24 November 2011

The one where we went back to our old room!

WELL I didn't have to bring my fuzzy-kids tonight as an amazing friend sent a text, asking if she could babysit, and I bit her hand off! This was especially helpful as Daisy was on the Calpol, and retired early, leaving me to jump into Jigsaw-Jenny's car and try and find out practice room for the night.

Ed had another go at making out tummies sore, with a bit of 'UGH UGH UGH', and other lovely sounds, and we worked on a couple of niggly-bits of songs and then a full run through, including the extra special and wonderfully Christmassy Slade number, which is Big-Rons favourite, and as a treat he gets to shout 'IT'S CHRIIIIIIIIST-MAAAAAAAASSSS!' at the end!

Mrs Big-Ron handed out some handmade puddings, and everyone had to sit a little closer than usual which is good news of you are a cold virus looking to make friends, but bad news for lovers of personal space! And we also enjoyed computers that wouldn't talk to screens, no internets for listening to 'walking on sunshine' via you-tube, and memory sticks that would not divulge their files!

And so we next meet again on the streets just before 7.30pm and I have my baby sitter booked already so that will be nice. Dress code - thermal underwear in-case it snows, but not worn onthe outside please! Now dont forget everything we did tonight and remember i love you, no matter how grumpy you are! Cat XXXX

17 November 2011

The one where Catherine turned 30 - Happy Birthday!

And we learned that 'happy birthday' can sort out the real singers at any audition, so why don't they do that one on X-Factor? That would get the thing over and done with! And i dont know about you but my belly hurt after all that jolly laughter, who knew that Ed would find fresh material to amuse us all! Bless him!

Our tone was praised tonight as we tackled 3 songs in great depth, and then were frightened by the fact that we have only one more rehearsal until out street concert on the 8th, so next week is a practice performance, and I might bring my little Fuzzies to watch so make sure you smile :-)And even if out tone was superb, some of out rhythms were shamballick, and it looks like the spell checker can't cope with that one so maybe Ed would like to chose another word?

So happy that we wont be doing carols this year, well maybe a Shakin' Stevens' Christmas number, so I just hope the punters don't throw hot chestnuts at us! Just remember if they do - i love you lots! keep singing, Cat XXXXXXXXXXXX

10 November 2011

The one were Ruth stayed in her pyjamas all day ...

The good news was, our concert may be held in the Pavvy this year, in January. The Bad news is there is no concert on the 1st December after all, nor is there any practice that night as Ed has to be at Parents Evening again.

In Other News, no one picked up Ed's keys, which could be either good or bad, depending on where you stand on that sort of thing! And as unlikely as it sounds while hanging out in the common room with soggy acoustics, some lovely singing got done, my favourite being the erasure song which was rather well done by our own Ed at my 40th :-) It makes us all sound very young and bouncy!

There were some lovely auditions at the end, for the Solo parts in Seasons of love (known in my house as 500 minutes) but I don't know who won yet, as Ed wont text me back, but I'll post it later after pony riding!

Advice from Ed again included, 'if you are not tired, you are doing it wrong', and, 'If it hurts Jenny, you are doing it wrong' - so don't forget that all important deep-down support, and remember to bring it with you. Keep singing, songsters, and see you back in the hall next week. Maybe. Cat XXXX

3 November 2011

Gap (Gap) Year ...

And so, Gathering momentum for our maybe Christmas-concert-come-Christmas-market, its time to pin down the songs we will be singing and tackle them in a big way, just like we did tonight with 'seasons of love'. Soon the full list of those will be on the web site so come back later to find out what's in your DFS stocking!

The timings in Seasons of Love is all very crucial, so do work on those so that Ed will not be cross next time. I do it by playing the song on you-tube a few times while ironing my big pants, but you might have other, preferred ways of learning!

Sorry for being on the 'winning' side again last night, can't be helped I am afraid, being so amazing, and talented as we are. Oh dear, I appear to be turning into Ed. Good advice again from the big man, on looking after one's throat, because we only have one of those each. If it hurts, stop (and I had to last night), and the same goes for singing too of course...

Next week, back in the common room again, unless there is a sign in the car park places to be knocked over and advising otherwise! LOVE you all, keep singing and don't forget to read this blog! xxx