27 April 2017 .... cold

Back after the Easter holidays, those of us who are early birds found the hall locked and the caretaker running for the key.... 

Ed reminded us of our exciting concert tomorrow, at All Saints Church, and gave some feedback about the Wool job, which went down very well. 

Then we started to work through our running order but I was also texting two of the sweetest 11 year olds, but they do like being sent sound bites of our practice, and always clap and cheer. I thought you would like to know that ...

We looked at the middle eight of the Adele song, because that needs to be very percussive and bouncy, and of course closely followed by a nice BIG high note. We then sang it loads more better. 

Please make sure that Annie's Song is sung with gusto, and not from a Volvo parked in a layby. Honestly. You have to be here, really. Only carol bravely sang the solo so we went through it again. 

Then the running order changed a bit, bumping Do You Hear The People Sing and making Wings the next song ...oh the fun we had, before moving on to Uptown Girl, with a new machine-gun intro. 

And this is the new possition for It's Getting Better and on it goes ... it ended on a good note, but Ed forgot to press his magic button twice. 

Let It Be Me rolled off our tongues like Manuka Honey and Ed saw that it was good, before digging out another kind of Wings with Paul MacCartney, My Love. We tried along with YouTube then lucky us, we had time for a random-one, selected carefully from great songs shouted out by DFS members. Daydream Believer!

Well done choir and Ed, and Jenny on the door tonight, and Jack-in-the-corner. Have fun in Portland tomorrow, and keep singing!  Love the Cat xxx 

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