25 May 2017

The one where Mike and Cat came back. So sorry about that, normal blogging has been resumed. 

We started with a jolly good warm-up with the good old piano which cheered up our Jack no end, and then in notices, we start at 11am in Brewers Quay on Saturday. Please don't show up at Brewery Square in Dorch. And the sniff of a social at the end of term. 

We winged through God Only Knows, then broke it down for overlapping analysis. Next rehearsal there will be lovely sheet music available for those that read music. And for those like me, who's heads go interesting places there will be sheep-music (baah-bah-bah-bah etc). People were not quick to volunteer to do do-doos but after some more reception we had a nice handful of do-doo. Then Ed grabbed a microphone and recorded all the parts one after the other, and several times! 

And when we had tamed the men back from being feral, it was all sounding smashing, even without Ed. And he gave us an 'oooh' for a wonderful 8 bars! If only our listening ears knew just how much we put into our songs! 

Next we were California Dreaming together ... lots more breaking things down carefully to improve our confidence and volume, and it didn't sound too badly at that. Thanks Ed. 

Do Wah Diddy Diddy was To Be Done next, and it sounded like we had practiced in Asda compared to last week, so that was smashing. And btw it's ok to practice in Morrisons or Sainsbury's if you prefer. I wonder if I can now get them all to sponsor or bar-b-que now? Don't forget the HUGE meaningful gap, a silent trap set to trip up unwary singers in choir. Count 5 and breathe...

Here at DFS I think we do all with love, but we did the next song Sealed With A Kiss! It needed a drastic key change, and not absolutely a Jurassic key change, to make it more friendly. We are nothing if not Man-Friendly here at DFS. Hmmmm I wonder if Kervin still reads this? Don't forget that soft LETTER. Lesley wrote down D minor, minus 4, so we won't forget for next time. Ed will. 

We made a decision together for the running order for Saturday. I think everyone was happy, and we gave Wings a run through with a little bit of extra harmony, and another go at the ending a Capella sounding like a heavenly host and making me all glad to be back at choir again. 

And random-oke time arrived at last. A-ha Take On Me blasted mainly from one speaker and 24 bars later we joined in. Such fun. Especially the 32 instrumental break in the middle. It was quickly followed by 9 To 5! 

I love you song-singers keep doing what you do, Love, The Cat xxxx

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