29 June 2017

The one with the gap ....

We had an unreasonably large Isle, so Ed had 'stage right' shuffle over to 'stage left', to facilitate a more intimate evening. Then he launched into notices without letting my blogging thumbs warm up! Saturday may be raining but if you can, be at the rose garden for our one o'clock aprearance. 

Ed has proudly booked Christmas concerts up to 2019 but won't be releasing dates until a little later, and whipped out a laser pointer to clarify the way the sheet music works, and fired up Dona Nobis Pacem on the old piano, by way of a warm up. It's really easy until we put it into its three parts, then as a part three, I'm lost. Mind you, it sounds like Christmas! 

And God Only Knows was sung through before dissecting, and followed by California Dreaming, and Do Wah Diddy Diddy, with voting for the concert repertoire after each number. That was exciting. Soolaimon was sung too and along with The Impossible Dream and then a round of voting and a creation of a set list for Saturday. 


Then we decided some of these songs to sing again, and sang Wings, well, we flew through it, with a recap of the three parts of 'Damn These Walls'. Oh and a revisit of the Oh Oh Oh's before the Worzels showed up for a cider. 

God Only Knows was given a stand-up performance, but with Ed playing live it was easy to mis a cue or two. 

To dream The Impossible Dream, yes that's Ed and his driving to separate do-dos from Bah-Bahs, and the rest. So we stood proud, to sing it in his honour. It's ready for our final sing song. Didn't we do well. 

And even though there was no random-oke this week, because we were working so hard, we were not sad because we knew that next week would be wall-to-wall random-oke, rosé, pringles and cake. 

See you next week I love you, Cat Xxx

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