8 april 2012

The one where we didn't really know what we were doing!

And being also the one with all the Birthdays, a very special day for 4 of our lovely choir members, three of which were too young to be in the filming! Choir members formed a neat semi-circle around the stage at Wey-Valley school again, and were conducted by a rather well dressed Ed, one-handedly, whilst playing the rather glossy grand piano, to sing half of 'Let The River Run' about 6 times in a row!

Did everyone remember their BIG SMILES? Time will tell! Especially the dirty-wide-shot!

Suddenly Dorset for Singing were treated to an impromptu Elton John concert and then equally suddenly required to join in and even include hand actions! Confused? WE were, especially when ominous clouds began to billow out from between our choir-masters legs, accompanied by odd sounds indeed. Ed sang an Elton song several times in a row, and then we had to sing our parts with no piano at all. Hope its in tune.

and why on earth did we do all this? Because two lasses and a bloke with a rather large piece of equipment told us to, they seemed to know what they were about. If you want to know more, stay tuned, that's all I can say. Happy Easter Blog readers, love you, Cat xxxx