6 July 2017

The one with the wine and fans ... 

We opened with Don't Stop Me Now all rousing and lovely. Not nessesarily together but fun. I sat in the welcome fan with my hair all 80's. 

At the front of choir were prices of paper to put song offerings before Jack The Judge, because tonight's the last choir night for round about 10 weeks, but the good news is in 2 weeks time we have a social at Wey Valley School in the diner, for a fab Kareoke night, food provided, and bring booze. I mean pop. 

Have a think about a charity for next term, and about joining the choir travel committee to help choose next years choir tour. 

Amd after notices we warmed up with Dona Nobis Parcem because we are a very classy lovely choir who never drink too much wine. 

The first song (to revisit) shouted out from stage left Down Town but the school web had other ideas and banned the lyrics for quite sometime. Eventually Jack overcame the naughty hedgehog and found us some words to sing along so Ed wouldn't feel silly. Choir members bustled forward with pieces of paper and tried not to fall up the steps to Jack!

And from stage right One Day Like This left, Song Of The Sea. We giggled because ed wondered if he could remember the chords. Stage left chose The Way Old Friends Do for old times sake! Fields Of Gold pleased us before Rosé warmed everyone's cockles! 

We had a quick snack break and dived into Seasons Of Love as well as popcorn and brownies, before the clean version of Rolling In The Deep washed down with more lemonade. Rule The World just about raised the school roof, and Dancing Queen is a choir favourite that's for sure! 

And for the finale, we didn't have to put any chairs away, Ed counted hands of who is coming next week and made us cry saying how much he loved and appreciated up doing what we do. We gave Jack a huge round of applause and we stood to sing A Little Respect and we saw that it was good. 

See you in 2 weeks, have fun singing in your everyday and have a great summer too. See you in September, when choir will be 9! Love you xxx

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