Dorset For Singing - Best Of Dorset Show

Dorset For Singing - Best Of Dorset Show
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Dave took this wonderful photo of us all on stage at the Pavilion on Sunday. What was that dress-code, again?

Sunday 28th March, 2010 ...

Dearest Choir,

Have you been over to the forum? Go on over and feel the love. Can you feel the love tonight? It Doesn't get much better than this ...

This term, a toughie by all accounts, was topped with our choir concert on Thursday of course, and beautifully iced today when we sang out socks off on stage at The Best of Dorset were I am so glad we were asked back to perform after our first time there last year. I just re-read the blog post for last year, and remembered how wobbly we all were. This time around, after waiting nervously on the wings, and a few aaaaarrrghs (for the sound check) we got stuck in, and only the first song was a bit shakey. After that we had wings. We flew.

So folks, hope you enjoyed the goosebumps, tears of emotion, and singing-along with us. Special huge thank-yous to all those that take the time to say how much they enjoyed our singing; friends, neighbours, husbands and children. Dorset for singing delights, entertains, relieves stress, and helps brains. If you want to perform, you can, and if you want to come and sing with us at the end of a hard day, you can do that too. You can have time off to do other things, and then come and be welcomed back, then told to sit down and go, "eeeeeeeh, AAAARGH"!

Just before I head off to dream of chocolate, I will share a link with you. I recently read a take a break article, which summed up community choirs such as ours perfectly, and I was moved to contact them. They didn't want to pay us any dosh for our story, but they did call me back and ask if they could add our choir to their Hums4mums Facebok group. There.

See you back in the hall for the 29th, ready for more hard work. HAPPY EASTER LOVE YOUUUUU! XXXX

Easter Concert, 26 March 2010

Perfect Night ..

Last night Dorset for singing kicked some serious butt, but not Ed's this time, as we sat a-stage from the start of the concert until we climbed down at ten-past-nine. Choir members were shocked at the rumour that there would be no interval, and fantasised about a nice cup of tea. I was in the know, and stole a Kit-Kat from Michele while I was supposed to be helping Jim on the door.

Well, I know its been a really tough term this time around, lots of challenging songs and not enough time to practice them all - but I think we did really well and rocked the audiences socks off. Some impressive solos too, so that the whole thing blended into one seamless smorgasbord of talent. (Sorry about that last sentence, I just wanted it to sound better than whatever Michael sends to the Dorset Echo).

Not a huge audience the other night, but I do know that it included some choir members who had been other wise skiving from choir, but who are completely forgiven for turning up to support and cheer! Ruby was heckling us as usual ...

I think 'perfect day' was a huge success, and about as unrehearsed a choir song as you can get, and chasing cars had survived neglect very well too, my hubby liked that one. Our world war I song really got us moving, better do that at the start next time, and I love how it fits in with the spirit of this years charity of course, and their 'singing for the brain', and we raised a total of £438.31 for the charity!

and now its time for lunch, having written this blog post either side of a trip to Kinston Maurward. Hope to see as many of you at the Pavvy on Sunday, so pack up your troubles and get your butts at the stage door for 1.15pm.

love you! XXX

Best of Dorset Tourism Show - Be there on Sunday, folks!

Michael Anders, via FACEBOOK - March 25, 2010 at 3:52pm

Subject: Best of Dorset Tourism Show, this Sunday 28th March - ON STAGE AT 1:30pm

Dorset For Singing have been invited once again to sing at this years ‘Best of Dorset’ Tourism and Leisure show.This is the 10th annual ‘Best of Dorset’ Tourism and Leisure show, which attracts over 1,000 visitors. It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase local talent/business on the stage at the Pavilion Theatre to residents of Weymouth & Portland and the surrounding area. The show contains over 30 exhibitors from the country’s leading tourism and leisure attractions and services, along with live entertainment, demonstrations and displays. Admission is free.

We will be on stage at 1:30pm. Ed will be performing after at 2:45pm.

Details for Members
Please arrive by 1:15 at the latest.
Dress code is blue tops or blue dresses and black trousers or black skirts.

Afterwards we shall have a drink up in the bar, before Ed’s performance, so please feel free to join us and socialise with other members.

18 march 2010

Aint no stoppin us now ...

Last night dear choir we met The Band, as we wobbled on our school-dinner benches that hurt your thighs. The Band of course sounded a little bit unrehearsed - but then so did we. But I am sure we will be all right on the night, and if not I'll point out Ed's Bottom again and the audience will forget the 'lack of confidence' on stage.

My personal favourite bit of last night's dress rehearsal, after the fun and buzz of sitting on stage and the chance to stand up and sing, was watching Ed conduct the drummer with his head. Unfortunately I realise that this doesn't leave Ed with a free head to conduct us, but like i said before, we will all learn the timings, tunes, etc. and it will be as smooth as treacle to the delighted Pepsi Max drinkers in the hall. And if Ed doesn't open his mouth at the right moment among all those TA's well we will just have to sing another round till I am good and ready to jump in!

Do you feel ready? I don't know what it is about this term, but i hope we don't put off out new comers. Marie has left because i made to many references to her. Sorry about that babe.* Its been hard work learning these sexy, hip and trendy songs, and finding out which to reject too. just what have we been doing for 10 weeks? admiring a new baby? I could do with another 10!

I love you so much I am going to call Wessex FM soon and get some mentions and work-a-day shouts, if you leave a comment for me below, I will mention you too and you can be as famous as me, and almost as famous as Ed!

Go and get your CD's out, go you-tubing. See you next week in my new top from Littlemoor charity shop. It's not blue. Cat XXXXX

*just kidding - she has gone off to do great things with her clarinet :-)

11 march 2010

Last night, Ed told us off. No more grumpy comments on the lovely Dorset-for-singing forum. Ever. Here he is saying it like he means it, and no I don't remember just how grumpy it was but its gone now, only hearts and flowers are left ...

And he could be preaching, but here he is conducting his little heart out, puching us with every fibre of his being, imploring us to give the song life ...

I don't know about you but I have found this term really hard, a lot of new songs, and a lot of songs we have had to work hard at too. I am not sure I'm ready. Or after the last fortnight, even awake ...

Go and listen to you tube. Lots ... XXXX

4th March 2010

We Love Dave!

Hard work this week, lots of fights and plenty of energy. I heard from one member that choir, in general, is always so much better behaved in the music room. There might be something in this, the same thing that makes Americans tourist loud, and the Japanese frightfully polite and quiet spoken. Or it might just be that now we are well into our second year we feel OK about playing up a bit ...

I have added a new tag to the bottom of this blog post, which might come in very useful. I seem to have picked up on some of Ed's nuttiness, or it might be a craziness all of my own, as one of my little poorly girls gets some tests in hospital today,after a week of illness. So my usually perfect powers of observation have gone a bit wonky this week.

Choir opened with footage from out Christmas concert, another impressive turn around this time, go ahead and but a copy as soon as you can, I am hiding in the wings next to Ruth's amazing sequins so you wont have to look at me all the way through. Ed said the sound isn't so brilliant, but if the joke about Ed's bottom can be heard, it will be worth it.

Tickets will be delivered to the Portland Arts Centre later today, along with some posters, make sure you slap those posters up everywhere, they look really fantastic so I hope they bring in the adoring fans.

Why do we love Dave? Dave got to vote on the best side during a sing-off, Pack up your troubles Vs It's a Long Way to Tipperary, and he voted for choir-left, YAY! We all know that choir-left have the best voices after all. Fight in the Car Park next week. Dinner ladies optional. And now I simply must have a cup of tea.