatime, i hadn't sung in over a week. Thanks for the welcome, you sang beautifully and brought tears to my eyes, or perhaps that was because i was trying not to laugh so much!

Look forward then, to a concert two weeks from today, in the church on Portland again, and also, to the return of Hannah, who is much less scathing than Ed, and will take the session in the hall next week alongside the disco, which although advertised on posters apparently will not happen! Hannah gets to materialise after we watch a video warm up made by Ed, and possibly a video song as well. It could be interesting. Or just odd. Esp the big where he stops playing and tells us not to hang onto a note or 'ssss' too early! Tell everyone that didn't come this week that next week will be an extravaganza!

So I am off to listed to ROSE now, and get some of those timings in my head, and then eat my cereal. Thanks for working hard DFS, and thanks to Fulvia's Husband for blog feedback! Phew, it's good to be back, love you, Cat XXX

3 February 2011

A Guest Blog!

Silence descended over the Room of Awe as The Great Man raised one of his mighty and talented arms to gain the flock's attention. One hundred butterflies danced in the hearts of every one in the room as He began to impart his words of unfaltering wisdom. And it came to pass that they did warm up their humble voices, and each follower became good for it. As if by some remarkable coincidence, they sang 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight', with a hint of beautiful irony, this mighty lion certainly wasn't sleeping. He was very much awake and able to command music, with a gentle roar of content when the believers listened, responded and were good.

At nineteen hundred hours past midnight, He began to ease songs into the souls of all around Him. 'Rosé' was the first chosen song, and the throng listened and sang the song. He raised one of his powerful eyebrows and the people saw that it was not good. Suddenly, with only a few jaw-dropping words from Him, the song became alive. It blossomed and became part of the very fabric of everyone's lives. 'Surely He uses magic' one person dared to whisper. 'No' came the booming, yet caring voice. 'My musical powers are not magic. They are delivered from deep down in a vast cave of inspiration. Some say it is an area so large that it contains a million unwritten songs, others say that it is filled with kebab (an ancient ingredient used by the great composers of our time), you do not need to know at this time, your work is far from finished. And with that firm line drawn by His might hand, the next song was lined up, almost begging to be transformed into another piece of wonderment..

By the end of the evening, the room was exhausted. The Great Man had given so much for so little, it was hard to believe that such a person could ever have existed. What entered earlier were raw ingredients, what exited was a combination of love, harmony and peace. The people were fulfilled. They were happy and so grateful to be considered part of His family. The all vowed to bring Him gifts of wine and chocolate, and will forever be armed with a response to 'can you sing far away?'. Indeed not, but they can certainly sing 'From a Distance'.

Thank you fo reading

The Mystery Blogger

27 January 2011

8 out of 10, Dorset for Singing!

Last night we enjoyed the projectile experience that was the brains of the TYROS 3 coupled with a rather smart projector, just a pity about the basket ball net on the wall, and Ed's Big head. The TYROS 3 is so impressive Ed doesn't even have to play it ... I hope he has not been faking it all these years!

And so, as a reaction to the feedback on the DFS forum, and after a powerful warm up taking advantage of the acoustics in the gym, Ed read through a list of 10 brand new songs, and not a single one of them was an Elton or an Abba number!

So we had quite a fun evening charging through most of the songs Ed brought, squeezing in a bit of Michael Bubble before bedtime, instead of Keane which didn't get enough votes. you may remember me soloing that one as Jenny ran in and out of the hall with hot fresh burgers, at our BBQ concert last year, so if you sing it next week, when I am not here, please do it lovely, for me.

There might not be a blog next week, as I will be at home, post op (milking it), and Ed may or may not have time to create one. I might post something for a treat for you just because I love you, like a handmade video, or i might stalk the forum for a bit of cut and paste pleasure!

And so, without further ado, it's time to get out of my pyjamas and hit the send button, probably the other way round. I'll miss you, Cat XXX

20 January 2011

Ahhhhh good to be back!

Happy new year Dorset for singing, 'slightly worn, but dignified, and not too old for sex!' No that's not you lot, but just one small part of the hot new songs we tackled last night, with our rusty voice boxes and enthusiasm! I am doubly happy to be back in the new year, as 2011 is easier to type then 2010, when blogging our adventures!

At first glance Ed looked a bit grubby, but then I realised it was a lush garden of facial hair, and that our man had only been clean shaven all this time as he was playing at being Elton John. Elton is not gigging at the moment due to all those night feeds, or something. Looks like I had better make a duck-suit for Brian Blessed, then ... Perhaps we should all get beards, so we can run our fingers through them when deciding whether to vote songs in or out?

Anyway, back to the singing, which was awesome, espcially when we had been hit with an interesting Abba B-side which no one knew, and the track hinted at above, 'When all is said and done', again ,not know to many of you. I didn't know the Michael Buble song either, I was only really with-it for 'uptown girl'!

Four concerts loom, the end of Feb for another slot back at All Saints church, and the 5th of march for Weymouth Music Festival and also back at the Pavvy on the 27th March for the Best of Dorset, this will be our third time on stage at this event, I was so surprised we were asked back after our shy first year, but we did a grand job last year and gave jenny goose pimples.

Just one more really important thing - we are in the gym next week so turn left when you go in through the front doors, and don't forget your kit. Knickers and vest if you do. Welcome back, Cat XXX