4 May 2017

Back in the common room again, as parents evening rumbled on in the hall, we pretended it was summer and opened all the windows to set the bunting flittering. 

The holiday news was a reminder to be ready to leave at 4pm and a concert and brewery trip added in to Saturday, and an earlier dinner. 

Busking at Preston Garden Party is on 20th May and then we are at Fayre in the Square the Saturday after that!

And then some special common room warm ups, with some special friends of Ed, beginning with Roger Burnley, in a pinch. Let's try to make our chords to make a nice clean connection. That really helped. Vocal Genie next, starting with a long hiss or three, and then some lovely lip trills, and some smashing bending too. 

Fantastic. And to a song as we Can't Help Falling in Love. The relief was palpable. Although the room absorbed the sound we gave it much more welly the second time around and we were allowed to move on to It Must Be Love, staying with that loving feeling that being part of DFS brings us. Ed introduced a lower harmony and we almost all ran with it. Cue a mission to rediscover the melody before it floated out of the windows and graced parents evening. 

When We Were Young sounded superb and lovely. 

Annie's Song next, with Ed singing the low harmony and the squeaky people singing the high. It needed more life, but again, we could blame the carpet again if we wanted ...

To Wings, which was lovely lovely lovely but some people were still sliding technique such as that of a church congregation singing How GREeeeEAT Thou Art. 

In a new key, It's Getting Better, but I need it like mama Cass, so I mimed. The key change was fab, but the last bit caught most people out again. Oops. Ed apologised for leading us astray. 

Let It Be Me sounded lovely "even in here," said Ed, sweetly. 

And in the last two concerts, We Are The Champions has been a real crowd pleaser, some of the problems we initially had dissolved but we did get a reminder about SENTENCE which turned out very helpful. 

The last song for practice, we stood to sing Uptown Girl because everyone could still some words. 

For random-oke this evening, the noise makers chose A Little Reapect and had it with great joy. 

And it remains to wish holly-bobs-peeps a fantastic and enjoyable trip. They stayed behind to practice and we all went home. I love you DFS, and I'm sorry not to perform with your recently. Please forgive me and completely keep singing, Cat XXX

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